Why I am still in Europe…

1st off HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my readers from the USA!!! I will be celebrating it this year in ROME~

Recently when I have been chatting with people and they ask me “where are you at?” I have been having to say “I am still in Europe”. For some reason I kept thinking wow it’s a bad thing I am still here, but then I got to thinking and asked myself “Why am I still in Europe?” You see in my original plans (my 1st post ever) I was going to be spending 3 months in Europe which is actually perfect, but then when I made my huge change of plans I told myself I would only spend 2 months in Europe and get out. Well now that I am here for some reason I can not get out… As of writing this post I will have been here over 3 months and well I still plan on spending at least one more month or before going on to the Middle East. Since I have been thinking I now know WHY I AM STILL IN EUROPE and well here is why.


Because even though I am traveling the beaten path… it’s new to me!

Because even Europe is quirky!

Because I can spend many days just thinking about life… in many parks!

Because I have 2 passports and am able to be here more than 90 days.

(I left to Morocco and came in with my other one)

Because even in Europe… I can be klassy (yes with a k)!

Because I love the gay neighborhoods!!!

Because it has great BEER!!!

Because it has a thing for hot nude men.

Because it has strange statues.

Because it is obsessed with pee-ing statues! 

Because I’ve learned that I love to travel slow…



So there you have it… that is why I am still in Europe. I finally left Spain (after a month there) and am now in Italy. I arrived in Venice and making my way down to Rome to meet up with some special people! I know for sure I am going to Turkey, but the thing since I am meeting my girls from Barcelona in Istanbul for New Years then I have all of December to do something and well I’d like to go somewhere cheap. I think I may end up renting an apartment in Athens for a month, but we’ll see what happens!

I honestly didn’t think I would fall in love with Europe. I honestly came here because I wanted to visit some of the big cities I have always dreamed of visiting and than leave. Well I must admit even though Central America is my 1st love, Europe is now my 2nd. I am glad I am here and am glad I am taking my time and traveling slower. I know it’s expensive, but I am managing to stay in budget and know I will have to make some sacrifices else where on my trip because of this, but I am okay with that. I am okay with that because I am enjoying myself and loving it and that is what my trip around the world is all about.

Have you been to Europe did you too fall in love with it? Have you ever stayed in a region of the world longer than you expected? Are my reasons good enough to stay here another month or so?  Or maybe you want me to go ahead and move on to another region of the world? Let me know below what you are thinking!!!

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  1. loved this jaime! way to sum up the best reasons to love europe.
    Adam recently posted..Returning to America after 18 months abroad

  2. Nice job on summing it up for sure!

    You forgot…. “waiting for said reader to come to Europe too!” 😛 j/k!!

    What are you using to edit these photos to give it that color like its faded or something? (almost looks like instagram)
    Shannon recently posted..This site wants to be seen! You can too!

  3. I love Europe! I wanted to live here long before I met Andy. It’s your trip so do it however you want. As far as money goes, you will hardly spend anything when you get to SE Asia. There were plenty of places where I got a room for $4-8 & food is super cheap. I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself!
    Ali recently posted..Malaysian Borneo – Visiting the Orangutans

    • Thanks Ali… yeah Europe is amazing and I honestly didn’t think it would be, but I am loving it and your right it is my trip so I want to make sure I am enjoying myself. I know I will be able to make it to the two year mark if I budget well after I get out of Europe. Which is very soon now… in a month!

  4. Jaime Craven says:

    Aww man. Great pictures. Your stories inspire me to want to travel. You are meeting life long friends and that is great.

    • Thanks Jaime… glad I am giving ya the itch to travel. I hope you do get out there and explore the world it is amazing. I know you can do it. You already managed to leave Houston and live in San Fran… so you have it in you & if you need my help again I will be more than happy to help ya!

  5. Hey, Im still in Europe too, after 8 months… living the dream in Spain. Out of curiosity, where in Central America do you love? Do you have a post about it? Im headed there soon, just trying to decide where I should book my ticket to.
    Ian [EagerExistence] recently posted..30 Days of Indie Travel: Day 12, Meaningful Connections

    • Hey Ian… jajaja damn yes you beat me big time!!! Can’t believe our paths haven’t crossed!!! Oh I love so many places… for sure don’t skip Nicaragua or El Salvador. I have a post on El Salvador for sure on which towns to visit that are amazing. As for Nicaragua I also wrote a few. I need to catagorize my post by country too. Click on Travel Blog at the top and just go back and you will get to my C.A. post. Send me an email and I will reply with any questions you have. I think the cheapest option may be to fly into San Jose, C.R. or Panama City, Panama.

  6. When I lived in Italy, I thought that I was ready to move on. It was easy to get caught up in the tough bits (legality for one) of living there but I have to say I loved all the traveling I got to do! I always said it would be easier when we got to our next stop, Sydney. Now that we are in Sydney, I’m so happy to be back but looking through old photos and seeing what my friends in Europe are up to I have to say I miss it! I love Europe and I’ll be excited to go back there on my next adventure, whenever that may be.

    Enjoy and say hi to Florence for me if you pass through!
    Annie recently posted..Lazy Days in Dubai

    • Ahhh Europe… I think captures us all & I still don’t understand why? Like really… I just don’t, but then I really do. I think that just sounds weird…. but I think you will understand what I am trying to say!

      I hope you come back soon… Oh & I did visit Florence already, but I’ll be sure to send a Hi to it for you!

  7. Europe is my favorite too. For a lot of those reasons and many others.
    Margherita cereal is a good thing. As is beer and the occasional peeing statue. Traveling slower can be cheaper especially on housing. Although I didn’t really like Athens (it is kind of just a big city) for more than a day or two, it could be a neat place to spend some longer term time.
    Andrew recently posted..At Home in Valencia

    • Well its not my FAVORITE, but it’s 2nd so far… we’ll see where it ends up by the end of this trip!

      So I’m excited about Athens… know nothing about it and well it will be interesting!

  8. So many cool things to see, so little time.

    I’ve been enjoying browsing through some of your blog and I’m really loving your photos.

    Looking forward to reading more!
    Peg recently posted..Happy Un Thanksgiving

  9. Cute photos & round-up post 🙂 I love that you’ve deviated from the plan and charted your course as you’ve gone along. You are creating a journey that’s life changing <3
    Heather recently posted..Giving Thanks for 2011

  10. Europe beckons for slow travel 😀 There’s so much to discover! I’m glad you’re taking your time to enjoy it!
    Audrey recently posted..Tiles Galore: Lisbon’s Azulejos

  11. QueenBrain12 says:

    No need for reasons to still be traveling and doing what you love.

    Have fun and take care of yourself. I miss you so much.


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