I just purchased a one-way ticket to San Jose, Costa Rica for March 1, 2011. I am freaking out… okay maybe I am not freaking out maybe I am just scared. No I really don’t know what I am feeling right now, I think it is too soon to tell. All I know is the ticket is NON-REFUNDABLE and I will not let it go to waste. If you have been following me on twitter or following my blog at all you know that leaving March 1st was not in my plans; hell going to Central America was not part of my plans either, but I couldn’t pass up a one way ticket to San Jose, Costa Rica for $195.97 (that’s going to be my excuse from now on)!!!


So why the sudden change in plans?

I am not happy with how things are in my life. Okay that is a bit dramatic; I actually think things are great in my life, I am off probation for my DWI and the only drama in it now is my own. I have never been happier except for one thing; I cannot take another day at my current job. I am so unhappy being there its unreal. For those of you who don’t know I work for a bank in their customer service department. I have been working there almost 6yrs. I am tired of the politics, tired of how they treat us, and I am tired of being stuck in a cubicle tied to a phone 40hrs a week answering stupid questions.

Aside from all that it doesn’t help that I am on the verge of getting fired. I recently was very snarky/rude to a customer & the customer complained. That prompted them to go through all my calls and well they were able to find everything they wanted and then some. They found me talking over the customer, lacking empathy, using a snarky/rude tone of voice and not listening. I know all that is in my control but I can’t help it.

They have put me on probation (I know story of my life) for it. Now if I make one more mistake and get below a 90% on a call I will get the JIMMY (that’s what we call getting fired at work JIMMY is for JIMMY CHOO aka getting the boot). So now I just have to make sure I do not get crazy with a customer and do my job 100% correct so I don’t get the JIMMY within the next two months. I will be sure to use “POWER WORDS” in every call.

"POWER WORDS" I should use in EVERY call.

So what are my plans now?

I have been crunching numbers and even with me leaving on March 1st I should have more than enough savings to do my original plan of backpacking around the world through Europe, the Middle East & South East Asia along with doing 3.5 months in Central America.

The only thing that was keeping me from leaving sooner was three weddings that I need to attend this summer. The three weddings are my cousins in McAllen, TX on June 4, 2011, my brothers on June 11, 2011 in Cancun, Mexico & my best friends on July 2, 2011 here in Houston, TX.

I have decided I am going to start in San Jose, Costa Rica and make my way north through Central America and Mexico. I will have 3.5 months to make it to Cancun in time for my brothers wedding. That means I will be missing my cousins wedding. Its something I didn’t want to miss but I know he will understand when I talk to him. After attending my brothers wedding in Cancun I will make my way to Houston to attend my best friends wedding. Then after that I will most likely relax at home and unwind for a week or two then make my way to Europe and go on about my original plans.

So what does this all mean?

This means I have 60 days to get everything ready for what I thought I had 8 months for. I think I am pretty ready and just have to do/get a few more things anyway. I will stop being lazy and get on it. It also means I need to put my car for sale within the next week and have it sold before I leave.

I have a million thoughts running through my mind right now. I also keep thinking I turn 25 on February 24 so this means I will be starting the second quarter of my life with a bang. Looks like my birthday party is going to be a “bon voyage” party as well. I have no clue what lies ahead but know it will all work out in the end.

Oh SHIT this also means I have 60 days to loose about 15lbs and tone up again.

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  1. YES YES YES!!! Saw the status on FB, shouted, and had to read the post straight away!!!

    I don’t want you to be let go at work, but I think it’s great you’ve decided to hit the road earlier when a great deal presented itself.

    YAY!!! Very happy for you.
    Heather recently posted..Heather’s Holiday Hiatus

  2. Listen, I COMPLETELY understand. I was tier 3 support in a call center before we bought those tickets to Indonesia. We had been looking for a while and found a sweet deal – grabbed them right away and didn’t look back. You won’t regret it. It feels damn good when it becomes absolutely real, right? Wait till you feel those turbines push you back in your seat during take off. Exhilarating! Congratulations!

    On birthdays – Rachel had her 23rd earlier this year in Borneo – I had my 26th yesterday at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. It’s pretty damn cool.
    Evan recently posted..Cambodia- Day 4 – Preah Kahn and more

    • Evan it feels damn crazy to be honset. Cus I all I know is that on March 1st my life will change forever. Glad I am not the only one that has worked in a call center, its fucking hell in a cubicle if you ask me.

  3. Sounds like a plan, man. I am still in utter shock about the price of that plane ticket, WOW! Anyway, looking forward to following your trek, because I think I will be heading north through that area in 2012.
    Scott recently posted..How to Make a Fool of Yourself on Lake Bled

    • Thanks Scott, yeah I couldn’t believe the price either. I was going to wait a week or two before buying it but was too scared it wouldn’t be there then. I looked to fly to Panama 1st and it was almost $700 so yeah $200 to San Jose is a freaking steal.

  4. Make sure you have an onward ticket/bus ticket before you land or they won’t let you into the country on a one way ticket. <3

    Heads up on that one. Best of luck to you and I am so proud! DO EET!
    Erica recently posted..Travel Vaccines – The More You Know

    • Thanks for the advice Erica, I just saw that you didn’t need a VISA so I will look at the restrictions very soon to make sure everything works out great.

  5. OMG that’s so fantastic! Way to go for being so decisive.
    Stephanie recently posted..Everything in Australia Can Kill You

    • Stephanie, I think decisive would be the last word to use for what I just did. I guess more like impulse and desperation to get out of the cubicle is more like it.

  6. o.m.g – power words?! That’s just pathetic…I’m going to be self-conscious every time I call my bank from now on =)
    Andrea recently posted..Bungas’s Beer of the Week- Auckland

  7. You gotta do what makes you happy Jaime! It’s so awesome that you’ve brought your RTW forward and this proves that being flexible is the only way to go! :)

    Best of luck and if you ever change your mind and want your old life back while you’re on the road, I can hook you up with a job in a bank call centre in Australia! Haha.
    Kieron recently posted..How one sentence can immediately change travel plans

    • Kieron living in Australia for a year or more has always been a dream of mine sooo I may take you up on the job offer if push came to shove & i needed it. I will suck it up to make it work…lol! Okay no I doubt I can ever go back to working in a call center.

  8. After I bought my ticket I wanted to puke. Am so happy you are at this stage now! Central America (minus CR) is really cheap. I wasn’t even close to spending $30/day in it. Please head North to Nicaragua, you will love it!
    ayngelina recently posted..Yellow panties and effigies for New Year’s Eve

  9. Excellent news! Fantastic that your travel starts so much sooner now, good luck with everything and stop worrying so much :)
    Michael recently posted..Your reccomendations please!

  10. I think this is a great change of plans. You can do it! I’m down to 20something days before my trip and I have so much to do! Tanning is one of them, so I don’t look like a sad pasty American.
    Caroline in the City recently posted..Tours to Check Out

    • Caroline… i love the last part of your comment. Even though I am hispanic I know I look pasty and white too… at least I feel like it. I need to tan a bit and loose some lbs so Im not the cubby American down there.

  11. OMG!

    This is crazy! I’m glad you went ahead and bought the ticket without spending too much time thinking about it and changing your mind. Now all you have to do is be at the airport before your plane leaves!

    I’m sure you’re going to want to take off again as soon as you come home from South America! I hope you have lots of fun, and stay safe! It’s crazy how something can change your plans so much, 8 months in 60 days! You can do it :)

    • Jorge I am surprised I made the decision in 1 day. Well you know me and how I am when it comes to making a decision. Yeah i think it is crazy to it went from 8 months to go to 60 days now.

  12. Yay, that’s so exciting! You are completely doing the right thing. That job sounds awful and life is too short to be that miserable. We will probably get to Central America in March (we are currently in Colombia) so maybe our paths will cross!

    Good luck with all the preparation.

    • Erin, I am thankful to have a job but it is awful & you are right life is too short to be miserable and well that is going to change in 60 days.

      I hope our paths cross and we do meet in C.A. that will be so awesome.

  13. How exciting! 😀
    Congratulations on taking this huge step.
    Get in contact when you’re in Cancun, k? :)

  14. Lol, power words?! Can’t wait to point those out during my next call with a bank employee. Other than that, congrats on biting the bullet!! We’re going to buy our ticket next week and we’re freaking out!
    Jill – Jack and Jill Travel The World recently posted..Beam me up- Scotty pretty please! or Why I Hate Flying

    • Jill yup POWER WORDS… Im not sure if all banks use them but I know ours does & well yeah they suck. Thanks for the congrats and can’t wait to hear about yall buying yalls ticket.

  15. Wow, congrats!!!! You found an amazing deal on a ticket and your job is horrendous so why not do it?!? So proud of you! The power words made me laugh out loud. Especially the word “awesome.” Haha, so funny that awesome made in on the same list as “absolutely” and “I understand.” So, what now, 59 days and counting 😉

    • Yes the job is horrendous (love that word) & I am glad I was able to make you laugh with the “power words”. Yup I now have less than 60 days & counting.

  16. I’ve just discovered your blog and MAY I say that I really enjoy it and APPRECIATE your honesty about your past and what has lead you to where you are now. I UNDERSTAND your nerves – in 2 months I’m moving to India for 1 year! (if you make it to India btw drop me a line and we can have a cup of chai :) but think that you are in for a WONDERFUL and AWESOME adventure! I look forward to reading more about your adventure and will DEFINITELY become your newest blog follower.

    (I think this comment gets 100% 😉

    • Kay your comment would most definitely get a 100%!!!

      Thanks for taking the time to read some of my past post along with this one. Oh that is good to know that you are going to be in India around that time. I may make it there before you leave & if I do we will most def meet up.

  17. Yay! Congratulations! Very exciting for you. I think spur-of-the-moment plane ticket purchases are the best!

  18. This is the best attitude to have going into your RTW! Having a plan and doing research ahead of time is great but you will have the most amazing and memorable adventures when you deviate from those plans. One of the best parts of having money saved and no job or commitments is the flexibility it affords you to take advantage of opportunities (like cheap tickets!) when they present themselves.

    • Megan, yeah thats what a lot of people have to me and I really hope it is the case. The funny thing is I hadn’t done much research for the other leg of my trip so I am not as worried. I will get a guide book & wing it with the net as well.

      Also yeah leaving a few months early is gonna make me miss out on $5k of saving but its okay. I will still have more than enough to make it all work out & if not I will work along the way.

  19. Sometimes the best laid plans are the most spontaneous ones. Sounds like a good little infusion of the unexpected is what you might have needed, and it sounds like it came at a perfect time.

    Best of luck, looking forward to the build up and the trip itself.
    Justin Hamlin recently posted..Your Life is a Business- Why You Need a Plan

  20. Like Justin said, some of the best plans are the spontaneous ones. With your upcoming adventure you’ll be so excited that at work you’ll be chipper. Just think you’re leaving in 60-days and can tell them to fuck off in 45. How awesome is that going to feel?

    You’re living your dream. You’re doing something.

    Congrats on getting the ticket. Glad I could be there with you! :)

  21. I just discovered your blog. I look foward to following your posts! Don’t be afraid, soon that will turn to excitement. Have a great time.

  22. Congrats again! I’m quite jealous and look forward to reading about your adventures! Great that you were able to still work out making it to 2 of the 3 weddings without too much extra trouble.
    Katie recently posted..Home for the Holidays

    • Thanks Katie, yeah Im kinda bummed I am going to be missing one of them but hey I have to do what is best for me in the end. I am glad I will be able to make 2 of 3. I have yet told my cousin so I know that is not going to be fun to do…we’ll see how it goes soon.

  23. I’m so excited for you Jaime!!! It’s so awesome you were able to work it out so that you can still go to the other places you wanted to visit but now you get to see more! You better keep in touch once you hit the road :-) Good luck, can’t wait to hear how the quitting goes!
    Ali recently posted..A Sunny Christmas

    • Thanks Ali, yes I know I had to crunch the numbers hard to make sure it all worked out. Its crazy to think now i really am going to be seeing more of the world.

      The quitting I am sure is going to be a bit dramatic…just kidding!!! I dont know how that is going to go. Oh & yes I am going to stay in touch on the road dont play ;)~

  24. QueenBrain12 says:

    WOW!!!!I’m crying just thinking that I won’t see you every Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday, but I’m super excited that you have made this huge amazing step. I’m scared but I know you will find your way through any situation while on the road because you have been able to put up with your job for nearly 6 years.
    I hope to one day have the courage to breakaway from this “American Dream” and stop being a slave to work and uninspiring daily life events.

    You are my HERO, Jaimito!!!


    • Can’t believe you almsot made me cry in the break room today. Its going to be okay you are going to breakaway from there too. Just keep doing what you are doing and you will make it. Stay positive and focus on your goal. Yes dealing with idiots on the phone all day every day is really going to help me on the road.

      Aww I can’t believe I am someones hero, thats just crazy don’t say that.


  25. Nice! I know where you’re coming from. I left a job earlier than expected to start rtw just a few months ago, and also had to explain to a very good friend that I would be missing his wedding. It was a bit rough, but he understood. Leaving work earlier has also caused me a slight touch of heartburn here and there, due to a bit smaller savings than originally planned, but it’s been working out and I wish I hadn’t spent the first month or so stressing quite so much about it.

    As for Costa Rica, that’s a great fare! The Caribbean side is beautiful and great fun to explore. Then I second the recommendation that you head for Nicaragua.
    Evi recently posted..Munich

    • Evl, its crazy how we make plans but knowing they are there even if they are a few months away we just cant wait. Its like we know we can breakaway sooner so why not go for it. Its scary but its a risk we gotta take.

      Thank for the recommendation, I am most def heading to Nicaragua.

  26. (OK, I’m going to try to use as many power words as possible.)

    May I take a moment to review your concerns with work and to tell you how fantastic and absolutely awesome this news is. Your opinion means a lot to us, and we appreciate the opportunity to share in your journey. Also, you’re important to us, so let’s work together to make your RTW adventure as great as possible. Fantastic!

    Seriously, though… this is WAY cool. You’ve got a fun ride ahead of you. Enjoy every second. We’re behind you 100%.
    The NVR Guys recently posted..NVR – The Lowdown

    • Y’alls comment takes the cake for using the most “POWER WORDS” in a comment. I LOVE IT~

      I have to be honest and say one of the things that pushed me to move this up a bit was yalls post on being happy. Thanks for being behind me (and I don’t mean it in a dirty way…lol). Yall are awesome keep encouraging people to be happy!!!

  27. Congrats! And there are a number of us that have done a lot of time in Central America, if you need some tips and how-to’s for your time there. Don’t hesitate to ask.

    • Michael (I kinda wanna call you mobile lawyer cus that what I think when I see your avatar) thanks for offering your help. I do plan on asking people if I have any questions. Good to know you have gone through that part of the world.

  28. HELL YEAH!!! That is all…
    Nick Laborde recently posted..Must not see TV and kicking off 2011 with a bang

  29. I’ve handled customer service before; I understand where you’re coming from. Your new, impulsive plan sounds absolutely awesome, great, wonderful, and fantastic. I’d be happy to give you tips about Korea, if your travels take you there, and I will certainly read your blog in the future. And on behalf of all the commentors, I’d like to say that you are important to us.

    That’s 10 of the “power words” in support of YOU.
    Odysseus recently posted..Our Wall Is Greater Than Yours

    • Jaja love that power word you chose thanks very much Odysseus. I will most def hit you up for advice if my travels take me there. It was a very impulsive buy and I hope ti all works out great.

  30. I wasn’t gonna say anything, but I knew you wouldn’t make it the 8 months. Once you decide you’re going to do something like this it’s hard to think of anything else, I was thinking about running a poll about how long it would take before you left early. 60 days is plenty to get ready, I think I spent about 5 days preparing for my first trip, and about 8 minutes for the last one.

    Best of luck man, and there’s a pretty good chance we might run into each other in Central America in May/June!
    Brendan van Son recently posted..Travel for Bragging Rights – The Southernmost City in the World

    • Jaja so you knew I wasn’t going to make it…I guess I would have lost that bet. I didn’t see the change coming until yesterday. I have to agree with you Brendan once you decide you are going to do something it is VERY HARD to think of anything else.

      Ive actually been trying to do a to-do list of stuff I need to do before leaving and I don’t think I have much left to do. Thanks for the support and it would be awesome if we were able to meet up.

  31. Good luck, and have fun! No more DWI too! Nice.

    May I ask what you do for a career that allows you to travel so much? Cheers, Sam
    Yakezie recently posted..Scholarship Voting Rules and Process

    • Yakezie, yes no more DWI at all. Trust me I have learned my lesson.

      About my career, I really have never had one unless you call working in a call center for about 6yrs one. I have just been saving like crazy and am going to sell my car and use it all to travel the world for a year or more. You can ask me any question I will be more than happy to answer.

  32. How you can stand more than a day dealing with bank customers in the first place merits an award of some sort. Being able to be there this long without strangling someone with a *power word* phone cord deserves sainthood.

    Congratulations. Life is too short to be unhappy.
    James Schipper recently posted..30-Plus Twitter Friends I met This Year Without Leaving Home

  33. Thanks James, I don’t know how I have made it so long myself. I think its cus I had never heard of backpacking in my life till a few months ago and now I know there is more to life the stuff and living the American Dream. Im living my own dream ;)~

  34. Wow, congratulations. Such a big step. I’m sure everything will start coming together in the next couple months. And from someone who’s worked in the ‘customer service industry’ for the last few years, I share your frustration in putting up with all the bullshit that goes along with the industry. A better, and more exciting life waits ahead.
    Alouise recently posted..Where did the year go

  35. I wish I could read all the comments, I don’t know how you keep up and say thanks to everybody on twitter for the comments we give :) no worries I’d do the same but I’d have to do a blanket statement moreso.

    If it weren’t for my trip to New York City I wouldn’t be talking to you on twitter or reading your blog today (or anyone else’s for that matter). A friend of mine was supposed to meet me from Europe, cancelled and I got stuck with all the cost of having to go so I wasn’t going to waste my money so I went despite losing my phone the trip wasn’t so bad.

    I went and took a trip to Hawaii recently, that turned out to be just as bad as the New York City trip but what can you say but GO back! (only this time I didn’t lose my phone!) either way, the fact I’ve flown nearly 12,000 miles in a span of 2 months I’m really pushing for the backpacking.
    Shannon recently posted..Disaster- Expensive WO-MAN

  36. Jamie – That price is a steal.. great find BTW. Congrat to your plan. I never been to Costa Rica but I know it’s beautiful and you’ll have a lot fun there. Best of lucky in 2011.

  37. OMFG!!! Qué pedo contigoooo!?!?!?!? Jajajajaja… O sea, te vas 4 meses antes!!! Pues me parece bien que hayas comprado el boleto… 200 dlls no es nada para ir a Costa Rica y pues considera ir a conocer The Caribbean o South America… tendras 3 meses para andar de cabrón antes de vernos en Cancún!
    R recently posted..RamiroGordz- RT @actorhaydenc- The first date in the New year is 1111 and then later we will also have 11111 followed by 11111 &amp 111111 Will

  38. wooooohoooooo! you’ll be on the road in 60 days… im sure you’ll be fine… although it’s a bit scary because you didnt meet your target savings but you can always get a job on the road :-)

    goodluck jaime :-)
    flip recently posted..December 2010 Wrap Up

  39. Yay! Congrats Jaime! I am a fairly recent follower and have enjoyed reading about your plans! Now I’m super excited that you are jumping in early! It sounds like you have made a great decision!

    Welcome to the world of the unplanned and unknown! Enjoy it! :)
    Annie recently posted..My Big Fat Italian Christmas

  40. ooow. Your power words are a bit false ain’t they? How can you say them without a tone in your voice that says I am lying really. I have a job in the summer time here, and it is great because if a customer is an a*******, I can tell them and I get a pat on the back from my boss! Stay sane for the last 60 days in that crazy bank!!

    oh, and try not to over use the power words! LOL
    Natalie recently posted..My Predictions – Turkey and the World of Travel in 2011

  41. good luck this year! I’m sure it will be even better than last one. Those Power Words are easier since you’re just on the phone than when in person. It will be a crazy 2011 for all of us I’m sure of it! First time here.

    • Thanks Ed, yes this year will most def be better than the last. This is the year I am taking charge of my life and doing what I want to do with it.

      2011 is our year~ Oh & those power words are not fun…lol!!!

  42. I say GO FOR IT!!!!!! I think it’s awesome you did this and I can’t wait to read your stories from the road once you’ve left! Props to you, huge inspiration to read this!!!
    Kirsten recently posted..Friday Five for 123110

    • Thanks so much Kirsten, I went for it and now am just counting down the days for departure. I am sure its going to be crazy!!! Glad I can be inspirational.

  43. Congratulation Jaime! Fantastic decision! Can’t wait to read first posts from the road. 60 days is not much but you will be fine :)
    magda recently posted..Misterious giants of Easter Island

  44. Thanks Magda, yup 60 days isnt much time but I hope I am fine!!!!

  45. think for saying o im gonna miss my lil brother bday after i told hi i would be call and say happy bday

    • Ay Remigio no entiendo casi nada de lo que me cavas de dicir…

      I will not forget your birthday I will make sure to leave you a Facebook comment…lol jk!!! Nah I dont know where I will be for your birthday,

  46. Don’t worry so much darling!!!
    Everything will be ok and even if there’s a problem, I am sure you can turn it into an adventure and have a great story after that! This is my travel wisdom and my experience from a very unexpected trip I did last year. It was the stupid vulcano!!!! I didn’t know how to get from Finland to Germany and I was planing just step by step..but there were so many wonderful ppl along the way, which helped me so much! so don’t worry…esp about the job!! There are far too many great things coming so..relax and enjoy ur time at home:))

    When are you coming to Europe???

    Big love form Sofia,

  47. Just stumbled into your site today and I say congrats! Taking that cheap ticket and leaving the job you despise early is the way to do it.

    If you’re worried about money, you can always spend less time in Europe and more time in the other places. Europe is literally 3-4x as expensive as Central America and Southeast Asia.

    Good luck!
    Paul recently posted..Caye Caulker- Belikin and 1250 Lobsters- Un-Belize-able

  48. This is awesome!! I just saw your blog and am inspired! I have been wanting to travel to San Jose myself and do some backpacking after hearing a few stories about Costa Rica. How did you find such a good deal on the airfare?! I worked at an AT&T call enter,…….and yes I hated it!!!! Good lunch on the rest of the trip and keep us posted!!!!

    • Hi Eric… glad you are inspired. Just take the plunge and do it… you won’t regret it. Oh I searched for ever and ever until I found this. I searched for flights anywhere in Central America and this was the cheapest!!! I hope you find one… oh & backpacking through Costa Rica is easy and a great place to get your toes wet ;)~

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