I just purchased a one-way ticket to San Jose, Costa Rica for March 1, 2011. I am freaking out… okay maybe I am not freaking out maybe I am just scared. No I really don’t know what I am feeling right now, I think it is too soon to tell. All I know is the ticket is NON-REFUNDABLE and I will not let it go to waste. If you have been following me on twitter or following my blog at all you know that leaving March 1st was not in my plans; hell going to Central America was not part of my plans either, but I couldn’t pass up a one way ticket to San Jose, Costa Rica for $195.97 (that’s going to be my excuse from now on)!!!


So why the sudden change in plans?

I am not happy with how things are in my life. Okay that is a bit dramatic; I actually think things are great in my life, I am off probation for my DWI and the only drama in it now is my own. I have never been happier except for one thing; I cannot take another day at my current job. I am so unhappy being there its unreal. For those of you who don’t know I work for a bank in their customer service department. I have been working there almost 6yrs. I am tired of the politics, tired of how they treat us, and I am tired of being stuck in a cubicle tied to a phone 40hrs a week answering stupid questions.

Aside from all that it doesn’t help that I am on the verge of getting fired. I recently was very snarky/rude to a customer & the customer complained. That prompted them to go through all my calls and well they were able to find everything they wanted and then some. They found me talking over the customer, lacking empathy, using a snarky/rude tone of voice and not listening. I know all that is in my control but I can’t help it.

They have put me on probation (I know story of my life) for it. Now if I make one more mistake and get below a 90% on a call I will get the JIMMY (that’s what we call getting fired at work JIMMY is for JIMMY CHOO aka getting the boot). So now I just have to make sure I do not get crazy with a customer and do my job 100% correct so I don’t get the JIMMY within the next two months. I will be sure to use “POWER WORDS” in every call.

"POWER WORDS" I should use in EVERY call.

So what are my plans now?

I have been crunching numbers and even with me leaving on March 1st I should have more than enough savings to do my original plan of backpacking around the world through Europe, the Middle East & South East Asia along with doing 3.5 months in Central America.

The only thing that was keeping me from leaving sooner was three weddings that I need to attend this summer. The three weddings are my cousins in McAllen, TX on June 4, 2011, my brothers on June 11, 2011 in Cancun, Mexico & my best friends on July 2, 2011 here in Houston, TX.

I have decided I am going to start in San Jose, Costa Rica and make my way north through Central America and Mexico. I will have 3.5 months to make it to Cancun in time for my brothers wedding. That means I will be missing my cousins wedding. Its something I didn’t want to miss but I know he will understand when I talk to him. After attending my brothers wedding in Cancun I will make my way to Houston to attend my best friends wedding. Then after that I will most likely relax at home and unwind for a week or two then make my way to Europe and go on about my original plans.

So what does this all mean?

This means I have 60 days to get everything ready for what I thought I had 8 months for. I think I am pretty ready and just have to do/get a few more things anyway. I will stop being lazy and get on it. It also means I need to put my car for sale within the next week and have it sold before I leave.

I have a million thoughts running through my mind right now. I also keep thinking I turn 25 on February 24 so this means I will be starting the second quarter of my life with a bang. Looks like my birthday party is going to be a “bon voyage” party as well. I have no clue what lies ahead but know it will all work out in the end.

Oh SHIT this also means I have 60 days to loose about 15lbs and tone up again.

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  1. This is awesome!! I just saw your blog and am inspired! I have been wanting to travel to San Jose myself and do some backpacking after hearing a few stories about Costa Rica. How did you find such a good deal on the airfare?! I worked at an AT&T call enter,…….and yes I hated it!!!! Good lunch on the rest of the trip and keep us posted!!!!

    • Hi Eric… glad you are inspired. Just take the plunge and do it… you won’t regret it. Oh I searched for ever and ever until I found this. I searched for flights anywhere in Central America and this was the cheapest!!! I hope you find one… oh & backpacking through Costa Rica is easy and a great place to get your toes wet ;)~

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