300 days into my “BREAKAWAY” & I now know I don’t want to do this forever.

It’s my 300th day on the road… I know crazy 300 I can’t even believe it myself. I mean really… who would have thought I’d make it this far? I sure as hell didn’t. I’m being honest when I say that. Now though I look back and am in awe at what I now know I can accomplish. I know it’s just traveling, but damn it’s not easy. The last 100 days have been amazing filled with HIGHS & LOWS… I always wonder can the next 100 be better than the last and some how they manage to be even more amazing. Here is a recap of my last 100 days if you read my blog regularly you can skip to the next paragraph and well if not just enjoy a trip down memory lane. It’s crazy how much you can do in 100 days!

Morocco!The last 100 days started in Morocco. I was in Africa for the 1st time… I fell in love with the beautiful blue town of Chefchaoun. I then made my way to Fez and fucking hated it, because of that city for a minute I was actually going to go home. I decided to stay a few more days and visit the Sahara Desert. Oh man did she change my life… she made me realize why I was doing what I was doing I loved her so much I even wrote her a letter. I then spent 10 days relaxing in the beach town of Essaouria, Morocco. After a month in Morocco I was ready to move on and went back to Spain. I spent some time in Madrid I attended Occupy Madrid and also watched a Corrida de Torros and still don’t know if I agree with it being a Spanish tradition or animal cruelty. I then got a bit sick and wanted some home comfort so went to the Hard Rock Café Madrid for some Tex-Mex nachos. I also shared with yall my latest encounters…. It was 4 for 4 and well now I have been in a dry spell… womp womp. I hope that changes soon. I made it to Barcelona where I met up with my girls from Morocco and felt at home. I fell in love with Gaudi and still wonder what he was thinking. Then my crazy ass booked a flight to Ibiza in November for 10 nights because it was so cheap. I ended up writing a very poetic entry in my journal and shared it with y’all. I was drunk when I wrote it and think it’s one of my favorite post I have written. I went back to Barcelona said bye to my girls but will be seeing them in Istanbul for New Years… woohoo!!! Then it was time to explore Itally. I got lost in Venice and then met the most beautiful nude man in the world was dirty with the leaning tower of Pisa. Then for Thanksgiving spent it on the steps of a bank in Rome drinking cheap wine with great friends. It was also in Rome where I popped my Italian gelato cherry and well now I am Athens doing pretty much nothing

Thinking JaimeSo the last few weeks have been kind of crazy for me… Okay not crazy like wild and partying and doing a lot. I say it’s been crazy, because I have had too much free time and have had a million thoughts crossing my mind.

I have been thinking about why I started this blog & how when I 1st left on this trip on March 1st, 2011 I thought I wanted to travel forever. The thing is I discovered travel blogging and started finding all the big blogs. You know the bloggers that are making a living from their blogs and have been traveling forever. When you find them you think WOW… that is amazing and automatically want to do the same. I mean come on don’t lie… we all do. Hell that is why I started this blog. I thought oh this is what I want to do. I want to make money from my blog and travel forever… well the truth is that has changed.

World on a stomach!Yes I started this blog for the wrong reason I started it to make money but the truth is to this date I have not made a penny from it. Not because I can’t, but because I made the decision a while back to not monetize it. You see the thing is, I grew to love what I am doing. For the 1st time in my life I actually have a hobby that I enjoy doing and love. For some reason I don’t want to ruin that by monetizing it… so I am not. Oh & trust me there is NOTHING wrong with monetizing your blog… I’m just saying for me it’s something I don’t want to do. Okay so where is this leading too… well this is also leading to something else I have recently discovered about my self.

You see when I left home I told my self “Jaime you are not lost… you are doing this for yourself to have fun, explore and learn more about the world.” and well I have, but the truth is even if you don’t think you are lost TRAVEL will MAKE YOU FIND YOURSELF more than anything else in life. I now know I don’t want to do this forever. I in a way have figured out what I want to do with my life… What I am doing is amazing… backpacking around the world is priceless. I know when it’s all said and done this will go down as one of the best things I ever did in my life. It’s just exhausting and the truth is I miss my family and friends at home. I miss Houston. No I am not going home… I am not ready too yet. I know for a fact that when I am ready I will though. I know for a fact now that I won’t be upset with my self for going home when this is over. I’ve been thinking and know I will go home enjoy life there for a year or two and gear up for another RTW trip. Trust me I love traveling this won’t be my last RTW trip. There is so much of the world I still want to see and trust me I will find ways to do it by making Houston my home base for a few years and taking off again.

Smile JaimeI know you are thinking why am I even thinking of this… I still have a year left of travel. Well the reason I am writing about it… is because that is how I feel right now. My 100 day post have always been about how I feel in the moment. On my 100th day I wondered why “WE” don’t have equal rights. On my 200th day I wrote about how I still get scared. Hell I still wonder why we don’t have equal rights and still get scared. I love that I am able to put my emotions and feelings on the blog and look back on them. Well now you know how I feel and am glad I have shared this with you… sometimes as long term travelers and bloggers we feel like the only right way to do it is the way everyone else is doing it and the truth is nope… we don’t. We decide how we live our lives… and well this is how I am choosing to live mine!

No joke 2011 has been the bet year of my life… I have never been happier with how my life is. Thanks again everyone for reading my blog and coming along on my crazy adventures. I’ve enjoy my last few weeks of doing nothing, but I am ready to get back on the road. I’m excited to see what the next 100 days bring as I spend them visiting Turkey, Egypt, Jordan and India. Oh & remember we only live once… so be sure you are out there doing what makes you happy (& it doesn’t have to be travel). So now you tell me what do you think? Is there anything… you have been thinking about you would like to share? I can’t believe the year is almost over in a few days?

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  1. Great 300 day blog! It’s great to share your experience and to think I’ve only got a year to catch up with you outside of Playa. your blog is one of the very best both personal and informative. And you are doing this trip for the best reason ever. So so glad to have met you on your way through town. You are my hero Jaime! jajaja

    • Thanks Kathy, thank you for continuing to read my blog. I am so glad you enjoy it and I am so glad I was able to me you (so cool to meet a reader). I miss ya & Playa ahh it was so much fun, but don’t worry if you don’t meet me on the road anytime soon I think I will be seeing you in Playa for sure in the next couple of years because it’s the one place I keep thinking I can make my home one day!!!

  2. I totally understand what you’re saying. I mean – totally, completely understand it. I know the travel lifestyle looks glamorous for those on the outside looking in, but there are downsides to it as well.

    When I first started traveling 27 years ago I was consumed by it. That’s all I wanted to do. I suffered through my teaching job in order to get on the road. I wanted to travel badly that we actually got teaching jobs abroad and spent 12 years overseas. It was wonderful.

    Eventually we made the decision that we wanted to travel full time again – so we quit our jobs, yanked our children out of school, and climbed on bicycles. We spent a total of four years traveling the Americas on bicycle and it was wonderful. Absolutely fabulous and I couldn’t be happier that we spent that time together as a family.

    However, by the end of that four years I knew I didn’t want to do it forever. I loved it and was so glad I had done it. It was, without a doubt, some of the best years of my life. But I didn’t want it forever. I wanted to put down roots and pull out my beads. I wanted my sons to be able to be part of Boy Scouts and robotics clubs.

    Now I realize that life is an adventure and we go through phases. The important part is that you take time to reevaluate on a constant basis what’s important to you and how can you best meet that. Maybe that’s traveling, maybe it’s not. And whatever your choice, it’s OK.
    Nancy from Family on Bikes recently posted..Are your actions in line with your priorities? If not, why?

    • Thank you Nancy, it’s so true from the OUTSIDE it looks amazing and then you are in it and you learn all the downsides to it. Wow I had no clue you had been traveling for so long… now it all make sense. By that I mean the long 4 year adventure down the Americas on bikes. You were experienced at the long term travel. Even though I have only been traveling 300 days I understand what you mean. The thing is when you figure out you can do it you automatically awesome that that is what you want to do forever too. Then you are doing it and then you realize wait a minute I love this and I love it a lot but like you said I want roots… and well for me I know it will always be Houston. The good thing is I didn’t leave Houston because I didn’t like it. I left Houston because I was tired of my job and wanted to the see the world. I still love Houston dearly and love my family & friends… so know when I go back I will still enjoy it. I’ve realized I will be okay going back having a random job (not a career) and enjoying life there with them while saving for my next adventure.

      • This is the key to it all: “The thing is when you figure out you can do it you automatically awesome that that is what you want to do forever too.”

        It’s funny how we look at other people doing something (whatever that something is) and think we want it too, when in reality that something may not be what works for us. The important thing is to be true to yourself and follow YOUR passion and live YOUR dream – wherever it leads. For some, that’s travel. For others, it’s something else. It’s all good.
        Nancy from Family on Bikes recently posted..Are your actions in line with your priorities? If not, why?

        • That is so true why do we do that? I knew I wanted to travel so did do this because I wanted to but assumed I wanted to do it forever because I saw others doing it too. The good thing is this is how I feel now and down the road it may change and whatever it is I wanna do with my life I know I will be able to do it.

  3. Loved this post, Jaime… And I can’t believe there were some naughty posts that I’d somehow managed to miss!

    It’s funny that I’m the complete opposite of you. The longer I keep travelling the more I keep thinking that I want to do this for a very long time (I’m not going to say forever)… The thought of going back home and having to get a *real job* terrifies me. I miss my friends and family, sure…. But not enough to want to go back! At least, not yet anyway. I don’t know if my feelings will change at some point, but right now I’m doing everything I can to keep travelling for as long as possible!

    Ahhhh, so excited to be a part of your next 100 days in India! 🙂
    Lauren recently posted..2011: My Travels in Photos

    • Thanks Laurens, that’s why I link back to all my post cus I know sometimes we miss some…

      So as for being the complete opposite I completely understand that… I mean this is an awesome lifestyle, but I guess in the end it’s not for everyone. Hello even I am scared of the thought of this being over… seriously I don’t even want to imagine it, but I know when it is… I will be happy going back home finding a job and enjoying life there for a year or two while I save for my next adventure what ever it may be. I guess I too want to travel for ever but maybe a different way then most… I will do several RTW trips in my lifetime not just one… but make sure I continue going home to keep the relationships I love going. Oh & hell yeah our feelings can change at any time… cus on my 1st 100 & 200 I thought I wanted to do it forever, but slowly they changed. And hell maybe after I get to SEA they will change again and I won’t want to go home… it’s how I feel now so just want to capture those feelings.

      & yes EEEeeee I am so excited we are meeting up in India. I’ll be picking up my VISA tomorrow. I hope its ready and approved!!!

  4. I totally get this. After one year of traveling (albeit super slowly) I was so ready to have a home. And, even now as much as I love living abroad, I’ve been missing my family and friends a lot (it doesn’t help that it’s the holidays! gaahh! freaking Christmas songs & tv specials are killing me!). I’ve really been thinking that next year I’d like to go home for an extended period. I don’t see myself giving up living abroad, especially as that’s where I seem to get most of my writing inspiration and I really don’t want to give up writing, but I would love to just be home for a bit.
    I also am totally with you on the monetizing thing. While I have nothing against people monetizing their blogs, I like that I’m just doing my blog for myself and my readers & I really don’t have to write anything I don’t want to write just because my advertisers want me too. Of course, I may change my mind at some point, but for now it works for me and my blog.
    Sally recently posted..Introducing the New Unbrave Girl: Now with 100% More Sparkle

    • Sally thank you for getting me… now I know I’m not crazy! On a serious note I know what you mean… it’s hard to not miss your family and that;s true I doesn’t help that it’s the holidays. Maybe that is why I am even feeling this way… Well I am glad you to realize that you wanna go home for a bit… thats true same here if I go home for a year or two what would I write about? I’m sure I’ll think of something… after all this is a travel blog but mostly about me and my adventures so I am sure I will continue to have some at home, plus I know I have many stories I have not shared… here. Some are TOO crazy.

      Oh & yes I have NOTHING against monetizing a blog… I had to be sure to say that too because I really don’t & because I didn’t want a witch hunt out for me by the travel blog community. I love them… so yes and agree with you I don’t want to either because I like to write for myself and my readers and don’t want to deal with advertisers.

  5. Reading this has made me realise a lot of things and it’s a sentiment I’ve read several times from other bloggers. I always meet people who are older, settled down, have kids, etc and they tell you that they went on a massive trip when they were younger and loved it. And you always think to yourself “why did you come back then?” or “why have you not made it more of a priority to keep travelling as much as you can?” and then you realise….it’s because they wanted to see the world, but they also wanted to come home. They don’t feel as though they have missed out because they haven’t travelled extensively for years and years. They went out there, they had fun and then they wanted to have a home base again and be around friends and family. You will only know what is right and wrong for you once you try it. You have tried it, you have learned a lot about yourself and you will have these memories forever. But wanting to go home at the end of it doesn’t make you a bad person. It makes you the person that you want to be.
    Julia recently posted..Putting English Stereotypes to Bed

    • Thanks Julia, yes I think that is what I think happens… I think at 1st we get caught up with the idea of doing it for ever and think it’s for us, but once we are doing it may realize it really isn’t what we want. I know for sure though this will not be my last RTW trip or long term trip. I know for a fact I want to spend a year traveling through South America and a year living in Australia at some point in my life. I also know though that I want to make Houston my home base… so yeah I think I would love to go back hom settle down for 2 years and then go off again. I have done it once and can do it again… and well in the end as long as I am doing what I want to do it will make me ME… like you said!!!

      So your big day is coming up very soon… you ready?

    • Totally agree with you Julia. Traveling “indefinitely” is a big commitment. It’s not something many people can do, and those that do quickly learn that the novelty wears off and it becomes the new reality. I often hear fellow travel bloggers say things like, “going home is my vacation because travel is my job”.

      Travel is only a piece of a very large puzzle. We have no desire to live out of a backpack anymore… we did at one point, but after a year it just got tiring (like everything does when repeated constantly). We decided that having a job, building a bank account, raising our 2 month old baby around family, and owning our home was more important than chasing sun and snapping photos. We still travel 5-6 times a year and love it because we don’t have to plan for months of travel at a time. The excitement is still there because we have “other things” to do between trips.

      The best thing about travel is that the trip doesn’t have to end… there’s always time for another epic adventure… you don’t have to do it all right now 😉
      Cam recently posted..Photo Essay: Sightseeing in London, England (Part 2)

      • Oh wow Cam yeah… I would NEVER want to say “TRAVEL is my JOB”… I tend to hate every JOB i have…lol & I don’t want to hate travel. I love the way you say everything… the novelty does wear off and it becomes a reality of oh this is what i am doing. I am so happy that I put some of the countries I want to see the MOST in the middle of the trip… because you do not know how excited I am for Egypt and India… so damn excited. I like the way you are doing it and would hope to get in a position like that when this trip is over… we’ll see what happens though!!!

  6. Gorgeous and inspiring post! Enjoy the next 100 days, you’re going to some incredible places. I LOVED India!!!
    Andi of My Beautiful Adventures recently posted..France & Italy With Trafalgar Tours: Day 5 (Part 4)

  7. Congrats on 300 days!! We are so proud of you! You’ve had such a great year and we hope the next 100 days will be full of HIGHS!! So jealous – Jordan, Turkey, Egypt… wow!!! Looking forward to reading all about it & to seeing you again! XOXO
    Dani | Globetrottergirls recently posted..Becoming forgettable | How absence doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder

    • Thanks Dani, ahh the next 100 days are gonna be amazing and full of many new test in the next countries I am going to!!! See you soon in India!!!

  8. We talked about all of this face-to-face, so I’ll just say: good for you! The fact that your RTW experiences are helping you to better know yourself and your goals = priceless.
    Kent @ No Vacation Required recently posted..25 Thoughts on Our 2011

  9. I am so happy that I was able to meet you and be part of your year. I also think you have made some smart choices along the way, including the decision not to monetize so you could have the site on your own terms.

    • Thanks Aygelina, I am too. I had so much fun hanging out with you for a few days… I hope our paths cross again… it would be so much fun!!! As for not monetizing it… I am so glad I am not. I love my blog just the way it is… as for sponsored trips… I wont decline those… jaja!

  10. While I’ve not traveled extensively I really do understand the feeling you have. Traveling is amazing and fun but it’s actually difficult and tiring to do something amazing and fun every day. Sometimes cable and a bag of chips are all we need in life.

    (I’m gonna pull a cliche card here, get ready)

    I just turned 40 and have a wife, 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 cars and a mortgage. At this point in my life I CAN’T do what you are doing. Maybe in about 10 years I can do some extensive world travel, but right now the money isn’t there for things like that. So, I’m very sure that this WILL be an amazing chapter in your life. It’s too easy to come back home, get a job, find a partner, settle down and pass the years. You are doing something that so many people that will never comment on a blog would love to do.

    So, get tired, love the time, gain experiences and then come back home with a plan in mind. When the alarm goes off on your predetermined time you will have made some more money, washed your clothes and be ready with a new plane ticket to somewhere.

    The world will wait, don’t get stuck in life too early. Too many of us already have.

    (on a side note, I’d like a post on how the gear and clothes you carry has changed from day 1 to day 300)

    • Thanks Craig, your right about traveling being amazing and fun but very difficult and tiring… its a part of the traveling most people don’t talk about… as for you cliche card it’s not cliche at all… sadly that is life and you are right again. There is nothing wrong with that, but I understand what you mean to live my life now enjoy it now and then later worry about coming home and settling down… the thing is when I get home I know I dont want to settle down. I think I just want to be back for a year or two and then head of again. I don’t think I am going to allow my self to settle down YET… I still have so much I want to do so know for sure when I get back to Houston I will make those other dreams of mine come true while enjoy the comfort of my home to plan them!!! I don’t want to get stuck in life just yet… I don’t want to have a partner and settle down until my later 30s ja but who am I kidding life is a journey we have no contro over so something can happen tomorrow that can change everything I am thinking in a heartbeat.

      & thats a good Idea I will do that very soon… the good thing not much has changed. Just buy new & out with the old.

  11. Great post…I have struggled over the last few weeks about the direction of my blog and what I’m hoping to get out of it. It’s always good to hear that other bloggers are experiencing the same things. When I have a crappy day at work, like today, the first thing I start thinking is how much I’d like to join all of you out on the road traveling. I guess it is somewhat comforting to know that the “grass isn’t always greener.” Look forward to reading about your upcoming adventures!
    The World of Deej recently posted..Walt Disney World vs Disneyland – The Great Debate

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Hi Deej, yeah it’s a struggle to find out what direction you want to take your blog. The good thing about wha I have done with mine is from the beginning I made it me… so in the end no matter what I do I will make it that way. I had a struggle finding out to make $$ or not… in the end as you have read I am not. I enjoy it so much I don’t want to ruin it…. and as for a crappy day at work… we have crappy days on the road. I needed the break I took here in athens… and am ready to be back on the road. I’m interested to see what my next crazy adventures will be and see what I will be thinking 100 days…

  12. Insightful post Jaime!
    We didn’t start to monetize our site until well after we had returned from the “endless journey” and settled back into “ordinary life”. It was the best decision for us because it allowed us to focus on the adventure and journey and not feel the pressure of “updating” the world.
    Enjoy the adventure! You have plenty of time to blog and make money when the time is right and you have fulfilled your mission (your photos and stories are timeless). Enjoy Turkey and India (two of our fav countries!). Cappadocia is a must, as is Udaipur and Jodhpur in Rajasthan 😉
    Cam recently posted..19 Epic Adventures by Travel Bloggers in 2011

    • Thanks again Cam yeah for now I want to keep enjoying blogging and writing whatever it is that is happening in my life and what I am thinking. I am now in Turkey… I wil be tweeting ya about Cappadocia! I have some questions…

  13. I do have these thoughts too….some days you really do just want the simple things in life, and not to have to meet new people all the time, which, while amazing – and one of the best things about travelling – is actually quite exhausting. And as one commenter said, after a few months rest, you may well feel the call of the backpack once more….
    Backpacking India recently posted..Bangkok, Thailand: Happily Stranded

    • EXACTLY BpIndia… that is so true!!! I was out of a hostel for a while now and just got back in one and now & yes it’s all about meeting new people and telling your life story in like 1 minute…lol!!! Also true that after being home for a bit I will want to be on the road again… ahhh why can’t we just have it all???

  14. Congrats man! It’s been a fun ride, and glad it’s not over quite yet. Yeah, I mean, who could actually travel, like FOREVER? Having a home base is a great way to put it and even though I haven’t even left on my trip yet (6 weeks!) , I am already thinking along the same lines as you as far as the future. I decided last year that I want to dedicate my life to travel for the foreseeable future, and I’m not sure what that means destination wise or for how long the trips will last, but I do know it means that even at home I will always be planning an adventure just like I’ve been the last 12 months and reading great blogs like yours. Maybe I’ll get to entertain you while you are at home in 2012!
    Scott recently posted..My Dia De Los Meurtos in Mexico

    • Thanks Scott… yes I understand cus I too want to dedicate my life to travel for the foreseeable future and think that means for me break at home in between big RTW trips… that would be the most feasible way for me to do it. I guess in the ends its up to everyone to live the life they want to and how they want too!!!

      Ahhh & 6 weeks will FLY… can’t wait to see how it goes on the road for ya~

  15. I know I can’t travel forever. I love having a home and more than 6 shirts. I’d much rather travel for a few days or even a few months at a time, and with Andy. I’m glad you’re figuring out what you want for your life. Keep up the blog, we love it!
    Ali recently posted..4,000 Islands and I Only Needed One

    • Oh Ali… don’t ger me started on the clothes… ja I am traveling light and still only have 6 shirts and ugh Im starting to hate them and now its winter and I hate winter…lol!!! As for you and Andy you are lucky you foind someone who also loves to travel… yall are a match made in heaven… so a home base will be perfect for the both of you!!! Ahh we live and we learn!!!

  16. I came home from Oz ready to hit the road again in a year. Now I’m settled back at home and happy as a clam. I envision a future of basing myself in Virginia but doing slow travel 3-6 months a year…but the travel bug needs to return for that to happen. That, and I need to find more remote sources of income.

    I love that you’ve learned (at least for today) that this isn’t your forever. Enjoy every wonderful moment — I have no doubt you will! Perhaps more than any other traveler I know, you seem to have this immense joy from it all and it shines through in your words on your blog, on FB, and on Twitter.

    Once again, happy 2012, m’dear!
    Heather recently posted..Merry Christmas from Home

    • Thank Heather… that true who knows how I will feel once I am back home… maybe I will be happy with just being home or will want to travel more who knows! I’m so glad you are happy…

      And yes… I’m so happy that at least for TODAY I know this isn’t my FOREVER, but who know this could change tomorrow or a month from now. Thanks again for the nice words. Ahh I so hope our paths cross one day!

  17. Jaime –

    It’s my first time to your blog and the title of this post really interested in my. I love it when people cover the ‘other’ side of travel – the longing for home, friends, family, etc. that is so pervasive while on the road. New destinations can always bring excitement, but sometimes what we want most are some of the familiar comforts back at home. It sounds like you still have plenty of adventure ahead of you though, so carry on and make the most of it!


    • Thank you very much for the comment John. I agree with everything you said, because it is true… sometimes on the road we just want familiar things and comfort and well on the road sometimes that is hard to find. I will however though continue on the road I am on and make the most of it.

  18. “TRAVEL will MAKE YOU FIND YOURSELF more than anything else in life.”

    This is sooooooooooooooooooo true. And realistically, this is why I travel. It is an incredible opportunity for personal growth unmatched by anything else in this world. And it’s probably the best hope we have for peace in this world, for the more different ideas are shared around the world by travelers and locals, the more we begin to understand each other.
    Aaron @ Aaron’s Worldwide Adventures recently posted..Exploring Brooklyn from the Fairfield Inn

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks Aaron… it is true and you don’t realize that until you are on the road and discover it for yourself. I also love what you mention about being the best hope for peace in the world. I never thought of that and wow that is very true. The more you travel the more you realize we are all the same… like seriously the SAME!!! Understanding each other is key for peace.

  19. I don’t know how I ended up stumbling on your site here, but thank goodness I did – you’re awesome! Looking forward to sitting down and getting caught up on your breakaway.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Hi Elle & welcome to my blog… glad you are enjoying and hope you continue reading it. Leave a comment on any post if you have a question or you can always contact me if you need anything.

  20. Oh my! seriously…i cant stop reading your blog! is bloody fantastic!! you could basically be the male version of me (younger tough lol)….everything i read so far express my exact feelings…!
    Fom the pre-trip preparation (and im right there right now!! so many things to take care off!!) to your thoughts about how this trip changed your life….
    And you probably going to think “but she’s hasnt left yet!” 🙂
    well actually i prepared for this trip my entire life i guess! Being italian, i left my family to study university in a city on the other side of the country, then i left everything behind after 8 amazing years to start over again in rome (i decided AND moved in 3 days! totally crazy), and after 3 fantastic years in rome i did the same another time….left my job, my car, my house, my friend, to be an au pair in UK and learn english (at the age of 30!). I told myself “just for 1 year” to learn the language and i’ll be back…well, 5 years passed by and im still here, but ready to go again! So i really can relate with these feeling of “finding yourself” while travelling….i think your life wouldnt be completed if you didnt travel.
    Travelling is such an amazing experience, tough sometimes but worth every moment of it!!
    I wish u the best of Luck and i will be surely following u and continue reading your amazing stories….they make me dream and inspire me! Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    globetrotter girl recently posted..Sardinia beaches

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thank you so much for the kinds words… I mean it, wow!!! I love that you have done so much travel in your life but never really a RTW trip so even though like you said you have done it this will be so different and new. As we both know travel is a great experience and sometimes hard but something so rewarding it doesn’t compare to anything else. Thanks for reading & hope you continue & once again if you need anything let me know!

  21. ps….sorry for the typos…im in bed with fever and this doesnt help :))
    globetrotter girl recently posted..Sardinia beaches

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