4 for 4 – 4 cities 4 naughty encounters!

Oh lord I don’t even know where to start, but I got to be honest. I have been very bad recently and I have no clue how it’s happening… Okay I lie I do know how some happened, but others I have no clue. Just thinking about what I am about to write is cracking me up. The title of the post is 4 for 4 because well the last 4 cities I have been at (Marrakech, Seville, Madrid & Barcelona) naughty encounters have happened. No it’s not sex I haven’t had sex since well I was a bad boy in Berlin. I wasn’t going to write about these encounters, but some times I get asked if anything naughty has happened. So I thought why not write about them now that I have a collection of short stories.

Scene of the crime... my dorm room in Marrakech.

In a dorm room in Marrakech.

There I was in the hostel upstairs at a table outside of the dorm rooms. I was online and then some man comes up to me and starts talking. You know the usual questions. I didn’t think anything of it I did think, “oh he’s not bad looking”, and continued talking. Then he starts talking about the shorts I was wearing. He asked why do “Americans” use shorts to sleep with instead of pajamas? I said, “I don’t know about everyone else, but I use shorts as PJs” He then asked what material they were made of? I thought okay this is strange and then he starts touching the shorts. Then he starts touching my crotch area. The whole time I am thinking “WTF?” and then caressing it… that’s when I knew okay this man is gay. I got an erection and he looked surprised and said, “oh what’s this?” I said “really???” Lucky for us it was late and all the people in his dorm were asleep and my dorm was empty. So we went to the dorm room and well one thing led to another and well you can imagine. This is the 1st time I have ever messed around with someone in a dorm. I kinda liked the rush of maybe getting caught…lol!!! The next morning we chatted as if nothing had happened… he wanted to mess around again, but I didn’t want too. I got what I needed and wasn’t interested in more.

The streets of Sevilla from above.

In the streets of Seville.

After being at the club for a few hours I was about to give up. Then there he was a very cute guy that actually looked at me. We made eye contact and moments later he came up to me and we started chatting. He then asked if I wanted to go outside to talk with out having to scream and get some fresh air. I accepted and then while we were there he asked if I wanted to walk around. So we wandered around the streets of Seville and I realized it is one of the most lit up cities I have ever visited. I felt safe wandering around with him… we chatted about many things and then we stumbled upon a little nook that was empty and away from the main street. We just started making out passionately and well one thing led to another and well you can imagine. I still can’t believe that this happened in the streets… I mean really I have no clue what I was thinking because if a police had caught us… oh lord I don’t even want to imagine.

The entrance of SAUNA MEN during the day.

In a gay sauna in Madrid.

I had been wondering around Chueca (Madrid’s gay neighborhood) for hours looking for a decent club/bar to have a drink at. It was pointless for some reason I couldn’t find one that was my type. I had entered EAGLE a gay bar, but it was so not my type. It was a leather fetish bar and I couldn’t believe the things that were happening in there. So I was about to call it a night when on my way back to the hostel I saw SAUNA MEN with a sign that said 5euro entrance. I thought, “okay I know what happens in SAUNAS, but I have never in my life been to one. It’s only 5euros so why not?” I made my way to the door and walked in, I couldn’t believe that I was actually doing this. I handed him 5euros he handed me some sandals, a towel and keys for a locker. I walk down stairs to the locker room, get undressed wrap the towel around me and lock everything up. I then walk out of the locker room into the main area. I was in shock… I still couldn’t believe I was doing this. As I walk in to the right are 5 showers with nothing covering them and some men taking a shower together. Then I walk past that and there is a steam room that is pitch dark and I can’t see anything, but hear so much going on in there. Then the next steam room is actually lit up and empty so I chill there for a while still not believing I was in a fucking SAUNA. I then walk out and go upstairs I see that there is a bar to the right then a little waiting room type thing with porn playing and then further down 6 rooms with doors and then in the very back a huge room that’s pitch dark. The entire time I was there, I kept thinking, “this is insane we are all just walking around starring at each other hoping to find a cute guy. We are all a HOT MESS.” After about 2 hours passed and I had not done anything with anyone I thought okay I am calling it a night, but before I do I will go to the big dark room and see what happens. Well I went to the dark room and well I am sure you can imagine what happened. When I was done in there, I took a shower and then walked to the locker room got my stuff changed and left. It was already about 6am… I was exhausted and couldn’t stop giggling in disbelief. I had always wanted to go to a gay sauna, but never in my life thought I would actually go to one. Well I now have and have no clue if I will ever go to one again.

Inside of a club in Barcelona.

In a dark room at a club in Barcelona.

It was Saturday night and I was having a blast with my girls from Morocco at a small gay bar. Then it was about 3am and they were ready to call it a night and I wasn’t quite ready yet so one of their friends said he would walk me to a gay club I must visit. He walked me to it and when I went in alone of course I thought oh lord this is just like any other gay club I have ever been too. I don’t know why I go to gay clubs, once I am there I am reminded that they are all the same. Okay well I guess the gay clubs in Europe are a bit different because just about all of them have dark rooms. Well this one was no exception it too had a dark room. I wondered in it once and then walked out. I danced a bit and looked around, but no one caught my eye and it was already getting late. I was ready to call it a night, but once again before walking out I made one last walk around the dark room… and well then yeah some guy came up to me and well one thing led to another and well I am sure you can imagine what happened.


Ahhh so yeah there you have it… my latest crazy adventures. I have no clue why I write about them… Okay I lie again I do know, because it’s stuff that is happening while I am on the road and know that this stuff happens with just about all backpackers, but haven’t come across another blog who actually writes about them. Well any who I hope you enjoyed the stories… so tell me have you ever messed around with anyone in a dorm room at a hostel? Have you ever messed around with someone in the streets of a city? Have you visited a GAY SAUNA before? Umm do straight people have SAUNAS like that (I seriously have no clue)? Have you ever been to a dark room at a club? OMG all these questions… I’m horrible, I can’t believe some of the stuff I do. Oh well I am enjoying life and living it up. Now I am in IBIZA and we’ll see if I can make it 5 for 5…lol!!! Ahh okay maybe there I will find my prince charming… hey I can dream.

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  1. Somehow, I don’t think that was the first time the “Dorm Room Man” used that line.
    adventureswithben recently posted..Travel ebooks are Now Available in the Online Store!

  2. “well you can imagine” <— love that you repeated this line about a million times! It's nice to see that you're having fun! Also, I think you're right about sharing these stories because no one else talks about them – at least so publicly. Good on you for doing that! Way to keep it interesting!
    Adam recently posted..Bon Iver live music gig in Berlin

    • Reading your comment made me laugh… yes I used that line 4 times, because for some reason I can not put in writing what actually happened. So yeah I just let yall do the dirty work and imagine it…lol. Yeah I wish I could find another blog that actually writes about everything they do including well the naughty things, but I haven’t yet. I don’t see anything wrong with it I mean WE ALL KNOW it happens when you are backpacking.

  3. I have never been to any gay bars but I’m just curious how it looks like inside. If ever I will go there, it is just for experience but will never try to mess up with strangers. When I travel, I also never mess up with anyone. I’m not that conservative but I’m just taking care of myself. Well I can imagine it… Nice story. 🙂
    Shiela Acenas recently posted..Resorts World Manila

    • Shiela you should get a friend and go… they are so much fun!!! You have to go at least once…but yeah I wouldn’t go into the dark room if there is one…lol!!! Yeah it’s tricky when on the road and messing around with other people. I always make sure we are safe. I don’t wanna go home with anything I don’t want.

  4. I love how easy it is for you guys! Imagine a bunch of lesbians in a sauna… erm, no, not gonna happen. When I was in my 20s (I realize that makes me sound so old!) and single, and heard the stories about the saunas from my gay friends who visited them frequently, I always wondered why there’s nothing like that for the ladies! 😉 I was actually thinking about opening a lesbian sauna back then, seeing it as a market gap that needed to be filled and a great business opportunity, but after mentioning it to some other lesbians they didn’t seem all too excited about going to a sauna to do… whatever 😉 So I dropped the idea in the end.

    You are in Ibiza right now (so jealous) – which is the only place where I ever got the chance to glimpse into a dark room! My friend and I were the only two girls in the club, only allowed in there because we came with a gay friend. That room sure was B U S Y and again – no idea why girls are not into that 😀

    Hope Ibiza holds naughty encounter #5 for you!! XO
    Dani | Globetrottergirls recently posted..Polaroid of the week: Long-tail boats on Phi Phi Island, Thailand

    • Dani, jaja saying “when I was in my 20s” makes anone sound old. I have always wondered why the lesbian world is so different from the gay world. I mean really… it’s just so different. Opening a lesbian sauna actually sounds a good plan, but yeah I doubt many of them would actually wanna go. I wonder why… I think it’s easier for two girls to be naughty… okay I lie it’s not it may be easier for guys to just whip it out get it sucked and move on. Is there saunas like that for women in Europe? I mean Europe is has a crazy damn gay scene.

      Yes I am in Ibiza right now… and am now wondering which club has a dark room…lol!!! Well its Friday and it has not stopped raining… at all!!! I do hope #5 happens here and if not… oh well.

  5. LOLLLLLLLLL You are my hero. love love love.
    Sheryll recently posted..19 Days.

  6. “I got what I needed and wasn’t interested in more.” You are hilarious. Your blog is like a trashy novel with Fabio on the cover, except on your version Fabio is making out with another guy in a dimly lit room. I’m glad you’re having fun though 🙂
    Ali recently posted..The Slow Boat to Lombok and the Senggigi Shack

    • Ali, I used to look at the cover of those trashy novels as a kid… I loved FABIO’s body… I wish I had it…lol!!! Oh & yes at the end of the day I’m like most men get what I want and am done…lol!

  7. No sorry, I can’t imagine what happened – do describe 🙂
    Jaime, I love you – you’re so living the life!!
    jill recently posted..Mexico City – All the Fun You Can Have in 10 Hours

  8. Jaime, Jaime, Jaime. First time in a hostel? What about the gay hostel in Berlin? Didn’t something happen there too?

    Glad you went to the Eagle. I was very tempted but at the time they were having a strict dress code. And since leather and such is a bit heavy(not too mention odd to carry around backpacking) I left that stuff at home. I can just imagine what goes on in there though.

    Spain is certainly treating you nicely in much the same way it treated me nicely. I think those Spanish boys just love tourists. We are a hot commodity. At least the two of us are. I’m finding it incredibly difficult to meet gay men here in Asia. There’s really just the extremes. You got either the twinks or the muscle jocks. Don’t like either.

    I’m not picky. I just know what I like.

    Though I am curious as to whether there’s any sort of pattern to all these guys you randomly encounter or do you just grab whichever one comes within striking distance? 😛
    Corey W. recently posted..War and Religion in Western Vietnam

    • OMG I had forgot all about that… jajaja okay so this was the 1st time it happened in a NON-GAY hostel… wow I really did forget about that. Damn thanks for catching that mistake…lol! Oh I will have to message you what they were doing in Eagle… I had never in my life seen that… EVER and I have seen many things.

      Yes I admit Spain is treating me nicely just wish it would treat me to a prince charming….lol!!! Sorry to here about Asia, that sucks… I’ll be there soon and don’t want that problem…lol. Well you know I love muscle jocks so I guess I wont, but who knows cus I know I am picky. As for the pattern um as you can see the 1st one was very random, then the 2nd one was actually someone I chatted with for a bit before anything happend and well the last two were in dark rooms and well I don’t wanna say much else.

  9. Hahahahhaah Jaime, I love you.
    Lynda recently posted..28 Days & Counting…

  10. Jaime, please do not stop sharing about your steamy encounters. Imagining about these scenarios makes me giggle hihi. Dorm, Street, Gay Sauna and Club. Can’t wait for the next one haha 😛
    Micamyx|Senyorita recently posted..Ilocos Norte Tourism Campaign Videos featuring Ramon Bautista

    • Mica, as long as they keep happening I wont… I hope one day I can write about falling in love again…lol!!! Until then Ill let the scandals happen. ;)~

  11. Gay guys have the best naughty stories. Nice work bro.

  12. so I’m catching up on your blogs and enjoyed these stories 🙂
    I’m so glad you are open – we are all human and can relate and connect with you or what you are feeling even though we have different backgrounds and experiences. Um ok so my feedback is yeah, I could have used more detail. My imagination must not be as good as the other pervs reading your stuff LOL j/k I’m the perv. You are a great honest writer and I don’t see you as Jaime when I read – I start picturing the scenery and escape for a few minutes myself.. its great stuff. Take care of yourself and continue having fun xox

    • Jaime Davila says:

      I can’t believe you are reading this Alma. I for some reason try to believe adults I know at home don’t read these…lol. That is why I am so honest on my blog though about everything… we are HUMAN and seriously can almost always relate to crazy stroies like this. I know most people don’t share their crazy stories and that is okay, but love reading others…lol! I am saving all the detail for the book deal… ja jk I wish. Thanks for the kind words about me being a “great honest writer” I am glad I can make you not see me as jaime and picture it all. Miss ya!

  13. Your blog has made my day! Finally someone who tells it like it is. I have read HUNDREDS of travel/backpacker blogs, I am leaving in 2 weeks for Central America and Im a straight 40 year old white female, but I love real talk… refresing. Looking forward to devouring the rest of your blog. PS this is the first time i have EVER commented on a blog..yours rocks

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks K so much… i try to be as honest as I can… about EVERYTHING!!! Have fun in Central America… spent 3 months there at the start of my trip and loved it. Let me know if you need anything. Oh & thanks for popping your comment cherry with me!!!

  14. I’m so in love with your blog. Can’t stop reading it since I stumb your blog in google engine. I read so many travel blogs to prepare myself for my RTW trip, hopefully it be very soon 🙂 BUT Jaime, u are the “greatest”!!!!!!!
    p/s: this is my very first time leave comment in someone blog but I just so in love with u. Looking forward to read more abt your adventures in SEA- I’m frm Penang ( Malaysia)
    I really hope,u will have “great time ” in SEA as in Europe
    All the best, Jamie

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thank you very much JUNE. I am glad you enjoy the blog… and am glad I received your 1st comment. I’m happy to hear you are doing a RTW trip soon. Be sure to email me if you have an questions or random thoughts about it. I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

      • I just finished reading your “travel thoughts” and i just knew, u going back to Egypt for another 3 mths. I have a mix feeling for u….feeling so happy for u because u found your love here but sad in the same time because u haven’t continue your journey to SEA yet . I think u sld give SEA a chance to know u and I believe u will love this place as well but I respect your choice as long u happy, I am more than happy for u…..enjoy your 3mths honeymoon 🙂
        p/s: actually, I really looking forward, wht u think abt SEA

        • Jaime Davila says:

          Thanks June for reading the blog & yup I’m back in Egypt for 3 more months. I love it. About SEA I will make there for sure before going home. May be 3 months from now or a year from now not sure yet, but I will make it. Thanks for being happy for me.

  15. Willow Martin says:

    No, we don’t have saunas like that and it’s not fair! We also don’t have bars like that and it’s definitely not fair! Just so you know, I’m a little drunk and there is no club and no bar for me to go to. It might help to know I’m also in South Carolina, the Bible Belt, so that explains a lot. I’m glad you’re having various experiences cause I assumed people who traveled the world just didn’t have sex. Which is understandable since no other heterosexual bloggers, even couples, speak about it. I won’t be able to take off until next year but I assumed I was destined to a year or years being asexual. Thanks again for keeping it real. Some of us need to hear the truth.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Ah damn Willow, that sucks that you don’t have saunas or bars like this where you live. Though since you mention SC I can only imagine how conservative it is there. I live in a conservative state too (TEXAS), but am glad I live in Houston… huge city. We may not have dark rooms but if I needed it I could visit the sauna we have their for this type of adventure…lol. Oh & yes I hate that many bloggers don’t write about SEX, because ummm backpackers all around the world are hooking up left & right. Glad I’m sharing my adventures and am happy you now know people who travel do have sex…lol.

  16. Wow thank god for someone who actually writes about these things. I’ve had two great short-term sexcapades while traveling internationally, in two completely different cultures and languages. They only lasted a few days, but were filled with strong emotional connection and great sex. The difference between men and women… women are more prone to fall into short-term “affairs” (meaning they last a few days, like a mini-relationship) whereas guys (especially gay) are more likely to have quick flings or one night stands?

    I think the best part about traveling solo is that it gives you a chance to really just get out there in every way, including sexually, and not have to worry so much about long-term repercussions. As long as you act consensually and take care of yourself health-wise, it’s alllll good.

    (I realize I’m commenting on your blog post two years after the fact. I’m reading the whole blog though, enjoying 🙂

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Jajaja thank you so much DITD for the awesome comment. I seriously love every thing you just commented, because it’s all true. Oh & don’t worry about commenting on a post that is 2 years old… i get so excited and I still reply to every single comment I get. Hope you enjoy the rest of my blog.

  17. Ha ha ha, it seems like Spain is winning! 🙂
    Marysia @ My Travel Affairs recently posted..Friday Lens Affair #27

  18. Once again I am dying laughing!
    Hannah @ Getting Stamped recently posted..Month 7 Recap of our RTW

  19. Everytime I wear my pink loafer, someone is going to follow me and would frankly ask if I need some fun. And well, who doesn’t? LOL…

  20. Interesting “Scandales” had now become “Naughty”. Strangest place for me was on a rooftop in Los Angeles. Ah, to be that young again.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      OMG Art a rooftop… I have not done that yet. I must get that on that jajaja. That’s a good one.

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