Bad boy in Berlin.

So I don’t even know where to start… my time in Berlin was pretty crazy. I had an amazing time in Hamburg partying and camping with some of my readers, but sadly all good times come to an end. I made my way to Berlin and… okay I wont lie… I was sad to leave Hamburg, but was excited to get to Berlin since I had booked 4 nights at a gay hostel. I had no clue all gay hostels existed at all. So of course I knew I had to book my stay there, and check it out. I was excited to get to Berlin and explore it. Berlin as the world knows is a city filled with so much history unfortunately though I did not realize what a party city Berlin was and did not do much of exploring, as I wanted.


It all started the 1st night a few of us at the hostel were chatting about where to go or what to do and one of them mentioned about the bar down the street TOM’S being good and also having a dark room underneath it. I had heard about dark rooms, but had never been to one because as scandalous as I have been it just isn’t my thing. If you are wondering what a dark room is it is a room that is dark with just a little bit of light where anything goes. Well in the end we all went out and ended up at TOM’S. Once we were there one of the guys really wanted to go to the dark room and wanted me to come with him. I seriously did not want to go, but thought okay WTH why not? So I went down there and wow it was crazy; men everywhere some kept grabbing me, but I brushed them off. I could also hear so much going on and just thought “my God this is too crazy” so I went back upstairs. While I was upstairs though I was kind of curious to go back downstairs and explore some more.

Gay Hostel - Living Room in Berlin, Germany

My interest was peaked, however this time as I was walking around the bar me and some other guy made eye contact. I thought “wow he is kind of cute” and smiled and then I walked back down stairs. What I didn’t know was that he was watching me and followed me downstairs. Downstairs I felt someone touch me and look at me I could make his silhouette out from the little light that was down there and knew it was the guy from upstairs. He pushed me against the wall and we started making out. I got so excited and turned on and could feel he was feeling the same. We continued making out and then he slowly reached down and unzipped my pants and I did the same to him. One thing led to another and I couldn’t believe what was going on in the room we did not have sex, but did do other things that I am sure you can imagine. I kept thinking, “Jaime what if this is not the guy from upstairs and just some stranger? OMG Jaime what are you doing?“ Before I knew it we both had climaxed and were just standing there looking at each other. He then asked me where I was from I said “Texas”. I asked him where he was from he said “Spain”. Those were the only words we said to each other and then I just zipped up went upstairs straight to the restroom to clean up.

Moments later upstairs at the bar I was talking to one of the guys from the hostel and the person who I thought was Spain was sitting at the other end. We kept smiling at each other and I kept thinking man I really hope it was him who was down stairs with me. I thought I need to know so I am going up to him. I told my friend I would be right back. I went up the guy and said “Spain?” He said “Texas?” and we both laughed and both looked relieved. We ended up chatting at the bar for a few hours. Turned out he was a very nice guy who lives in Spain, but was in Berlin on vacation. He asked what I was doing and told him about my adventure, but not my blog. He let me know that if I was in Spain and wanted to visit his town that I should let him know and I would have a place to stay. In the end we went back down to the dark room one last time had our fun and then called it a night. Before we said good-bye he asked for my email address and I gave him my personal one because hello if I gave him my blog one I am sure he would figure it out. I walked outside and couldn’t believe the sun was out already.

Brandenburg Gate

The next day I woke up late and made my self get out of bed and walk around Berlin. I visited all the main sites or at least most of them. The many memorials that are all over Berlin, Brandenburg gate, and the Berlin Wall. I then went home took a nap and made plans to meet up with Adam from Travels of Adam. We both just wanted to have a relaxed night so at midnight met up at a Metro station and as we both got there we saw that a DJ was playing music and people were dancing everywhere. It’s like they had transformed the Metro station into a club. You can check out video and more on that on this post by Adam. It was pretty awesome, I had never seen anything like that. Adam & I ended up having cheap drinks near by and then coming to the station and party some more there with some cheap drinks. Before we knew it it was 4am and we were both tired so we called it a night. On my way home I passed by TOM’S and thought, “ahhh WTH let me go in”. I went in made my way to the dark room and well yeah I was a bad boy again. I won’t go into detail, because it is just too much and even I can’t believe it. I ended up coming outside and yet again the fucking sun was up.

Friends in Berlin!

I had made plans to meet up with Adam the next day at 1pm so I again made my self get out of bed. We weren’t sure what we were going to do, but we had learned that morning that the Berlin Fuck Parade was going on and well thought we should attend that. We spent they day walking around Berlin exploring other sides to it and also trying to figure where and when this parade would start. We finally figured it out and caught the last portion of it and followed it around with a few friends. I was exhausted from the nights before and having little sleep so at 2am I called it a night as they continued to party. This time though on my way I did not stop by TOM’S I was really exhausted and just wanted to get some sleep. I got to my hostel was glad it was empty. I got online for a bit and then 2 guys walked in that were staying at the hostel. One of them was wasted and past out as soon as he came in, but the other wasn’t. He sat down in the living room with me and we started chatting. He was very damn cute and was from Slovakia I was intrigued. We chatted away and then out of no where he reaches over and starts touching my calf muscle and says I have very nice legs. I can’t help it and get an erection and he asks “whats that?” I look at him like whatever and then he grabs it and well I wont go into detail again… one thing leads to another and yeah at the hostel in the living room pictured above all hell breaks loose and I end up having a very good time.

Sunday roles around and I promise my self after a crazy Thursday, Friday & Saturday I am not going to do ANYTHING crazy. Instead I make plans to meet up with yet another one of my readers Cheryl on her side of town and enjoy a mellow Sunday out in Berlin. After a few hours out I go back to the hostel and don’t leave my bed. I enjoy the rest of my time there being lazy and before I knew it was time to check out and make my way to Prague.

Looking back at my 4 nights in Berlin I must admit I was a very bad boy, but enjoyed myself a lot. What happened here is what I expected to happen in Amsterdam during Pride, but it didn’t, but am glad Berlin made up for it. I am going to enjoy myself as much as I can now while I am in Europe, because I know once I am in the Middle East, that will all be changing and even I am interested in seeing how I am going to handle that on the road.

Now I need y’alls help though… Umm so the 1st guy I met and I ended up giving my email too actually emailed me. Ummm who the fuck really contacts someone after messing around…lol??? I know I would never unless well he was super hot. So yes he emailed me inviting me to his home and offering me a place to stay. The thing is as I make my way down to Morocco I will be passing this town up, but don’t know if I should take him up on the offer? I don’t think I am… it would just be awkward and I know he would want something out of it. So yeah I don’t think I am taking him up on the offer, but what would you do? I am sorry this post is long, just tried to sum up 4 nights in Berlin in one post since I am so behind on my blog. Also I know I didn’t go into much detail on the other ones because well I am sure y’all can imagine what happened and don’t think I need to write it all out. Ahhh I still cant believe I write about this on my blog, but oh well it stuff that is happening during my trip around the world and I know I said I wouldn’t lie or keep things off my blog.

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  1. I admire your ability to be so open on your blog. Once I started having people from high school, as well as my grandparents, ask me questions about things I’ve posted on my blog, I became a bit self conscious about it, but I write how I talk, so it’s just another extension of me. Hope Prague is as fun as Berlin!
    Caroline in the City recently posted..15 Real World Lessons I Wish I’d Learned Sooner

    • Thanks Caroline, I try to be as open as possible. I know alot of my friends read it along with some of my family, but know for sure my parents don’t. If they did I know I would be in a lot of trouble…lol!!! I write how I talk as well. I know … does not end a sentence and I know that run on sentences are horrible… but umm yeah that’s how I talk.

  2. LMFAO OMG!!! Jaimito!

    I’m glad you’re having fun… too much fun it seems like. I got your post card, thanks a lot! My sister tried to read it and I snatched it from her hahahah!

    Take care Jaime, be safe!

    • Lol I know Jorge… Im having way to much fun…lol!!! I am glad you got your postcard… damn that was fast! Yeah don’t let anyone read it jaja… jk nothing bad on them!!!

  3. Ha ha! I was just waiting for this post. Glad you had such a fun time, if a little naughty in Berlin! 🙂
    Cheryl Howard recently posted..Expat Living: Susan Nowak in Lüneburg, Germany.

  4. You are crazy… I LOVE IT!!
    Michael recently posted..SEO 101 for Travel Bloggers Webinar Video Available

  5. That’s my boy. So proud of you for finally getting into the backroom. Now I don’t feel nearly as dirty admitting that I’ve done it twice myself.

    Though I do have one question: ” I kept thinking, “Jaime what if this is not the guy from upstairs and just some stranger? OMG Jaime what are you doing?“ Before I knew it we both had climaxed and were just standing there looking at each other.” It’s about the “just some stranger” part. Didn’t you only make eye contact with the guy upstairs without saying a word? Your concept of a stranger is very very loose. I couldn’t help but laugh thinking that through.

    You are a bad bad boy. Just be glad you didn’t say that aloud in that backroom or else you’d’ve had someone come up to you saying “Guess you need to be punished.” You’re going to need one of **those** back room stories soon if you keep topping yourself this way.

    *snicker* Topping yourself.

    I crack myself up.

    Ps. You’re adorable.
    Corey W. recently posted..Pretty Bridges and Creepy Churches

  6. The scandal! The outrage…I LOVE every minute of it! that’s the way to see Berlin 😉
    Joseph recently posted..The Italian adventure – past 2

  7. Jaime, I love you hahahaha. I was reading this while jumping back and forth between the crazy KC tweets hahaha. Oh I’d love to party with you one day!
    Lynda recently posted..Do You Really Want My Life?

    • Awww thanks for loving me…lol!!! Oh right now I am so mad at KC… WTH the net have to go out… I mean come on. Oh & yes we should def party together one day… that would be fucking awesome.

  8. Sooooo bad but I can’t help reading it. I felt bad going to a LGBT club with friends in Buenos Aires just because it was converted from a church jaja…I say listen to your mind when it comes to this dude you met at the bar! Like you said, just having fun!
    Allison recently posted..What makes a happy camper?

    • Oh I so wanna go to that gay club…lol!!! Yeah I think you are right Allison, I should just follow my mind. I will think about it a bit more and go from there.

  9. Let me know if you hit Argentina and I can talk to my friend and see if they’d be willing to show you around. B.A. has plenty of gay clubs – but I think they lack the dark rooms.
    Allison recently posted..What makes a happy camper?

    • LMFAO… yeah Im sure alot of place lack the dar rooms… I know Houston doesn’t have those… at least not that I know of. I wont be hitting Argentina on this trip, but I know one day I will for sure.

  10. SCANDALOSOOOOOO!!! I love it. I love you. I just love everything about this. GET IT!!!!! *does a hair flip in your honor*
    Sheryll recently posted..London’s Top Pubs

  11. I loved the whole “what if he’s a stranger” internal monologue… because that guy you made eye contact with was, umm, an old family friend or something?
    As for whether or not you should stay with him, I say don’t do it if it makes you uncomfortable or if you think you’ll be expected to do more than you’re willing to do with this guy. Plus, you don’t want this guy crimping your scandal schedule in Spain!
    Sally recently posted..By Any Other Name: Why I Call Myself A Writer

    • I know now that I think about it Sally, he was a complete stranger too, but guess at the time I wasn’t thinking that since I had made eye contact with him. I’m a mess. And thanks for the advice, I like what you had to say. I think I will just reply to be nice (even though now it’s been a few days) and go from there. I doubt I will visit him, because I just don’t think it would right. It would have been different if he was like super hot or something….lol jk. Plus of course I need to continue my scandals in Spain…lol!!!

  12. This is great, you are so honest in your posts, lol! I asked my boyfriend and he said that you already got what you wanted from the guy so what’s the point in seeing him again? Ha! You keep your player status tight. Unless you need a little something something extra from him, but I am sure you’re gonna meet some other super hot dudes and why get tied up with just one?
    Mica recently posted..On Location: Photo of the week- Jasri Beach

    • Mica… I try my best to be honest all the time. I fucking love that you asked your boyfriend about my situation. & I love that he knows exactly about the situation… he is right I did get what I want and I guess that should be that. I will try and keep my player status tight as I travel…lol! I shouldn’t YET get tied down. I will meet other hot dues… or so I hope down the road!!!

    • “Why get tied up with just one?”

      Well, if the ropes are comfortable . . . .

  13. So, the dark room is pretty much the equivalent of the “Spring Break Foam Party”? lol.
    Scott recently posted..Meant To Go To Mexico

  14. I’m with Mica. Don’t email him. You have better options coming across your plate soon. <3
    Erica recently posted..How To: Break Into a Utilian House Like a Pro

  15. the honesty in your posts inspires me so much! to travel and to live and to go big! and that’s why i read travel blogs isn’t it?! (not for the sex i swear) thank you so much for constantly reminding me and inspiring me to keep my travel goals fresh.

    • Thanks Karen for reading my blog. I am glad I am able to inspire you… thank you so much for commenting. I dont get much comments from my silent readers. You can always contact me with any questions you have I will be more than happy to help ya! I know people DO NOT come to my blog for the sex… I know… its okay…lol!!! Keep dreaming cus its not a bad thing but MAKE THEM HAPPEN… you can do it!!!

  16. oh man… you really have to update your counter… hahaha… no other travel blog comes close to your adventures LOLOLOLOL … glad you had tons of fun meeting new people too… go and take the offer and stay with him in Spain… must be nice to be toured around by a local 🙂

  17. YES!! Finally some more XXX! ,)

    I’d email him back! Doesn’t mean you have to stay with him, but responding to an email doesn’t do you any harm, does it? Even though you wouldn’t have chosen to email him in the first place, there may just be a different darkroom-acquaintance-etiquette in Spain! =)

    • Ughhhh why did you tell me that… Carolin. I have yet to email him, but maybe I should. Ugh I don’t know… maybe I won’t. I love that you mentioned “darkroom-acquaintance-etiquette”… I have no clue if there is any.

  18. Duhh, you answer and go to Spain! 😛

    You have been a very naughty boy, but at least you had fun! I’d never heard of dark rooms (but then again I’ve never partied in Europe!)

    If you ever make it back to the States I’m pretty sure there are all gay hostels in New York City, but I haven’t seen them anywhere else.

    Keep up the fantastic writing and see you in two years in Australia! 😛

    • Jajaja Nicole… wish it was that easy…lol!!! Yeah I have been naughty but had a blast… Yeah i think in NYC they may have dark rooms. As for gay hostels. I am not sure where else they have them, but if I find another one will def stay thre again.

      And yes hoepfully I make it to Australia in two years… that would be amazing!

  19. QueenBrain12 says:

    Finally we get something juicy. The damn chicken bus story was epic but there was a dry spell going on here. As far as Mr. Spain, why wouldn’t you email him. Obviously he liked you enough that he took the time to email you. Do you think you would just be his booty call?! I don’t get it. Why are you so conflicted about this? A free bed somewhere w/someone you know I think would be nice.

    Travel safe and I hope to chat with you soon.

    • God damn it… I miss ya Brain!!! Yeah the chicken bus story was epic and I had a LONG dry spell…lmfao, but that has been taken care of. As for Mr. Spain you will be glad to know I did email him… but he has not replied. I thought the same thing you mentioned at the end a free bed is a free bed.

      We’ll skype soon a real one.

      • QueenBrain12 says:

        By the way, Noe reads your blog but doesn’t comment. lol We talked yesterday about this post, one word…. sucio! lmao


        • Jaime Davila says:

          Uh uh …lmfao tell him he can’t call me out like that unless he comments. HI NOE… thanks for reading my blog. I miss ya primo.

  20. Woohoo! I loved reading that 😉
    Gosh I can’t wait to come visit you on road, eeeee!!!!!

  21. Jaime Craven says:

    You made me blush, and not feel so bad about myself for doing those things….as I never would imagine you would do anything like that! I am glad you tell us the juicy stuff. When I make it to Berlin, I’m sure I will make it to Toms all four nights as well. HAhahahaha! Hugs!

    • LMAO ahhh I miss ya JAIME… Im glad I made you blush and yes you will def have to go to TOMS if you make it to Berlin. You must also check out the many other clubs I was to shy to visit….lol!!!

      Hug back 😉

  22. So was that hostel you stayed at in Berlin literally called “Gay Hostel”?
    Harrison recently posted..Photo Round-Up #1: Sunsets in Central America

  23. the bad boi that you are indeed Jaime haha. I was just hopping around your suggested posts here on the site and I just love it!

  24. Hey Jamie,

    I love Berlin and have been there at least 10 times. I now even have friends there and I come to visit them very often. If you ever decide to come back to Berlin you absolutely must go to Berghain – it’s a huge polysexual party which takes place in a former power station in East Berlin. The party starts Friday night and finishes Monday around midday. I think it’s concidered to be the best (or one of the best for sure) club in the world. In the same building but on the side entrance there’s a gay club called Laboratory. Let’s just say – it’s Toms but 10 times bigger and more popular especially on Fridays as they have 2-4-1 promotion on all drinks.

    By the way, if you are going to London any time soon you can use my website which I just launched called It’s about gay life in London – best bars, clubs, saunas, etc. Or you can get in touch with me and I’ll show you around. 🙂


  25. nice writing dude…. 🙂
    visiting Berlin soon… hope to have some really good time there… 🙂

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