For a minute I was actually going to go home…

I have to be honest with you for a minute I was actually going to go home. I haven’t shared this with anyone and am now saying it out loud. I don’t know what was happening, but I was not happy. I was a bit depressed and just missing home a lot. I didn’t cry this time around like I did in Antwerp as I was trying to readjust to life on the road. This time around I was actually a bit tired of travel it self. I was about to hit the 7 months mark and just felt burnt out. I came to Morocco knowing it was going to be different, but I didn’t know it was going to work my nerves as much as it has.

I managed to spend two days by this pool & did not take any pictures. I had to get this off the internet. Here you have a shot of the 1st class hostel Equity Point.

My time in Chefchouen was nice and relaxing, but I was getting tired of actually doing something every day so did a whole lot of nothing. Then my 3 nights in Fez were jam packed with a lot of sight seeing, but was in a city I hated right of the back.

Now I was in Marrakech. MARRAKECH… one of the imperial cities of Morocco and a city immersed in so much history and culture. Yet I didn’t want to do anything. I opted for a very nice and expensive hostel that had a pool. I loved it and spent two days not doing much and just laying out next to the pool. The entire time though I was not happy my mind was at home. Literally I kept thinking about Houston… I kept thinking about my friends and family. I don’t know what was happening to me…

I wanna buy so many things here in Morocco, but I can't. Well I can, but nahh I dont really need them.

I think the reason I was thinking a lot about home was because one of my best friends birthday was coming up (the one that got married and I went home for) and I really wanted to be there. Also my nephews and sisters birthday were also coming up and I couldn’t stop thinking about them and how I was going to be missing their birthdays as well for the first time in a very long time.

I don’t want to sound like I am complaining, but for a while I was tired of sightseeing. It kind of felt like a chore for me and that is not how I want it to feel. Traveling is something I LOVE and enjoy so much. I have already told y’all that I still get scared all the time, but chug along anyway and continue. This time around I was really just not feeling it. I don’t know if it’s because I was truly burnt out or because I didn’t want to deal with crazy Moroccans at every corner as I wonder around?

The principal Mosque in Marrakech. Koutoubia Mosque sits at the end of the main square. I love this shot... I have no clue how I was able to capture the clouds like that and I also love the color of the mosque as the sun set that day.

I don’t even know how to explain what I was feeling… I mean really some of you must be reading this and thinking WHAT THE FUCK IS HIS PROBLEM… HE IS TRAVELLING THE WORLD & LIVING THE DREAM… WHY IS HE NOT HAPPY? Well to be honest it’s not easy being away from home for so long. I think I am realizing that I do not want to travel forever. I think I want to have a home. I think I want to be in a city I love (I fucking love Houston). I think I want to be a in a city where I have all my friends and can spend nights doing nothing with them or going out. I think I am finding out what I really want in life is a balance between a home and traveling.

At the center of the main square of Marrakech (Jemma el-Fnaa) you will find over 100 food stalls. Here you can see just a few.

To give myself a quick fix on missing home I spent one entire night on Skype. I called some of my friends & family and spent hours catching up and chatting. I did share my longing for home with them, but didn’t mention to them that I was actually thinking about coming home. I just didn’t think it was right for me to complain about what I am doing when I know they would love to be in my shoes. That is what makes it hard to be honest when you are not happy with traveling because it is something SO MANY PEOPLE would love to do and can’t. I know I worked hard to do what I am doing, so I think I have the right to not be happy sometimes. After all this isn’t a vacation its now my life. I know that at any moment I can pack up and leave if I want to, but I don’t think that moment is now.

Met them in Fez & we reunited in Marrakech to do a Sahara Expedition together. Oh I had so much fun with these 3 spanish girls!!! Las extrano cabronas~

After 2 days of doing nothing in Marrakech I met up with my 3 Spanish girls that I met in Fez. We had made plans in Fez to meet up here so we could plan our tour to the Sahara. I knew it was something I needed badly. I needed something so amazing to turn this minor travel burn out around. I spent one of the days with them sightseeing and also finding a good deal for our Sahara tour. We ended up finding a great deal booking the tour and well the rest was history. I have written an open letter to the Sahara that will be posted Tuesday. I don’t want to give anything away so I will leave it at that.

For now though I want you to be honest with me and just talk to me. I mean fuck I don’t even know what to ask y’all and I always ask questions at the end of my post. I just can’t believe that even though I love what I am doing I can still be unhappy (sometimes). I mean seriously HOW THE FUCK IS THAT POSSIBLE? What is wrong with me… I feel like the more I travel the more I have no fucking clue what I want to do with my life. I mean I know at some point this trip is going to end… or maybe it just won’t (I’m searching for a sugar daddy…lol jk I’m really not). Who knows… for now I should just worry about the present!!! Oh & for the record no I did not go home… I’m still traveling. It was the Sahara that fixed me & you’ll find out why on Tuesday.

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  1. Aww jaime.. I want to cry cuz I miss u so much. And iv been needing someone to talk to.
    I do think your crazy!! Lol but I think I would feel like that too! Being away from home so long. You have to come to miss it sometime. Especially if all ur friends and family is here. Your still young kind of lol.. so u don’t have to know what ur doing just yet. And u worked hard to get to where ur at.. so that counts for something. Cuz not many ppl can do what ur doing!!! Keep your head up. And just know that I’m always here for you!! And most of all very proud of you!!! I love you!

    P.s I am looking for a sugar daddy!
    Lol jk

    • Annaiz reading your comment makes me want to cry… I love you and miss you so much too. You know you can always msg me and I will reply also we can set up a skype date to chat. I will call you today for sure.

      Thanks for not thinking I am crazy and I guess your right being away from home for so long for the 1st time ever would make me miss it. I have too if I didn’t then maybe something is wrong. I will keep my head up and continue to do what I am doing until I am done. Thanks for being here for me and thanks for being proud of me it means a lot. I love you too~

  2. Oh, Jaime! I could have written this post myself!

    I was walking around Beijing today… And I was realising how many of the *tourist* sites I hadn’t visited in the week here, because I just couldn’t be bothered! I could have gone to see them today, but I just didn’t have the energy. I didn’t care.

    Over the past 2 weeks I’ve seriously considered going home so many times (Maybe I just hate China? It’s so stressful!) … But I think I’d regret it in the end if I did. I’d always be wondering what would have happened and where I could have gone if I’d have stayed…

    But know that you are not alone! I feel exactly the same, and I always find it’s best to sit around and do absolutely nothing for a few days until you get your energy back (but man I hate doing that, everyone in the hostel looks at me like I’m a freak for staying inside and not seeing anything!)
    Lauren recently posted..Lauren Vs. Food: My First Week in Asia.

    • Thanks Lauren for being honest in your comment. I felt the same way the past few weeks and couldn’t understand why? But I guess you are right for a while I just didn’t care for them. As for going home I’m with you I think it has to do with the country we are in. If it is hard we kinda wanna shut down not do anything to make it a bit easier where as when its easy we love it and are okay with doing everything. I don’t think I would go home either because I know I would regret it too. The only thing I know is if it came to a point where I was miserable and not happy at all then I would just go home. Seriously it helps me tons that I am not alone and I know what you mean about staying in the hostel and doing nothing… people do stare and wonder WTF? Im here in a hostel in Essaouira with great wifi so I have actually been working when Im on my laptop, but people have asked me why am I not out doing anything. I hate it…lol. Thats when I wish the wifi worked in my dorm…so I could just stay in bed and work.

  3. Even though I haven’t been in your shoes yet, I can assume it is totally normal and natural to go through what you went through man. When I am away from St. Louis my pride in home swells and I think of it all the time too. I think I have told you this before, but just wanted to say again that it has been a pleasure to watch every bit of your trip unfold and when you combine your honesty with the fact that this is your first trip and it really makes something special for the reader, buddy. Even though I’ve never done a proper RTW (only 4 more months til I take off though!), I know enough from other adventures to tell you though once you are home you will miss the trip more than you can imagine, and yes even the bad times.
    Scott recently posted..STL > RTW

    • Thanks Scott, yes you will be in my shoes soon enough. 4 months will fly by and then you too will be 7 months into your trip. A RTW trip is like a roller coaster of emotions and they come and go and teach so much about yourself. I have to remember this is my 1st trip and also my 1st time away from home for so long. I guess these feeings are only natural and part of the game. Thanks for reminding me about the “once I am home part” that is so true I have read it on many blogs too and so should enjoy it for now and live it up. Thanks again for reading my blog makes me happy to know you enjoy it.

      So only 4 more months…. are you ready?

  4. You know what I think, hun? I think by reading this that travel has actually made you make a great discovery – that you love your home town and you probably want to make that your permanent home. That in itself is something great you will be able to take away from this trip. Some people can’t wait to leave their home towns or cities and can’t wait to start afresh in a new place, but you know what? You don’t want to and that’s great. And being halfway around the world has taught you that. I love my city. I love my family. I love the friends I have here. I know for a fact I will miss it greatly while I’m away and if you travel by yourself that would be magnified even more so I imagine. Take comfort in the fact that travel has made you appreciate what you have back home even more. It will make going back at the end of the trip even more enjoyable.
    Julia recently posted..The View From My Window: Home

    • Wow Julia I could not have said that better. I have to agree with everything you say, because it is 100% true on how I feel now about home. I mentioned in a comment above I have really never been away from home for a long period of time for any reason and now that I am I am learning all these feelings and emotions I have about home. In the end like you said ” It will make going back at the end of the trip even more enjoyable.” Keywords “AT THE END OF THE TRIP” <<==YES I WILL FINISH THIS TRIP FOR SURE!!!

  5. Jaime, I think everyone who travels goes through this. I think it is just part of the experience. It will get better and you will get a renewed energy. I am sure of it.

  6. Ditto Man. Hell, I posted something akin to this a few short weeks ago about my own fall into a traveler’s depression. Mine came from a combination of exhaustion from European cities, and missing some real close friends and family back home. Sounds like it’s something extremely common, yet few will admit it because, like you said, we’re complaining about traveling.

    It’s good to see you pull out of it! Acknowledging it is, cliche as it may sound, the first and most critical step. A little shake up of the scenery(cities vs. rural, etc) is sometimes all it needs to get you back in the running!


    Miss ya!
    Corey W. recently posted..BKK POIs(IMO)

    • Sounds like we were going through the same thing together Corey. It makes me feel better that I am not alone. YEs I think very few will admit it because it is TRAVEL… how can anyone get sick of it… but well now I know it happens. Yeah I think after a month here in Morocco I am ready for a few European cities. Only have a few left before I head off to Turkey and well I think Morocco has warmed me up to what to expect.

      Miss ya too~

  7. Nothing is wrong with you! You’re just tired and I’m sure all the long term travelers go through this at some point. There’s a moment in which you just miss your comforts, your friends, your favorite food, your comfy bed, etc.
    You just needed to rest and it’s OK to spend some time doing nothing, it’s your right and I also love doing it from time to time. So don’t feel guilty, nobody said it was going to be easy and you’re doing great, so take all the time you need to rest and you’ll find yourself enjoying your time traveling again in no time.
    *hug* and enjoy Sahara… I’m sure it will heal every problem.:)
    Giulia recently posted..Flight booked, feeling sweet.

    • Giulia I am glad to know nothing is wrong with me. Yeah I think is what it was I really just missed home and my comforts from home. Sometimes its not easy and I think a bit of doing nothing does help recharge us and makes us enjoy being back on the road a bit more. Oh the Sahara did cure my problems… it was amazing can’t wait to post the Sahara post!

  8. *HUG*

    I remember at various points in Oz (1-month in, 4 months in, 6 months in) I wondered “what in the world am I doing here?!” I wasn’t ready to go home — in fact, I asked myself “if I could hop on a plane *this second” would I” and the answer was always no — but I was momentarily paralyzed and didn’t feel like doing a whole lot.

    We don’t know when to expect these moments but as travelers we know they’re gonna happen at some point. And sometimes the best thing to do is keep pushing and sometimes it’s to go home — I’ve read about a few people’s decisions to stop sooner than expected and for them it was a wise move.

    I’m glad your Sahara trip was fantastic (loved the photos you posted last Friday) and I’m eager to hear more next week (or on Skype!!).
    Heather recently posted..What’s Next: Writing Projects

    • *HUG BACK*

      Oh man you described it too fucking well… “what in the world am I doing here?” Sometimes I ask myself that, but then small things remind me why I am doing what I am doing. I guess we do have to know a bit of burn out is going to happen at some point… and must just acknowledge it and take care of it and move along. Yeah I know for a fact Im not ready to call it a day… not yet. Still have so many more amazing places to see and do. I hope we do Skype soon.

  9. Know how you’re feeling Jaime! We’ve been on the road for around 80 days now and seriously need a rest – a month or two at home before going on with our journey would be fantastic right about now.

    Yes we’ve had a few lazy days along the way but it KILLS us to be paying for accommodation and not doing anything! Believe it or not, I actually wrote an entire post about how US cities were starting to look the same to us… but after I got out of my depressive mood, I realized how ridiculous it was.

    What I’m trying to say is that we all feel like you are sometimes – hang in there mate!
    Kieron recently posted..Feeding Giraffes at Woodland Park Zoo

    • Ahh Kieron yes a month at home would be fantastic right about now… sadly though its so expenisve to get home that it wouldnt be worth it…lol!!!

      I know what you mean when I am paying a lot of money for accommodation I can not spend a day doing nothing I must take advantage of every moment to make sure I can move along as soon as possible. As for US cities starting to look the same I can see that happening. I have been to a my fair share of them and would agree with you. Thanks again for letting me know I am not alone and that it does happen.

      So how much longer are yall going to be in the US? Where to after that?

  10. Jaime you know I can relate. We talked about this in Valencia. I can relate to everything you are saying and I agree with the comments too. I think this is a natural progression of this travel adventure we’re on..
    I’ve opted to settle down in Tel Aviv for several months.. not quite ready to go home yet but wanting to settle in one place. I’ve burned out on so many museums, cathedrals, temples, mosques, palaces, forts… I just need some normalcy and a couple of blocks from the beach and the Mediterannean makes it pretty easy to take!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Was I drunk when we talked…lol jk! Oh thats a good way to put it “a natural progression of this travel adventure we’re on…” Oh it’s so damn true and I am realizing that more than ever now. I think I will soon need to find a place to call home for a while… but for now I am not sure yet where or if I will. Im a bit jealous of your whole Tel Aviv situation… and well you know why plus you also have a beach… um yeah everything I want you have there…lol!!! I’ll be stopping by soon… though ;)~

  11. Jaime!!! He leído algo de tu blog, pero intentaré hacerlo cada día un poquito. ¿cómo va todo por allí? Cuando vienes a España?? Se te añora muchísimo!!!
    Anda con cuidado y esperamos verte muy pronto en Barcelona.
    Un abrazo enorme!!!!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      VIRGINIA… omg GRACIAS por LEER mi BLOG!!! Aqui todo bien… todavia en Essaouira, voy estar aqui dos dias mas y luego regreso a Marrakech pa leugo volar a Sevilla y regresar a ESPANA!!! Semace que les llego como en dos semanas. Las extrano mucho… y estoy muy emocionado pa ir a Barcelona!!!

  12. Great post about the REALITIES of constant travelling!! And the 6-7th month wall seems to be pretty common. Heck, I had a great job in NZ, roped into a 9 month contract and I still felt the same way you did/do! Having the constant helped tons and maybe it’s just time for that for you.

    Never been to Africa, so I am excited to hear about your trip to the desert!!
    Rebecca recently posted..Wine Tasting on the Side of a Volcano

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks Rebecca, I think it may be time for that “CONSTANT” the thing is I am not sure where… Maybe in Barcelona I’ll be there in a few weeks and will see how it goes. Oh Rebecca the desert is amazing I am so excited to share my thoughts on it and also my photos from it.

  13. I think it’s the bad spots that make you really come down in the dumps, but when you see the amazingly beautiful spots that you really know are going to make you happy, it all turns around. You just have to make the most of it and keep finding people along the way that will remind you of how special what you are doing is…keep going, you’re motivating me and I feel the same exact way with it comes to extended travel and worrying about it. Te quiero amigo! Besos!
    Allison recently posted..The Curse of the Sunset Crater Lava Rocks

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks Allison I think you said it perfectly it is the bad spots that make us really get down and the amazing ones that remind us that what we are doing is amazing. I’m glad I am motivating you… I am going to keep going and keep my head up and look at the bigger picture…. I am living my dream!

      Te queiro tambien… besos!!!

  14. Jaime, its like you wrote about what we were talking about the other day. You wrote it for me! I feel you. As you are reading by all the comments, you are not alone in these feelings. Or crazy. Something that does help is staying put in one place that you absolutely love for a while. Renting an apartment, just walking around, or doing nothing but surfing the web is perfectly ok.
    Shiiiit we have been living in Chiang Mai for a whole month now and ask me how many temples we have visited. NONE. Not one. We have been basically getting back into shape, we joined a local sports complex, I have been working on the blog, we watch a lot of HBO and we are cool with that. Sure, there might be a bunch of shit that we are not doing but who fucking cares? We are doing what we need to do to regroup and relax. Sometimes being tired can really make you cranky, especially when you are traveling as a couple.
    I have a different sort of problem of my own- I miss being in South America. I miss my apartment in Cusco, my friends, my life. That was my home. And I miss it like hell. And it stresses us out because all I do is whine about being in Peru, and I know I can’t go back there unless I have money, which I will make next year on my working visa in Australia. So I am also missing my home.
    And I feel so guilty, thinking oh god people would kill to be here in Asia, diving, ect ect….But most of the time I just want my cold weather and my old life- the one that I have created over the last 2 years of living in Peru off and on. And I know I will get back to it eventually, I just have to breathe and take care of myself so I don’t burn out and stress.
    Don’t stress. You’ve decided you don’t want to travel forever and that is ok. 2 years is a long trip. An amazing trip. Take it easy and stay put by the pool. Hell yea!!!
    Mica recently posted..Getting robbed by fake police in Bolivia-my lucky escape

    • jaja yes Mica it so is what we were talking about the other day. My blog is a few days ok two weeks behind on my real feelings… I need to slow down and catch up but I cant seem to do so! I think I have been doing what you have been doing in Chang Mai here in Essaouria… I got out of my funk, but still needed a few more days of doing nothing. So yeah I have been at a nice cheap hostel with great wifi and actually worked on my blog. I got a lot done for it… even I am surprised. Im glad you mention WHO FUCKING CARES… cus that is what I need to remember that in the end this is my trip and if I want to do nothing I can… the feeling of that “people would kill to do this” is a feeling we have to stop feeling and just live it how we want too. Im so glad Im not alone out there… really cus for a while I was like fuck… Im doomed…lol and the only one that feels like this.

      Sorry about the Peru situation, but Im glad you are doing what needs to be done to get back there. For now enjoy the time in between and make things happen for you. So we both will stop stressing and just enjoy it…lo!!!

  15. I think this is why we really enjoy having an apartment where ever we go. While we do go out and see things, sometimes it is just nice to remember you are normal people, having your morning coffee, reading the news on the internet and sitting by the pool. There is nothing wrong with just taking a few days for yourself. You don’t have to be ON all the time. It is why I was so excited to get into our apartment. I just wanted some nights of watching AXN with a bag of popcorn.
    Erica recently posted..Guest Post: How Travelling Tore Us Apart: The Pitfalls of Moving Abroad with a Loved One

    • AXN!!! We love we love! NCIS, CSI, so awesome. And we pop our own shiz too. With tons of butter and salt and sugar. Yum.
      Mica recently posted..Getting robbed by fake police in Bolivia-my lucky escape

      • @Erica yeah I wanna find a cheap country I like a lot to actually rent an apartment. I would love to do it in Europe but know it would break the bank. I was thinking about doing it here in Morocco, but yeah that is not gonna happen. A month here and Im ready to get out… its a love hate relation ship with it. I know what you mean and am glad you are doing what I want to do…lol…. I did it for a few days here in Essaouria and to be honest I am ready for the road again. ”

        @Mica & Erica what the hell is AXN? I know NCIS and CSI but not AXN? As for popcorn I havent had that in forever!
        Jaime recently posted..Photo Round Up – Week 32

  16. QueenBrain12 says:

    Ay Jaime, you’re not being so dramatic anymore. lol You really shouldn’t hold back on your thoughts and feelings because that is the reason you have so may followers and readers. Your true friends won’t take it personal when you are expressing your true feelings especially about missing home and wanting to leave the traveling for life bug behind. You should know that I’m missing you like crazy. You really have impacted my life and cherish our friendship so it makes me sad that you were hurting and ready to head home when your journey has only begun. I’m only a FB, skype, and twitter message away! Keep being you Jaime.


    • Jessica thanks for the comment seriously… Im so glad we skyped a bit earlier today. Im sorry when we talked I felt like I couldn’t tell you how I really felt. I need to remind myself that no mater how much time passes you will always be there for me and listen to me with out judgment like you have done for me in the past. I too cherish our friendship because trust me went through so much together and still are. I promise to be honest to you from now on no matter what…. I will also keep being me.

      Thanks for the comment Brain…


  17. Oh Jaime… you read my last post, so you know I totally understand how you feel. Don’t feel guilty about the burn out. It’s impossible to stay 100% energetic about ANYTHING even travel… unless you’re some kind of a robot or something. (I don’t think you’re a robot… are YOU?)
    Sally recently posted..Lost That Travel Feeling: What To Do When Travel Makes You Go “Meh”

    • Thanks Sally I know we are feeling about the same right now… You are so right though we can not be 100% energetic about anything… unless we are a robot and well I dont know if I am or am not???

  18. So… ultimately you’ll plant yourself in a city you love and make that your home-base as you travel the world. Hmm… sounds familiar!
    Kent @ No Vacation Required recently posted..Those Summer Days

    • I know I actually thought of y’all… and was even going to link to yall but didnt want it to be creepy jajaja. Yes though very much like yall.

  19. I’m sure it’s natural to get burnt out. I’ve gotten burnt out on 2 week trips before. It’s a huge change from “normal” life & sometimes it’s just too much for your mind to handle. I’m gladto know you’ve turned a corner though & I can’t wait to read your Sahara post! Hugs from Indonesia!
    Ali recently posted..Escaping the Pope – Paris in Photos

    • Thanks Ali, everything you say is true. It really is a huge change and well I should take it in strides just like any other change. Hope you are having fun in Indonesia!!!

  20. Jennifer stew says:

    This may sound cruel…but don’t come home!! You know we ALL love you and want you back but we love how happy you are living your dreams. You make me smile and will hear you out whenever! Love you!!!

    • Now I am going to cry… Stew… Im about to cry, but I will hold it in… I dont need my CRY count to be HIGHER then my KISS COUNT…lol!!! Thanks for the comment I so know what you mean… & I won’t I wont come home… NOT YET. I’m not ready too. I’m glad we talked on the phone for a bit yesterday. It made my day… and this comment just made my day too.

      I LOVE YOU STEW!!!

  21. Birthdays and events come and go but the adventures you are living are for a lifetime. Don’t forget, you can’t come home until I get knocked up, and there is still some time on that calendar. 🙂

    • Thanks Erika, that is true all that does come and go… and well as for your pregnancy will I hope that doesnt just come and go. Glad I still have time for that… I should be home in about 15 months so make plans for it to happen then… thanks!

      Ahhh I miss you…

  22. I Just found this old post and made me smile…knowing that you are now back home!
    And i smiled because i also feel like this from time to time. But i don’t feel guilty. It’s just being tired, needing the comfort of your house and your friends. We are human after all. And as you said, the next amazing adventure would swept away the unhappiness in 1 second! 🙂 I found my balance when i’m travelling from one destination to another…that’s when i feel the more alive. Maybe it is weird i don’t know!
    So What do you feel about this post if you read it now? I’m really curious to know what plansdo you have next ;))
    kle recently posted..2 weeks to fall in Love with Cambodia

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Oh wow Kle… this is such an old post, I don’t think I even want to reread it…lol. I remember this time though & yes I was so ready to book a ticket home. Being on the road is exhausting you are on the constant move and it’s always outside of your comfort zone and nothing a comfort from home. The good thing though it all pays off the momet you see something amazing in the place you are in. As for you loving the getting from one place to another I admire you cus I hated “transportation days” as I called it…lol! As for reading it now I’m just happy I didn’t go home cus I would have never met an amazing man or had some of the most amazing moments of my life. As for what’s next… I don’t know just yet I’m working on it though.

  23. I stayed at Equity Point too – I can understand why you spent 2 days by the pool. It’s funny, I ended up going to Marrakech because I didn’t want to drive home – I’d only driven down from Glasgow to Manchester a few days before I went and I didn’t want to do the four hour drive – or any long distance driving (for the UK) – so soon. I’ve had so many times in my own travel-intensive career that I’ve wanted to quit so often because it just becomes too much – too much flying, too much time in airports, too much time alone in hotels, too much time waiting and waiting to hear back about where next, too much last minute changing of plans… I’ve laid in bed so many nights thinking “I just want to go home” or “I feel so alone” or “This isn’t fun anymore”. And then there are times when I remember why I love traveling – going out to the Sahara was one of them for me too – and I tell myself “This is why I stepped on that plane in the first place.” I hope you have more moments like those in the future!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Josh EP was one of the best hostels I ever stayed at. It’s crazy how one moment you can question everything you are doing and even hate it sometimes and others you remind yourself why you love it and why you are doing it. It’s tricky being out on the road… it’s exhausting and sometimes overwhelming, but in the end it’s all worth it. The sunrise or sunset or beautiful beach or mountain or view just make all the struggles worth it.

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