Ibiza in November…

Ibiza… just the mention of that name and the 1st thing that comes to mind is an exotic island with some of the biggest parties and best beaches in the world. Well yes that is all true, but well not in November. I knew it coming here… I knew it was off season, I knew it was going to be cold, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to enjoy the beaches or parties… The thing is I couldn’t refuse the $36 round trip ticket from Barcelona and the $25 for a private hotel room. I thought hmmm 10 nights in Ibiza should be great. See I wanted to come during summer, but the plane ticket and hotel rooms were a fortune and well I can’t be wasting my money like that. So how did 10 days in Ibiza in November go. Well I am going to make a super long boring story short with some of the highlights and a lot of videos and photos.

The 1st 5 days… yes 5 whole fucking days it rained and rained and kept fucking raining. I was starting to think coming to Ibiza was my worst travel mistake ever. I seriously did nothing I just stayed in my room bitching and complaining to the world on Facebook and Twitter. I even made a video and posted it on Facebook. In case you haven’t seen it I’ll post it below.

Then finally on the 6th day the sun came out. I was so excited and well I posted a video on Facebook of what I did that day. I almost cried, but okay I’ll let you watch the video so you can see what I did. Ahh the view form the top was amazing.

 Oh & look this is me on my way back down.

The following days the sun was out in full force and I enjoyed them.


I was lucky to have a local show me around the island. A friend of mine I had met in Guatemala lives on one of the other Islands near Ibiza and when he saw on Facebook that I was here messaged me and told me that he had friends in Ibiza. He gave me a # to one of his friends and well I called her and we met up had dinner one of the nights and the one of the days we had lunch and she took me all over the island. Then the last night… was just epic… I’ll let some of the pictures tell you the story.  Thank you Perre for doing that & thank you Ivette for showing me around the island!

All in all my time in Ibiza was good & bad. Would I recommend anyone going to Ibiza in November… NO! At least not alone, I think if you go with someone you can have a great time if it is not raining. I would recommend to wait and go during summer. Make it a splurge of your RTW trip or wait to do it another time. Have you ever been somewhere during off season? Did you enjoy your time there? Have you been to Ibiza during the summer? What all did I miss? I am sure a lot, but go ahead and tell me anyway.

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  1. Three years ago, I made the same mistake and went to Rimini, Italy in mid-September. Even though it was only two weeks after summer party season, the town was DEAD. It looks like you had more fun than I did though. Hey, you chalk it up to experience, right?
    Scott recently posted..My Dia De Los Meurtos in Mexico

    • Ahh why do we do stuff like this Scott? Lol I think we know in advance, but go anyway. Well glad I am not the only one who has made this mistake. Yeah thankfully the last 5 days turned out to be great & it is all about experience in the end!

  2. I love the picture of the ocean with your shadow on the rock, awesome. I also like the one of you pouring a drink, you have this cute “oh shit, what am I getting myself into?” look & I’m glad someone got a picture of it!

    • Thanks Ali yeah I was actually thinking that cus it was the maybe 3rd drink of the night and it was already around 3am… and well I had to be at the airport at 7am. I got there straight from the club a bit drunk!

  3. Wow!! This totally makes me want to go to Ibiza – but as you said, probably not in rainy November. Were you able to sleep on the plane after going to the airport straight after the club?
    Patricia GW recently posted..I Kissed a Bear and I Liked It

    • Oh you should def go and go during the summer… As for sleeping the plane ride from Ibiza to Barcelona is only 45mins so didn’t sleep much…lol!

  4. I actually am now interested in seeing Ibiza in the off season. Maybe not November, but definitely NOT summer. Beautiful pictures.

    @Scott – I’ve been to Rimini in March in the dead of night. It was a nice experience for what it was. A beach without anyone.
    Andrew recently posted..Postcard: Soup of the Day

    • You should def go… everything is way cheaper and if you go with Ali I think the two of you would really enjoy it. It is beautiful, nice, peaceful and tons of locals when you do go out.

  5. Oh, I so hope that you’ll be able to return to Ibiza during the summer one day! What you missed, you ask? The epic beach party at BoraBora, the world’s largest foam party at Amnesia, world class DJs at the clubs, a ferry trip over to Formentera and sunbathing there at the Caribbean-like beaches, discovering all the little ‘Calas’ (bays) around the islands, happy hour at the awesome bars in Ibiza Town while chatting to people from all over the world, touring the tiny villages in the north of the island where you meet 80-year old grandpas & grandmas who don’t speak a word of Spanish, only Eivissenc, watch the rich & famous in Ibiza Town’s yacht marina, 24 hour party at SPACE, and last but not least hanging out with some of the most handsome men at the gay (nudist) beach Es Cavallet and going for a walk in the little forest behind it to see what’s going on there 😉 😉 😉
    Dani | Globetrottergirls recently posted..Polaroid of the week: Phra Phikanet (Ganesha) in Chiang Mai, Thailand

  6. Vicky Tenancy says:

    You had the best time! This is the important! I remember my first trip to Rome when it rained almost all of the time – what a shame! But the last couple of sunny days were so amazing!
    Vicky Tenancy recently posted..Cleaner london Why Upholstery Cleaning is Essential?

  7. Fergal O'Connor says:

    where did you stay? what was the name of the hotel?

  8. I would like to go there this year with my boyfriend just for the long weekend – 3 days. I’m looking for quiet place, but still warmer than ireland. Would you recommend it ?

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