The most beautiful nude man in the world.

The Statue of David has always been one of the statues I wanted to make sure I saw in my lifetime. It’s a statue we know is world famous and is often described as “PERFECTION” in every sense of the word. As a travel blogger I sometimes have a habit of coming up with blog post ideas of things I am going to do or see before even doing or seeing them. I had been thinking oh man I am going to be seeing the Statue of David and well he is a naked man so I am sure I will be able to come up with some clever funny post once I see him. Kind of like what I did when I visited “Mona Lisa” in Paris. Let me tell you how wrong I was and what happened instead.

I made my way into the museum and as I turned the corner I was already in awe. At the end of a long corridor you can see the Statue of David standing there in a majestic pose. My 1st thought was “Holy shit he is huge, that is a big statue.” He draws me in like no other statue has ever done before. I walk in closer with my camera in hand ready to take a few photos as soon as I am about to snap a lady yells “PHOTO NO OF DAVID” and points to a sign. I curse in my mind, but let things go and enjoy just watching him. I like everyone else cannot seem to take my eyes off him and walking around in circles looking at him from every angle.

I take a seat and spend about an hour just looking at him. A million thoughts are crossing my mind. I just can’t believe how beautiful he is and how perfect his body is. I get a little jealous, because it makes me realize damn isn’t that a body every man on earth would love to have? I know I would, but am to lazy to get it. I mean his chiseled muscular arms; legs, abs and ass are just perfect.

I pay no attention to his penis, because even though it is small on the statue I already came to conclusion David is a GROW-ER. We all know some men are grow-ers and some are show-ers! I like growers because it’s like a surprise, because we never know how big it’s going to get until it grows and well as for David he has kept us in suspense for hundreds of years. We will never know.

As I sat there I also started wondering and thinking about all the statues I have seen as I have traveled and realized just about all of them are of people with beautiful bodies (both male and female). It makes me wonder if even hundreds and thousands of years ago people were obsessed with having a beautiful skinny-toned body like we are today?

The time came for me to leave, but knew I had to get a few shots of him before doing so. I was able to sneak in 5 shots the 4 below and the one I used for my 5 Photo Round Up for Week 39. They are not the best, since I was taking them from my waste and not looking at the screen so I would not get caught. Take your time though and look at them. I got one from every angle so you can see the detail that was put into him and you can see how he is the most beautiful nude man in the world.

Statue of David

Statue of David

Statue of David

Statue of David

After seeing the original and replica of David I must advice you to pay the extra $$$ to see the original if you are ever in Florence. The replica does not compare to the original in any way. Yes they are identical, but it does not draw you in or leave you in awe like the original does. Even now sometimes I can’t stop thinking about him. So am I right isn’t he the most beautiful nude man in the world? Have you seen the original David what are your thoughts on it? Do you think even hundreds of years ago people obsessed over how they looked? Have you ever visited a statue that has just left you in awe and speechless, because it’s just too beautiful for words? Is this “PERFECTION” or have we been “CONDITIONED” to think that THIS is PERFECT?

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  1. Well I hope he is a grower. They must have given him a cold shower before the pose. Great body. But didn’t they have to work for it as labor?

    • Jaja yeah I hope he is a GROWER too… and yeah guess they must have given him a cold shower before hand…lol!!! Did who have to work on it for labor? I’m a bit lost in that question.

  2. I must say your stolen photos of David came out much better than mine did when I was in Florence a few weeks ago.

  3. OMG!!!!! I just did the same thing! I found the best spots to get shots w/o getting caught. Of course karma got me and after my 3rd shot my camera died ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Andi of My Beautiful Adventures recently posted..France & Italy With Trafalgar Tours: Day 3 (Part 1)

    • Bahahahajaja I love ya Andi!!! Yeah I found some good spots to get the shots too….lol!!! Sorry about the karma… I hope mine doesnt die… I love it.

  4. Kendie House says:

    You guys are hilarious. I guess we will never know for sure. Yet the statue is pretty impressive in artistic terms.

  5. Wow, I thought you were going to write another funny Mona-Lisa-type post too, but you can tell just by reading this how much reverence you had for the statue. When I visit I’ll definitely take the time to see the original.

    I don’t think we’ve been conditioned to believe ‘David’ is the perfect body of a man because millions of people for hundreds of years have felt the exact same thing – I profound admiration for the beauty of this statue and its lifelike figure. Cultures and politics have changed over and over, yet we still view this statue with the same idealistic idea of perfection. It’s something inherent, something in us that appreciates ‘David’ the way Michelangelo made him.
    Patricia GW recently posted..Reading Recap: Debra Fine, Harry Potter

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Damn Pat, your comment nailed it right on the head. I didn’t think about it like that at all, but after reading your comment… I think you are so right. It can’t be “CONDITIONED” if for so long we have all thought of him as “PERFECTION” great point.

      As for making it a funny post… I just couldn’t. I mean really he blew me away and is by far one of my fav things I have seen on my trip so far. I hope you do visit the original one when you visit Florence.

  6. I saw the title and totally thought this post was about me. Sigh…. Great story nonetheless.
    adventureswithben recently posted..8 Holiday Gift Ideas For Travelers and a Bunch More

  7. Aw, I love it! I only saw the replica when I was in Florence (I started puking uncontrollably from food poisoning while in line to see the real one…) I need to go back to Italy!
    Val recently posted..bats & bamboo in battambang.

    • Oh you should def go back and see the real one. I know it was between SPAIN & ITALY for ya… Im glad you choose Spain. You will be back in Europe soon I have a feeling. Sucks about the throwing up though…

  8. How did you get to take those photos?? I couldn’t take but one, those people were doing their job so damn well!!!
    I was around almost the same time thinking about all the work that Michel Angel have done to get such perfection, and just wondering who was the model.
    Yes it’s an amazing statue, and you’re totally right, it worth every penny to see it.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Jaja I wonder all the time… who was the model. Cus damn!!! Yeah it was so tough to get these shots but I got them!!!

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