What was Antoni Gaudí thinking?

I’m not a big buff of famous architects, painters, composers or anything like that, but I did know who Antoni Gaudi was. I had discovered my love for him while watching a travel show (go figure) years ago on Barcelona that highlighted all his work. Since then I have always had a thing for him (his work).  Ever since then too when I thought of Barcelona I thought of him. I think Gaudi & Barcelona go hand and hand. I think he is what brings a unique tone to the city. I knew I was going to be spending two weeks in Barcelona and that I would have plenty of time to see all his sights. What I did not know what that I would end up feeling at home in Barcelona and falling in love with the city. What made me love it even more aside from the amazing friends who took care of me the two weeks was all of Gaudi’s masterpieces. I want to share some photos I took of his 4 biggest projects and share my thoughts about them at the end.


————La Casa Batlló————


————Park Güell————


————La Pedrera————

(Casa Milà, 1906-1910)

————La Sagrada Familia————


What do you think? I am no architect, but damn this is some amazing stuff. Scroll back up and scroll down slowly look at all the detail? That is what leaves me in AWE… The detail in everything he did is crazy. I would sit there and just look at a part of the entire masterpiece and be left speechless. I spent a few hours at each location just staring away and taking photos of everything. When I look at Casa Batlllo for some reason I see death. I see bones and skeletons that make up an amazing house with so much color. I know that it is not what they are, but we all see things differently. Art is meant to be seen in many ways depending on who it is that is seeing it.  I have a future IN PHOTOS post on Park Guell. I spent about 5 hours there and couldn’t get enough of it. It is truly one of the most amazing parks I have ever been too. When I look at La Pedrera I think of stones. It looks like a huge house made of one big stone cut and curved and shaped into a weird corner. Then we have the all mighty LA SAGRADA FAMILIA… I am sure everyone has heard of this. It is one of those sights you are scared to visit because you are not sure if it is going to live up to the hype… well I will asure you that it does unlike Mona Lisa. I spent a long time here too and couldn’t get enough of it. I was left in AWE yet again because of all the detail.

All in all Gaudi’s masterpieces left me thinking one thing. What was Antoni Gaudi thinking? What was he on? How did he manage to create all these amazing things? Even after reading about him on the internet I don’t get it. Now I will ask you have you seen any of his works in person where you too left in AWE? When you see something that leaves you speechless do you ever wonder what the architect, painter, etc… was thinking or how they managed to make it? What are some of your favorite buildings in the world that leave you in AWE?

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  1. Jaime Craven says:

    That picture #5! That was a picture I had labeled my house as one of those online banking pictures. Lol. Never knew anything about it, but thought it was in England or something. Nice work.

  2. Jaime Craven says:

    Also I hate modern architecture. Its all so minimal and boring, nothing unique about new buildings. Even houses are drab to me though you can tell they are new.

    • Jaime oh wow I had no clue they use photos of his work for OLB photos… that’s awesome! Well now you know the names and where they are at. I just love them and can’t get enough. I agree with you on todays architecture… it’s so not the same at all.

  3. This is one reason we can’t wait to get back to Barcelona. It is mind-blowing and awesome. What WAS he thinking?
    Kent @ No Vacation Required recently posted..What Will You Do for $20

  4. You’re doing an abosolutely fabulous job of documenting your travels. I hope you get picked up by a reality show focusing on young people who are not afraid to travel even when the naysayers in the USA would tell us not to go abroad. Kudos to your courage!!! Watching and learning, Ileana’s aunt 😛

    • Thanks so much Ana, ja I would love to be picked up by a reality show, but doubt that would ever happen… but who knows! Thanks for reading the blog appreciate it so much!

  5. I thought the architecture in Barcelona was amazing, too. I loved how you could turn a street corner and see something totally unexpected nestled between something so everyday and ordinary.
    Julia recently posted..Travelling For Those Who Can’t (Or Won’t)

  6. WOW jaime!!! This stuff is amazing, thanks for sharing…wish I could be there with ya. But hey this is the next best thing!!! keep up the great work and keep having fun for me!!! 🙂

  7. I like the one of the colored swirl from the park. Gaudi reminds me mostly of Hundertwasser. He is an Austria architect that designed whimsically like Gaudi. There is a building that is a living apartment building in Vienna that has no straight lines. It is all curves and swirls and trees planted on top. Colors and textures are wild. I love that kind of thing.
    I agree that a lot of the most modern architecture is built based on cost and not creativity, so is square and basic in most ways. Although there are some neat buildings built nowadays, they tend to be the special ones like museums and never the “mundane” buildings that people live in.
    Andrew recently posted..Feldkirch Austria : Phototour

    • Andrew oh man if you like that pic the most you will love my IN PHOTOS post of Park Guell… ahh it’s so many just like that yet all so different. Hmmm I have never heard of him, but now I am interested. I will have to find some info on him and see what building you are talking about. Oh & true never the buildings people live in are crazy like this it is normally a museum or something like that.

  8. You make me want to fly to Barcelona right now. Look at these really cool amazing works by Gaudi.

  9. David Eruviel says:

    Wow love the pic’s Im planning a trip to Barcelona,Madrid and Berlin
    For next year
    I can’t wait
    Take care

    • David, Spain is amazing… I loved it and those 3 cities are some of the best I have been too. Berlin is CRAZY…lol!!! LEt me know if you need any tips~

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