Part of planning a trip to backpack around the world requires for you to do research on what type of shots you’re going to need. I’m going to tell you how to make this easy for your self.

It seems that most travelers end up getting just about the same type of shots and yes you can search through other blogs to see what types of shots other long-term travelers got. Unfortunately they are not going to help you, because unless your itinerary is identical to theirs you will require different types of shots.

The easiest thing to do is to make a rough draft of the regions of the world you will be visiting. Once you do that then visit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and see what the requirements for the countries in the region are.  The CDC website will make it easy for you to find what is recommended or required. As you are searching jot down which ones you need.

Once you do that find out where you can get the shots you need and for cheap. I searched for the nearest county clinic. I called them and they directed me to Houston Department of Heath and Human Services. Once I talked with them they let me know where they were located and that I just needed to walk in.

That is how easy it is, don’t make it as complicated as I did.

In case you are curious though to know what shots I got & how much I spent on them I’m going to list them. The regions of the world I plan on visiting are Central America, Europe, the Middle East, India and South East Asia.

They hand you a description of each vaccine. Just in case you don't know what you are getting put in you.

So far:

  • Twinrix (Hepatitis A & B) – $78.00

This vaccination requires you to get 3 shots over the course of 6 months. One on the 1st date then the 2nd a month later and the 3rd 5 months after that.

  • Inactivated Polio Vaccine (Polio Booster) – $46.00

  • Oral Typhoid – $67.00

They offered the shot but the Dr. informed me that the oral tablets are more effective.

  • TdaP  (Tetanus, Diptherida & Pertussis)- $58.00

Still need:

  • Twinrix (Hepatitis A & B) – $78.00

Need the 3rd one. I will get it when I am back to Houston for my best friends wedding. I made friends with the ladies there and I promised them I would come back to see them before taking off again.

  • Yellow Fever – $99.00

They didn’t have it the two times I went but they let me know next time I go they should have it. Luckily it is not required for any country in Central America so I will be fine.

  • Japanese Encephalitis – $???.??

The clinic I got my shots at didn’t offer this shot at all and were not sure how much it would cost. I have talked with a few travelers and it seems that most people don’t get this one. It is not needed for Central America either so for now I am fine. When I get back to Houston before taking off again I will do a bit more research and find out where I can get it.

Total spent so far: $ 327.00 but will spend at least an additional $177.00 for sure.

So my advice to you is don’t stress your self like I did at first. I felt like “OMG INFORMATION OVERLOAD” or “OMG HOW AM I GOING TO DO THIS” or “OMG WHAT IF I FORGET A SHOT”. Those are real thoughts that crossed my mind so don’t judge. Yeah I am a bit dramatic I know. Its very easy just do the research and then go and get them. I hope this helps any of you currently planning a round-the-world trip. For those of you who have already done one or are on one umm did I miss a shot?

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  1. Getting my first Hep A & B and typhoid tomorrow — eep! Put it off way too long. Glad you are on it in a timely fashion 🙂
    Heather recently posted..Sydney- The Inner West is Best

  2. I can why it’s stressful, there are so many shots to get and set up appointments for. Didn’t realize they were so expensive, but it will be SOOO worth it once you’re enjoying that Costa Rican sun 😉
    Patricia GW recently posted..What You Can Do to Help Egypt

  3. You dramatic? Never!

    I think you are a great example of how you can accomplish something such as a trip around the world without any problems, just by reading, planning and setting your mind to your goal.

    Keep killing it. Less than a month to go!
    Justin Hamlin recently posted..The Final 9 Days

    • I know me dramatic NEVER!!! Yeah to be honset it is hard but not really. I don’t think anyone would understand unless they planned a sucker like this. Its a lot of research and preparing that goes into it.

  4. Skott and Shawna says:

    I think our Japanese Encephalitis shots are about $175 CDN each, and I think you need two of them…but it doesn’t sound like it is anything to worry about unless you are trekking deep into the Asian jungle 🙂

    We were very fortunate…our work benefits plan actually covers all these shots, which is ridiculously cool, and yeah, it is the only reason we are getting the Jap Enceph shots….otherwise we calculated that our total vaccinations would be over $2,000 per person here in Canada….yikes!

    • OH WOW yeah if it is really that much I may pass on it too. Lucky for ou the insurance covered all your shots. My health insurance sucks and doesn’t cover anything.

  5. Good list! What about malaria, don’t you need that for parts of India & southeast Asia?
    Ali recently posted..How Travel Has Changed My Priorities

  6. i hate needles, i think there are some vaccinations you are missing.

  7. Not a shot, but don’t forget malaria pills. Although it is quite easy to get them abroad for a lot cheaper. Malarone is the best but I don’t think it’s available in a lot of places.

    Make sure to also grab some traveler’s diarrhea pills from your travel doc, they have saved me quite a few times.

    Oh, and always, ALWAYS pack plenty of ibuprofen.
    Paul recently posted..Caye Caulker- Belikin and 1250 Lobsters- Un-Belize-able

    • Thanks Paul yeah Ali mention the malaria pills too. I won’t forget them & will get them before I go off to that part of the world. Thanks for the diarrhea pill idea I have not thought of those.

  8. ahhhhh i’m going for my shots this wednesday…the rabies one looks like it’s going to set me back the most but i definitely want it heading to india.

  9. Great information to post about! I used the CDC website as well and then went to a local Travel Clinic in my area to get the shots. I found out the Travel Clinics tend to have the best deals! Happy travels 🙂
    Ashley recently posted..A Deeper Insight on Life

  10. Aww I was hoping this post was about raspberry kamikaze shots 🙁
    Good post :)! Reading this reminded me that I gotta get to cracking on my vaccinations. I hate, hate, HATE needles though so I think my doc will have to prescribe me a xanax so I don’t pass out LOL
    Sheryll recently posted..Happy Blogversary To Me!

    • Sheryll I will be writing about those type of shots once I am on the road! Good luck with your shots, just don’t look and just breathe you will be fine.

  11. OMG! that’s a lot of vaccines… hope it wouldnt leave your arm bruised…
    flip recently posted..January 2011 Wrap Up

  12. QueenBrain12 says:

    wow those are so many shots. Now I know why you’ve been so cranky. lol

  13. We recently got a few vaccinations in Thailand – Twinrix and Ducoral.

    It was really cheap and the service was great. Strongly recommend taking your shots in Thailand if you want to do it on a budget and if you have the time to let the vaccine kick in.

  14. mmmmh i already started mines, tiphoyd and Hepatitis A for now, need to to all the others, but im not worried. What scares me a bit is the anti malaria profilaxis…im going to stay in south east asia for more than 6/8 months, and i dont think i going to be healthy to take all those pills every day! im quite unsure of what to do! just today i researched and discovered that coming from a mediterranean area (Sardinia), and having a genetic blood “disease” (basically my blood cells are a lot smaller than normal, i should be already half “immune” to malaria. Even if i catch it it is going to be mild because of it. So, if anybody knows something about it (it is called beta thalassaemia trait) please let me know what would u do??
    I so do not want to take the pills for months!
    Thanks guys!!!
    globetrotter girl recently posted..Countdown for our One Way Ticket to Thailand….yay!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Glad you are getting your shots already. It’s good to start early so you are not rushing at the end. As for the pills… I honestly haven’t taken any pills for malaria or anything else. I have only had the shots & that’s it. I just try to be extra careful when I am in countries prone to those diseases. I’m not saying don’t take them, but just letting you know that for me it’s been okay. In the end Im no Dr. so it’s up to you to decide.

  15. This is really good advice… THANKS JAIME … something to add to my “need to look into” list! (both human and canine)

  16. Do most insurance plans cover these shots or are they completely out of pocket? Eeek that’s a lot of shots!
    Morgan recently posted..Travel Banking: The World Traveler’s Guide for Money Management

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