A mall, a sperm donor & a sinking ship!!!

You probably clicked on the title and thought WTF? I am sure that happens many times when you click on one of my blog post. The titles are always a hot mess… well bare with me because this post is amazing. I mean really what could I have done to make this a title to a blog post. Well I did what I hadn’t done in a very very long time… I had a mall/movie day!!! I know GASP I am traveling the world and am going to a mall & watching movies. Well yup we did just that. I mean why can’t we long-term travelers have some fun too???

Val & I have been traveling now for what seems like ages in India and well we both thought we deserve to feel normal for a day. You know go to mall do some window-shopping watch a movie or two and eat fast food and popcorn. So we did just that.  I mean come on after a while going to see a fort, museum, temple or blah blah blah gets kind of boring. Lucky for us a mall and movie theatre was a short walk away from our hotel. By short I mean 45 minutes… lol. Yeah we walked there, because we are both over dealing with tuk tuks, or cabs in India.

When we arrived we knew we wanted to watch HATE STORY a Bollywood movie we had never heard of but have seen posters for the movie all over the city. With the tag line “LOVE KILL HE SOUL HER BODY SEEKS REVENGE…” how could you not want to see that I mean come on that sounds like a fucking classic. We also knew we wanted to watch TITANIC 3D. Okay not WE I knew I wanted to see it & well I kind of dragged Val into watching it with me. From the moment they announced they were going to rerelease that movie I knew I had to see it again in a movie theatre. I mean come on we all know we love that movie. It’s a classic and you know it.

Hate Story & Vicky Donor

We made the long walk to the theatre and walked up to the ticket booth asked for tickets to HATE STORY and the guy behind the window said it was not a good movie and should watch VICKY DONOR instead… I had never heard of it, but when I turned to talk to Val I saw a poster to it right next to HATE STORY. When I saw the poster and the tag line of “I AM A SPERM DONOR” Val & I  both knew that would be our kind of movie… why lie y’all know it was meant to be…lol!!! Both of them were going to be in Hindi anyways so it’s not like it mattered. So we got two tickets to VICKY DONOR and two tickets to TITANIC.

Movie Tickets

We had two hours to kill before VICKY DONOR was going to start so we had lunch. Oh yeah a very local kind of lunch from a small Indian chain called PIZZA HUT and then walked around the mall for a while.

 Pizza Hut in Kolkata

We then went and got our seats and sadly ate our popcorn and drank our soda before the movie started. I hate when that happens… womp womp. The movie started and Val & I were both excited. We didn’t understand what the actors were saying but were happy that a few of the times they would speak in English. That helped us understand the main plot. Over all though we were able to understand the whole movie and in the end loved it.


The movie was about a beautiful guy VICKY whose mother was pushing him to make more money for the family (go figure). In the mean time a sperm donor doctor was looking for a candidate for a few of his patients and found VICKY. It took the doctor a while to convince VICKY to become a donor, but when he finally did he found that he had like GOLDEN SPERM. He had very potent sperm and got many women pregnant who needed it. In the mean time he made a lot of $$$ and was able to buy just about everything he wanted. Then he starts falling for a girl he meets at the bank. They end up falling in love and getting married.  In a very ironic coincidence the wife can not get pregnant (I didn’t see that coming… I couldn’t believe it) and makes things hard for them, but they manage.  Then a while into the marriage everyone finds out what his real job is a SPERM DONOR and is shunned from the family and his wife leaves him for a while. In the end the wife comes to her senses and realizes that he was just helping other families who couldn’t have babies have babies. In the end they end up back together and end up adopting a beautiful lil girl.

Val & I both liked the movie a lot. Even though 98% of it was in Hindi we were abe to follow along very easily. We were both thankful a few of the times they did speak English. Only thing we both didn’t like was that when every one would laugh we would have no clue unless it was because of an obvious action. We then had about 2 more hours to kill before Titanic started. So we did what we do best… eat. I bought my self a huge ice cream called BIRTHDAY TREAT. I thought it would taste like BIRTHDAY CAKE REMIX that I used to get from Cold Stone at home and well it didn’t. I then had dinner some chicken chow mien.

 Ice Cream Birthday Cake Remix

Chicken Chowmein

Finally TITANIC started and I was so excited. We had our rocking 3D glasses on and watched the movie. I have probably seen this movie more than like 25 times in my lifetime and love it every time. No it’s not my favorite movie ever (that is Mean Girls), but I just love it. I mean come on… who doesn’t love a tragic love story that takes place on a sinking ship??? I won’t explain what this movie is about because I hope everyone that reads this blog has seen this movie and if you haven’t you should go out and watch Mean Girls (yes Mean Girls…lol). I honestly thought though that this time the ship wouldn’t sink and that Jack would survive. I thought they would give us the ending we all wanted, but nope even 15 years later the ship still sinks & Jack still dies. Watching the movie again at a movie theatre reminded me of watching it in a movie theatre ages ago in 1997. Crazy it’s been that long since this movie was released. Time just flies by!

Vicky Donor

After the movie we had a long walk home… as we walked home we saw a huge poster for VICKY DONOR and loved it. Jaja it’s such a cute poster & the movie is even cuter. If it was 1997 I would give the OSCAR to VICKY DONOR though…lol!!! On our walk home the Jaime you know kept asking VAL a million questions like: If you were on the Titanic do you think you would have survived? What if it never sank… would it still be this famous? Do you think Rose & Jack were really on the Titanic? How cold must of the Atlantic Ocean been that night? If you had a penis would you donate your sperm? Would anyone want my sperm? Does donating sperm really make you that much money? Maybe I should donate my sperm to pay for my travels? I wonder what my sperm count is? And many many other questions! In the mean time I will let you answer any of the questions I asked or just let you comment on our amazing mall/movie day.

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  1. nice post…. oh & brilliant questions you asked at the end of it!!! lol

  2. I was lol’ing at your statement that both movies were going to be in Hindu anyway, so what did it matter which you saw 🙂 It is great to have as Western a day as possible sometimes while traveling. I accomplish this through junk food and web surfing, though 😉 And the photos of your pizza and ice cream are making me a little jealous right now…
    Sabina recently posted..Shabbat Shalom!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Yeah Sabina, they were both in Hindu so it really didn’t matter, but yeah it’s always nice to have a Western day sometimes. I missed it… a lot. Oh & I too have many surfing days and junk food days too…lol!

    • Yeah Sabina It really is a nice thing to do every once in a while…i like . And i Am sperm boy my noumber :-8100270499

  3. Haha I love this post. Sounds like it was just the day you all needed. Can’t wait to read about your house boat adventures.
    Liz |Traveling Liz recently posted..Today’s Photo: Little Girl at Gas Station in Cambodia

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Oh yes Liz we needed this. The houseboat was amazing… I can’t wait to write about it, but just have no clue how to write it. It was just so amazing and peaceful.

  4. “Well yup we did just that. I mean why can’t we long-term travelers have some fun too???”

    Hahaha. I love how you equated a global jetsetter’s fun to going to the mall and movies. Brilliant.
    I’m a believer that you should indulge in your joys wherever you are. To me living like a local doesn’t mean avoiding tourists or tourist locations, it just means “if I was an Indian version of me what would I do in India”.
    It puts less emphasis on the setting and puts it more on who you are and what you do is. Where you did it is just a bonus or adds to the novelty.

    Indians in India can still be new to a place too, so of course they can go exploring and do touristy things too. I think tourists tend to avoid Malls and Movies because their novelty factor is still high and keen to use it on something new.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      lol I had to compare it to it… I mean people at home can’t be having all the fun. We need it every once in a while. Oh I like the way you see it… that is smart. I do that often, but not that often. Oh & I don’t avoid touristy things… they are touristy for a reason.

  5. HIlarious, but I really do love mall and movie days – you really do need them every once in a while. I saw Narnia in Spanish in Peru because I just needed to sit in a theatre.
    Ayngelina recently posted..David battles Goliath in Moloka’i

    • Jaime Davila says:

      It really is a nice thing to do every once in a while… I need another one soon. I hope I can have another one before leaving India. It’s so cheap here.

  6. You are hilarious! (How many times have I left that in your comments?) I loved reading about this on Val’s site and then getting the crazy Jaime perspective over here. Sounds like you had a fun day, and I love that you were really hoping somehow the Titanic wouldn’t sink!
    Ali recently posted..Trapped in the Istanbul Airport and the Best Sandwich Ever

    • Jaime Davila says:

      You have said it a quite a bit Ali but I love it every time. I never thought about people following both of us and getting two different views on basically everything we have done in India…lol. We had a fun day & a day we needed. Oh & yeah… one day I know I will watch this & it won’t sink… not sure when that day will come, but I can hope!!!

  7. I HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE! I love watching movies in another language – it’s such an under-rated thing to do when you’re travelling; I watched a gay Korean movie called “No Regrets” thinking I’d downloaded English subtitles, but it was Korean. I thought I completely missed something in the movie (one scene has you going “WTF?!?”) but after talking with Korean friends, it was intended as a true WTF moment not set up by the plot.

    Titanic 3D sucked ass. The best bit was when my friend yelled, “LET HIM ON THE DOOR YOU FAT BITCH” at the end. We may have been drinking during the movie.
    Waegook Tom recently posted..Why You Should Go To Language Exchanges

    • Jaime Davila says:

      It was a very good movie… you should check it out. Watching movies in another language is very under-rated thing to do. I enjoyed it a lot and plan on doing it more often. OMG I wanna watch a gay Korean movie… that would be so cool. I would have probably gotten confused too, like I did a bit in this movie. Agree the 3D part sucked… but it’s still a great movie. Oh I wanna meet your friend…lol. I just didn’t want it to sink.

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