India’s cow dilemma!!!

As you know I am back in Egypt, but still have plenty to write about India. So expect a few more post on India the following weeks as I enjoy doing nothing the following weeks in Egypt.

While you’re traveling through India you are going to see and experience many things that you will never understand (like the Ganges River). Even after doing research and learning why something is the way it is sometimes you just won’t get it. I spent 3 months in India and something I never understood was India’s cow dilemma. No I don’t mean it like it’s a problem, but think that is the best way to describe it. You see, in India the cow is a HOLY sacred creature because it has a special role in Hindu mythologies. It is not to be harmed in any way and is allowed to roam freely. You are going to see cows everywhere. When I say everywhere I mean EVERYWHERE. This is something I LOVE about India and is something I miss already. Every time I would pass a cow anywhere I would say “HI COW”. I just couldn’t help it they are so damn cute. It’s something even though I know why it’s allowed, I don’t understand and during my time was able to take various photos of cows doing different things and thought I’d share them with you. Now you will get an idea of just what exactly “they” do.

India’s cow dilemma.

They participate and get painted during Holi

India’s cow dilemma.They go cell phone shopping…

India’s cow dilemma.They are fed as they roam around freely…

India’s cow dilemma.They eat pigeon food…

India’s cow dilemma.They walk or just stand in the middle of the street…

India’s cow dilemma.They hang out at the entrance of restaurants…

India’s cow dilemma.They hang out near the docks…

They try to go inside peoples homes…

India’s cow dilemma.They hang out in alleys…

India's cow dilemaThey eat leftover food at shops…

India’s cow dilemma.They walk freely in alleys of many cities…

They are curious…

India’s cow dilemma.They are at the train stations…

India’s cow dilemma.They chill in the middle of the road…

They walk by as you are getting your $1 hair cut

India’s cow dilemma.They are outside one of the most beautiful mosque’s in the world…

They are next to you as you’re getting your beard shaved…

India’s cow dilemma.They are around when you are far away from everything exploring the backwaters of Kerala

India’s cow dilemma.Oh & they even hang out at the beach…

Crazy right? I know… I just don’t get it. You will see them doing all of the above and then some. I giggle just looking at these photos… I mean really I have travelled to many countries, but never seen anything like this. It’s amazing. Oh, but you must be careful around them. Even though they are cute and look harmless sometimes they aren’t. My good friend Jess was rammed by a “buffalo”. Yes you read right… it was a crazy ordeal, but she is fine. India’s cow dilemma is something I don’t get, but love. It’s also something I would love to bring to the rest of the world… Imagine one day you wake up and cows are roaming the streets, the beaches, the stores or are at your door. Oh it would CHAOS… yet so amazing. I really want to bring this to Houston one day. For now I must say  India… you are something else. So what do you think about India’ cow dilemma??? Would you say “HI COW” as you walk by one??? Do you think this is as funny as I think it is???

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  1. Some specifics are so glued to a culture that they actually turn into one of its most demonstrative displays of this cultures, which is the case with the cows in India. They are like a label of the mystic beliefs of this wonderful cultural epicenter, bewildering the world with bright contrasts, chaos which is turned into order and wisdom.

  2. Gerard - GQ trippin says:

    I thought it was just incredible how good these cows had it in India. It’s like heaven for them! They blocked walking bridges at one point where I almost had to jump over them. They even charged towards Q in Jaisalmer. Yet we still weren’t mad at them. Cool cows. Funny photos!
    Gerard – GQ trippin recently posted..Being Great Wall Flowers

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Oh I know right Gerard, I agree 100% it’s like heaven for them for sure. If I was a cow I would wannna be a cow in India. Oh & yeah we got charged by one in Setrawa… lol some are agressive.


    I think this is a great post!!!

    I would salut them as well, I guess jajaja (I talk with the cat 😀 jajaja)

    You should do one post like this but with CAMELS now you are in Egypt 😉

    DAMN COWS hanging on the beach… even they get a tan. I WANT VACATIONS! jajaja

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks R, I know I loved it & miss them so much. Oh & in Egypt I really don’t see many Camels… I do if I go out into the villages or desert, but in Cairo not many. Oh & yes these cows even get tans… you should join me!!! You need a vacation.. vente!!!

  4. Great post hun! haha. I’d rather have a horny buffalo or cow though than a rabid dog in Bali in any day of the week :p
    Toni recently posted..Another 8 reasons I hate the British summer

  5. This post made me LOL! Love that they’re everywhere! One of my fave photos of my bf is actually one that he took himself of him with a cow at my dad’s farm – it looks like they’re best buddies posing for a photo together lol!

    I love cell phone cow and cow in a house the best.

    Love the different quirks that cultures have – and India seems to have a fair few!
    Waegook Tom recently posted..More Batter, More!: A Guide to Korean Street Food

    • Jaime Davila says:

      I know its crazy WT they really are everywhere. Oh I wanna see this photo… it sounds cute. How cool he went to your dad’s farm. Ahh India has so many quirks… like way to many to mention.

  6. Seriously best post ever hahahaha!!!

  7. I love these photos! Oh and I lived 3+ years in India and I still don’t understand most of it…
    Satu recently posted..Has Travel Become Too Easy?

  8. Haha this reminds me of the US Magazine segment where they write Stars – they’re like us!
    Ayngelina recently posted..Where to eat in Lana’i

  9. Rachael says:

    My favourite sighting was in Nepal. The cow was standing on a roundabout and was actually staring defiantly at the police office trying to direct the traffic.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Rachael, that must of been quite interesting to watch. Oh cows… how they can be so interesting.

  10. If I was in India I would so take photos of cows in weird situations. Great Post. I particularly like the cow keeping company while the beard is shaved off, and the curious one, and the one at the train station, and how fat is that cow in the middle of the road!
    jan recently posted..Fantastic Friday – Wallaman Falls

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Jan if you are ever there, you really should. They are everywhere and doing the craziest things… I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Oh & yes some the cows were so damn big… they looked so good. I wanted to eat them, but couldnt…lol!!!

  11. How funny you are. Even i met with cow in India but like you, I never describe. You can say, I never got that funny idea. You are amazing. By the way, I heard that cow is respected in India by Indians.

  12. Cows are the only creature in India that you’ll find, doesn’t care about anything… they are like us – travel all day – explore the place they want – eat what they like & make friends during the tour.
    Amazing pics

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