My 1st ruins… The Copan Ruins!!!

It was a Tuesday night and I couldn’t sleep. I kept tossing and turning and couldn’t stop being giddy and kicking my legs on the bed. I was so excited for tomorrow, I felt like it was the 1st day of school all over again. I couldn’t believe that I was going to see my first ruins ever and they would be the Copan Ruins. I set my alarm to go off early, I wanted to be sure to be one of the first ones there so I can get shots of the ruins with out a million people in them.

I arrived at the ruins 30 minutes before the doors opened. I was so happy to see that it was just I and 3 other couples in line to get tickets. The doors opened, I paid $30 to see the ruins and go into the tunnels (if you just want to see the ruins you pay $15). I was so excited I swear I felt like a kid in a candy store.

Central Pyramid of the Great Plaza in Copan Ruinas!

I made my way through the entrance and started walking to “The Great Plaza”. Once I was there I was already in awe it was a huge space surrounded by a huge wall with a small pyramid in the center. Of course me being me I wanted to climb the pyramid right away, but I was not sure if I could or not. I walked around a bit looking at things and then I saw a helper and asked them if I could. He let me know that you could climb on pretty much anything unless its tied off and says do not climb/enter. I thought hell yes!!! So I made my way to the little pyramid and climbed it.

Ball Court & Hieroglyphic Stairway!

From there I made my way to other parts of the ruins. I awed at the Ball Court and Hieroglyphic stairway. The Hieroglyphic Stairway is the most famous structure of the ruins. It is protected by a giant tarp to help preserve the engravings. I was able to climb on the Ball Court however the Hieroglyphic stairway was roped off and for good reason. The detailed engraving in every stone is unbelievable. I continued on climbing other walls that were around and made my way to the Acropolis. Underneath the Acropolis lies a tunnel system that is over 4km long 2 of them recently open to the public (hence why I paid more).

One of the tunnels under the Acropolis!

I was so excited to go into the tunnels. I asked if I could go alone or if I needed to be accompanied by someone, they let me know I could go in by myself. I was glad I was the only one around at the time and was going to experience them all by myself. I walked in and was a bit scared I kept thinking “wow Mayans used to roam these tunnels so many hundreds of years ago how crazy”. You go in them and it is completely silent, not a sound to be heard. As you are walking along you see so many amazing structures that are carved in into the tunnel walls and also standing out. I kept walking went up a few stairs and then went to secluded corner and stood there a bit. I could feel a weird pressure all around me. It felt like an intense grip over my entire body and then I could start hearing my heart beat. I got freaked out and started walking fast towards the exit. That feeling though is a feeling I will never forget, it was so strange.


I finished touring the rest of the ruins and was left in awe. Looking back I still can not comprehend how the Mayans were able to construct such an amazing city. I don’t comprehend how they could be so detailed and be able to create such huge structures. I am happy that these were the 1st ruins I saw and am looking forward to seeing many more around the world, maybe at some point I can talk about my belief in Aliens and how maybe they helped build so many of the ruins found around the world. For now I wanna hear about the 1st ruins you ever visited or if you have been to the Copan Ruins what is your take on them? If you want to read a more detailed take on the ruins check out GloboTreks post “The Mayan Ruins of Copan”. Norbert does a great job at giving you a bit more history on the ruins.


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  1. I love how excited you were to visit the ruins, and that they lived up to your expectations! That feeling of anticipation is one of the things I love most about travel – I had many sleepless nights on my own trip, super excited for what was coming next.
    megan recently posted..My room in Kathmandu

  2. Copan Ruinas are so cool! For me it was super cool because we flew from Roatan with a small plane and landed in Guatemala, then crossed the border to get to Copan… will never forget that day!
    (if you’re curious or just want to see the pics I have an oooold post about it: )
    Didn’t see the tunnels though 🙁
    Isn’t it great to experience feelings we’ll never forget? Happy for you Jaime 🙂 Now that I’m at home I’ll be following your adventures aaall the time 🙂
    Giulia recently posted..Moving out

    • Awww I am sad you are back at home, but that does mean that when I am Italy we should be able to meet up for sure!!!

      I will check your post out… I have to agree its something I will never forget & it was just amazing.

  3. Wow, $30 for ruins… is that U.S. dollars? Sounds expensive. But I know how exciting these kinds of things are. The only time I’m ever in awe is when I’m in places that are super-old and I start thinking about the people who used to be there.
    Scott – Quirky Travel Guy recently posted..I see dead people in Los Angeles

    • Yup Scott that is $30 US $, it was pretty expensive, but worth it. I do the same thing start imagining how the people used to live, interact with each other, play ball, eat socialize… ahh its crazy!

  4. Looks awesome Jaime, so happy and excited for you that you are getting to see and photograph these places, now no breaking your camera anymore, mmkay?
    Justin Hamlin recently posted..5 Simple Tips to Travel the World for Free

  5. ancient structures never ceases to amaze me.. (and sometimes brings out the weirdo in me too) lol sometimes i imagine what it’s like to live during those ancient times…

    are they somewhat related to the pyramids in egypt?

    • Flip something about them that is spectacular and so captivating. About being related to the pyrmaids in Egypt I do not think they are but I am sure they could be.

  6. That looks really cool! I’ve never been to Central America, so I really enjoy reading about the stuff you’re seeing there, makes me want to go even more. Also, I love how I can just feel your excitement through your blog 🙂
    Ali recently posted..The Secrets I’ve Been Keeping

    • Oh Ali you would Central America it freaking rocks! You should def make it down here at some point in your life. Glad my excitement spills through my blog!

  7. I think you was lucky to almost alone in such place and made your experience more excited.
    Vi recently posted..Why you always should wear seat belt on the plane

  8. Okay, no tears this time between us — only big smiles! I know you’ve heard it before, but your energy/excitement is evident and even contagious 🙂
    Heather recently posted..No Macaron Left Behind- The End

    • Oh no more TEARS… we are now happy…lol!!! Thanks Heather I am so glad that my energy/excitement is evident and contagious!

  9. Visiting these sites on your own is definitely worth getting up early. You can really soak it all up.
    Matthew Karsten recently posted..Colorful Granada! 7 Photos

  10. I really liked those ruins and actually the city of Copan was really quite lovely, fantastic street food.
    ayngelina recently posted..Is gluttony really a sin

  11. We loved the Copan ruins! They couldn’t compete with the Tikal ruins in Guatemala, but we loved that there weren’t many people and we had the site almost to ourselves. And the macaws at the entrance were beautiful 🙂
    Globetrottergirls recently posted..Cycling along Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast

    • Oh yes the Macaws at the entrance were beautiful & everyone has mentioned to me that Tikal is just so much more amazing. I will be going there soon, cant wait!!!

  12. We love the ruins in Mexico. Glad it was such a great experience for you.
    The NVR Guys recently posted..A Welcome Surprise From Zambia

  13. Glad you enjoyed the ruins! This place has a lot of them. I’m hanging out in Merida for the next month before heading to PdC. If you’re ever in the area on your way to Cancun, let me know. Will buy you that beer I promised you and Jenny back in Houston. Keep having a blast!

    • Hey Justin… I will def let you know if I make it to Merida in the next month. It is in my plans but not sure if I will make it out there with the lil time I have left. I am always happy to accept a drink~

  14. Hey Jamie,
    I love all ruins!! I have been to all but two known, named ruins in Central America and yes, Tikal is the top of them all but I hear you are going to Belize soon. Some fantastic ruins there too. A couple of my favs are Xunantunich (and it is within walking distance of Trek Stop, a very cheap good place to stay. Private room, shared bath, eco compost toilets for about $15 a day! Cheap in Belize). Caracol is one of my favs in Belize too. It is off the beaten track and would cost quite a bit to get there but very nice.

    There is one thing that you can not miss when you go to Belize. If I did nothing else while there I would go to the Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) cave. That is where I have had the most moving experiences in my life. It is an ancient Mayan ceremonial cave, you should google it. It is a bit expensive, think we paid $30 including transport and guide but I would have paid $500 by the time we were done!!! Let me know if you have any questions or want any hook ups in Belize Jamie!! BTW, not a real alternate lifestyle country, just be very careful.


    • Hey Sindy yeah ruins are freaking awesome. Its crazy how they just transport you & your imagination to a whole different time. I always wish I could go back in time and see how & what they would do there. I am going to Belize but I think its to just go to the islands. I will look into those ruins for sure though and see if I can make it to them. Oh & of course I will continue to be careful!

      • Hey Jamie,
        Are you going to go to AC (San Pedro) in Belize? Hit me up and let me know because I can hook you up with an awesome guy to go snorkeling with the sharks and sting rays as well as a couple of pretty good hostels to stay in. I have spent quite a bit of time in San Pedro as well as Caye Caulker.

  15. How cool you had a good experience there… And I agree, Copan Ruins are a great way to start your ruins exploration! As you know already, my experience there was completely different… but I did enjoy those ruins a lot too, and the town of Copan Ruinas too. I also marvel at how impressive those structures are and wonder how were the Mayas able to build such structures.

    PS. Thanks for the shout out! 😉
    Norbert recently posted..A Step by Step Guide to Setup Your Niche Site

  16. Oh yeah I remember your experience all to well… I just wish they had caught the fall on camera….jk! Your welcome about the shout out its a great post with good information.

  17. Beautiful photos. I didn’t check out the tunnels when I was there. I kind of wish I had. We totally tried to bribe the guy who was guarding the gate to let us both in for $10. No joy. Since when can’t you bribe someone in CA? Maybe next time. Copan was by far the favorite of all the ruins we visited in CA.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks! Yeah liked the Copan Ruins a lot. It’s actually kinda nice the officer didn’t take the bribe… that is very rare in Latin America. Good for that officer for being honest. 🙂

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