Swimming at the world’s highest infinity pool.

I had been looking forward to Singapore for many reasons, but most of all because one of my best friends from home was going to be there for work and I planned to be there while he was there too. I knew he was going to be working and that we wouldn’t be able to hang out much, but I didn’t care. I was happy I was going to see a familiar face and talk with someone who knows me already and that I don’t have to explain my life story to. The only other time a friend from home visited me was way back in Munich and it was nice. When he finally arrived we traded e-mails and I asked him where he was staying so I could make my way there to meet up with him that night. He emailed me like no big deal… “I’m staying at Marina Bay Sands”. My jaw dropped I couldn’t believe it. I know it’s an icon of Singapore and the most expensive hotel in the world. If you don’t know what Marina Bay Sands is heres a photo:


Yes it’s three towers holding a ship on the top. It’s insanely beautiful and sits across from the amazing Singapore skyline. I couldn’t believe it and thought wow I’m going to get a chance to go up to the top for free with him (swimming in the pool never even crossed my mind). The night we both arrived we met up late had dinner at the hotel than just chilled in his hotel room and caught up. It was already to late to go to the top, but I didn’t care I was happy with just seeing him. We made made plans to meet up later that week for dinner and drinks out on the town. We met up and we went straight to the top of the hotel. It was a cloudy night and about to start raining. Once on the top it was thundering bad, but I was in AWE of the view. I couldn’t believe it. The view was just so damn beautiful. Then while we were up there my friend told me “Well I won’t be using the pool pass at all and have an extra key card if you wanna use it sometime this week?” I thought no fucking way, but said “umm hell yeah I’ll take it and come here tomorrow”. I was so excited with the thought of swimming in that damn infinity pool. Here’s the view I saw that night:

Highest Infinity Pool in the World - Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

They then started asking people to leave, because the thunder was getting really bad so we went ahead and headed down to get a cab for dinner and drinks. We had the most expensive tacos and beer of my life, but were both so damn good. The tacos actually tasted like Mexican Tacos and the hot sauce was so damn hot I loved it. We then found a decent Happy Hour by decent I mean 6 beers for $40… um yeah I wanted to cry, but didn’t care because I was with a friend from home. We spent the night catching up, swapping stories and just laughing. It was so damn nice to be talking to someone outside of the backpacker scene. Does that even make sense? I’m sure anyone who has ever traveled long term knows what I mean. It’s just nice to speak to someone with a different mind set and that is happy with their own life that doesn’t revolve around travel. Sadly the night had to come to an end and I knew I wouldn’t be seeing him again until I got home. We went back to the hotel he handed me the pool pass and key card and said goodbye. This is my friend Jorge & I:

Best Friends

The next morning I had plans to visit the US Embassy to pick up my passport because I had more pages added to it (I know huge milestone) and was then going to just walk around Orchard Road, but instead changed my plans. I picked up my passport EEEEeeeee-d the entire time because I never in my life thought I’d fill up my passport much less need to add pages to it. Then I went straight to Marina Bay Sands. I wanted to go swimming in the worlds highest infinity pool ASAP. I arrived a bit nervous, because well I wasn’t staying there and had to pretend I was my friend. I made my way to the elevator and to make it function you must insert the key card. I thought wow… classy. I arrived at the top and to get on the next elevator to the top you must show the pool pass to get a wristband showing you are allowed to swim. I was scared they may ask for ID, but nope they just asked for the pool pass, punched a hole on the date I was using it for and gave me my wristband. I made my to the top and holy shit… the views were out of this world. Here’s the view from the very end of the ship:

Highest Infinity Pool in the World - Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

It was then time to get in the pool. I’ve had luxury in my life, but not much and NEVER anything like this. I mean I knew this was stuff rich CEOs get to enjoy and now I was going to get a slice of it. I was already getting a bit of luxury in Singapore, but I’m used to budget hostels and well this was just too amazing. I then thought now I was going to feel what it’s like to be in the 1% (P.S. no my friend is not in the 1%, but was there for a convention involving the company he works for). I got in with camera in hand… um yes I was going to get as many photos as I could. Here some photos from my time at the pool:

Highest Infinity Pool in the World - Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

—The pool is situated on the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands. It’s the worlds highest infinity pool.—

Highest Infinity Pool in the World - Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

—It’s unreal… it really looks like you can fall right off.—

Highest Infinity Pool in the World - Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

—However you can not fall over it has a mini pool catching the water and putting it back in the pool.–

Highest Infinity Pool in the World - Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


Highest Infinity Pool in the World - Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

—The view from the chair I was laying out on.—

Highest Infinity Pool in the World - Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

—Other chairs you can lay on if you’d like.—

Highest Infinity Pool in the World - Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

—The view from the highest deck facing the pool.—

I could have spent all day there, but I didn’t have sunscreen and after 3 hours there I felt as if the sun was literally on me because of the height I was at. While I was in the pool I swam back and forth and then kept hanging on the edge and not believe my life. I couldn’t believe the view I was experiencing. I could see all of Singapore and watch it go by. I was left in awe looking out at the distance and thinking this is stuff I have only seen on television or in movies and I am now experiencing it.

I have had many amazing experiences around the world, but this one was different than any other. I don’t know how to explain it. I guess because it was a luxurious experience and well I haven’t had many of those on my trip around the world or in my life. Oh & definitely not at this level. The only way you are able to access the pool is if you are a guest of Marina Bay Sands and well lord knows I would never spend over $500 a night for a hotel room (I’d feel so guilty). Anyone though could purchase a ticket for the observation deck (details here) and that is well worth it. So anyway what do you think? Isn’t this insane? I mean it’s just fucking crazy! Have you been to Singapore? Did you make it to the top of Marina Bay Sands?

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  1. Hey Jaime, this is probably one of the best photos and brief writeup about Singapore I have seen even though I probably wouldn’t stay there; that pool is not one to miss it looks like!

  2. I’m so glad you got to catch up with Jorge and be with someone who knows you well 🙂 What a pick-me-up!

    Beautiful, awesome views.

  3. Hey Jaime,
    I’m jealous you had the hook up. Remarkable hotel. I tried to slip in to the pool area but they were too vigilant. Instead I got a singapore sling and sat out on the porch. THere I met an older French woman. We talked for a few minutes and then she left. THen a few minutes later I left, only to fin out she hadn’t paid for her 22$ drink. Fortunately they didn’t make me pick up her tab.
    Leif recently posted..How Turkish Hospitality Saved My Life

    • Jaime Davila says:

      I’m glad you didn’t have to pick up the French Womens tab Leif, I think I would have cried. I think $22 for a drink is outrageous. Sucks you weren’t able to go for a swim, but glad you went to the top to see the view. They were very vigilant with the wristbands everywhere we’d go.

  4. BALLER! I used to work for luxury hotels so my old travels were more like this than my last two years of hostels and couchsurfinh. I gotta say I miss the high life s etimes 😉
    Alexandra recently posted..Mexico Research Directory – Central America Blogs

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Um yeah Alexandra, I would miss it too if my previous travels looked like this jaja, but hostels and CSing is not that bad.

  5. Lol I spent 6 weeks in Singapore during study abroad four years ago and found it incredibly expensive, so was dying to get home by the end. You are totally right about the $40 being a “good” happy hour deal. It sucked. But loved how it was a good launchpad for Malaysia, Thailand, and the rest of SEA. 😀

    Miss you! So glad to see you first-worlding it again for a bit!


    • Jaime Davila says:

      I knew you had visited Singapore Lisa, but didn’t know you spent 6 weeks there. Yeah it was nice & interesting to be in the 1st world again, but so damn expensive and just I don’t a bit strange. It was so perfect in a crazy eerie way and I don’t know. The plus side is you are so right about it being a good launch pad for SEA. Miss you too tons!!!

  6. darn, you looked great taking the plunge and yes, like the BOSS. Enjoyed reading this one Jaime and thanks for this I am itching to get myself to Singapore 🙂
    Wends of Journeys and Travels recently posted..Parol ng Pasko Alay kay Pablo Giveaways

  7. Wow Singapore looks incredible and infinity pools are one of the best inventions out there. Really cool blog…where are you traveling to next? Cheers!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      I know right infinity pools are one of the best inventions in the world. The view of Singapore was really incredible. Thanks for the compliment. I am now in Vietnam and then heading to Cambodia.

  8. I remember the pool from some movies. I’m sure that you enjoyed this luxurious activity more than the usual hotel customers 🙂

  9. Backpacking and budget traveling is nice, but it is also good to splurge or stay in luxurious hotels every once in a while 😀

    The first (and last) time I went to Singapore was in 2009. If i’m not mistaken, Marina Bay Sands isn’t open yet (or I was just not aware of it lol). I wanna go and swim in that infinity pool!
    Micamyx|Senyorita recently posted..Paraw Sailing in Boracay as the sun sets

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Okay for sure… yes I was lucky that my friend was staying there. I mean really… I would have never done it if it wasn’t for him. Oh & yeah it’s a brand new hotel I think opened in like 2010.

  10. I am so so so jealous!! I wanted to swim in that pool so badly when we were there! What an amazing experience. As for the observation deck – another tip: We had actually planned to go up there, but found $20 too steep of a price. We then found out that there’s a bar / restaurant on 57th floor as well, and so we decided to rather go there than on the observation deck: For $20, at least we got a delicious Singapore Sling with these amazing views! (The most we’ve ever paid for a drink!) So I would recommend going to the bar instead of the observation deck.
    Dani recently posted..Polaroid of the Week: Man’s best friend, and Editor

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks for sharing that extra tip. Seriously Dani this was pure luck and that I will say was luck… cus for real, I would have NEVER gone up here if it wasn’t for my friend. I mean really I couldn’t even afford to spend $20 on a drink. This was one of the highlights no joke, just cus it was pure luck and fuck so damn amazing. Maybe one day the 3 of us can share a room there and spend the day in the pool…lol.

  11. What does your buddy do for a living? Must be a sweet job.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Ja Ron it is a sweet job. Long description short he sells rings for oil companies around the world. They are one of a kind that are needed for the tubing of oil. Something like that…lol!

  12. Just back to Turkey from Singapore this was my 2nd trip to there. Dont think will be a 3rd. Yes its a rich country but for me its all artificial, the whole country/city is artificial, and the country has no history. And i must say i found it expensive this time. Geylarong area sucks. Little india on sundays are full of thousands of people standing on the roads ( i didnt understand why they were ). Singapore flyer is a must see. Infinty pool ? Sorry i didnt have that chance.
    But Singapore, is a twin of Dubai at South east Asia by the mean of being artificial. And yes people are not happy, so many casinos and bankruptcies, many security cams everywhere and even u can watch yourself at the screens of the subway. Its like BBG

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Hakan that is a perfect word to describe Singapore “ARTIFICIAL”… that never crossed my mine and honestly that is what it is. I also never thought about comparing it to Dubai… but that also makes so much sense. It’s a filthy rich country and uses it in excess to prove it to the world. I did love the swim I had at the infinity pool…lol. I can’t complain about that. Oh & don’t get me started about the security cams… it was OVER THE TOP & scary.

  13. Great photos. What a Impressive pool, talk about “wow” factor. Lucky of you to have been able to experience that. By the way, you have quite an impressive blog. As a new blogger, I find your website very insightful and inspiring.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Hi Sergey thank you so much for the compliment. I am happy to hear my blog is inspiring you. If you need anyting feel free to let me know and if I can help I will be more than happy to help.

  14. I am willing to pay for getting a pass in the infinity pool. Is it possible????

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Hi Vijay, I believe they only way to get access to be in the pool is if you are staying there. You can pay for a pass to go up to the top though. I would inquire at the hotel itself.

  15. It looks like an amazing experience. I know that this hotel is quite expensive in Singapore,
    but I don’t think you’ll find a view like that from a pool anywhere else in the world.

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