A friend (from home) visits me in Munich!

I had known I was going to be visiting Munich for sure after spending a few days in Paris. I knew I had to get from that side of Europe to Valencia, Spain in time for La Tomatina. The cheapest flight I could find was out of Munich. I booked it and planned the remainder of my trip around that. I made it to Amsterdam for Gay pride. I spent 8 amazing nights in Hamburg including a quick visit to Denmark then made it to Berlin where lord knows I got crazy then spent 24hrs in Prague. Through out my travels to these places a friend from home had messaged me on Facebook letting me know she was coming to Europe for two weeks and wanted to make sure she was able to meet up with me. Thank goodness I had my plans set for this time because if not I don’t think it would have worked out.

Lisa & I at a cafe in Munich.

A few weeks later I get a message from her that she is going to be visiting me while I am in Munich. I couldn’t believe a friend from home was actually going to be visiting me during my round the world trip. I had never mentioned it to anyone, but in my mind I knew I did not want to finish my round the world trip with out someone from home (friend or family) visiting me somewhere. Now that she has I don’t have to worry about it… even though don’t play I still want more to visit me…lol!!!

So who is she… she is Lisa a friend I made a few years ago and even though she didn’t live in Houston (she lived in Austin now NYC) we managed to keep in touch. I think our common factor was travel. She has been traveling around most of her life and spending time in various countries around the world. So when we would chat we would dream and dream big and be supportive of each other’s dreams. Lisa also made sure that before I left Houston the 1st time around that she saw me and well she did.

The Theatine Church of St. Cajetan in Munich from a distance at a park!

I made it to Munich close to midnight so spent the 1st night at the hostel chatting with people. The next day I slept in and spent it working on my blog as I was waiting for Lisa to arrive. 5pm finally arrived and Lisa walked through the door. We both screamed and ran towards each other and gave each other a huge hug. I could see everyone in the hostel looking at us like we are crazy. I didn’t care I was so happy to see someone from home. We then spent some time there catching up with each other and life and so on. We then got her settled in and decided to go find dinner. We agreed we wanted to take our 2 nights in Munich chill and relaxing. She had just got back from 6 weeks in China and getting things read for her big move to NYC.  I was glad that was the case because I was exhausted from Berlin and Prague. After dinner that nigh we spent it at the hostel planning the remainder of her trip and drinking away!

Park in Munich

Since we only had one full day in Munich the next day we decided to do the free walking tour that was offered. We got up bright and early and am glad we did. Turned out to be a very good tour of the city and learned a lot from it. After that we had lunch at a food market in the center of Munich. Then spent the afternoon walking around and made out way to a very nice café where we spent some time enjoying the moment and each other’s company.

From there the both of us were not so eager or excited to climb St. Peters tower to see a view of the city of Munich from above because it was about 160 steps to the top. However we managed to suck it up and do it. It was well worth it. Here is a shot of us at the top with the city behind us. It was a clear sunny day so were even able to see the Alps… BREATHTAKING!

Saying goodbye to my friend Lisa as she heads elsewhere and I head to the airport.

The only other thing we had planned was to spend time at a park Scott from The Shirt Off My Backpack had recommended to me. We made it there and stumbled upon a nudist part of the park and of course I couldn’t stop giggling. I loved how people were just walking around naked… I had never been to a park like that and umm yeah I didn’t get naked. We walked along and found a great spot to take a nap. We napped for a bit then fed some ducks and called it a day. We made it back to the hostel relaxed a bit and then had a great amazing dinner.

The next morning we walked each other to the train station and said our goodbyes. I of course got tears because even though we really didn’t do anything AMAZING it was nice to spend 2 nights of my trip with someone who knew me from home. We spent most of our time together just relaxing and talking then anything else. We both talked about how happy we are with our lives at the moment and that things are just falling into place. Lisa I am so glad you visited me during my trip… It means so much to me. Those 2 nights were amazing even though we didn’t do anything amazing. I love you and will hopefully be visiting you during your two year stay in NYC.

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  1. Glad to hear Lisa got to meet up with you. One of my best friends, Mindy, met up with me for nearly 2 weeks of my trip in Europe and they were easily some of the best days of my own entire RTW trip.
    Brock – Backpack With Brock recently posted..Crossing Canada By Train: Part One

    • Thanks Brock… it really is an awesome feeling and serioulsy one of the best times on the trip so far. It is just nice to not have to explain your life to anyone for a few days. It’s nice to be with someone you know.

  2. Glad you got to meet up with one of your friends Jamie, I remember you saying how jealous you were when we’ve had friends visit. Hopefully you’ll have lots more!
    Poi recently posted..How to relocate your whole family within 30 days

    • Thanks Poi, yeah I remember being so jealous thinking no one would ever visit me and now they have. Now I want more people to visit me…lol!!!

  3. It’s always cool when things like that work out. The view of the Alps sure sounds amazing.
    Kent @ No Vacation Required recently posted..NVR 101 – Visiting Africa

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks Kent it really is nice & yes the view of the Alps was amazing. So I guess something amazing did happen….?

  4. I’m so glad you got your wish and had a friend from home come visit — and here’s hoping that she’s not the only one! I know the visits from a couple of friends and my parents were very special in Australia 🙂
    Heather recently posted..There’s No Place Like: Scott Stadium

  5. Your trip sounds amazing! Me and my mum are planning a trip to Munich this October, are there any other places you would recommend? XD

    • Hey Rachy glad you are enjoying it!!! Oh Munich is awesome. Right now I can’t think of anything but send me an email and I will def email you with my thoughts. (use the contact me form) I am sure your moom & you will enjoy it. I know for sure do the free walking tour it taught me a lot about the city and was actually good.

  6. Hey cutie! I just read this post. How did that happen? I still relish our easy-going days together. It was so much fun! I loved how we just napped from pure exhaustion and bliss at the park and woke up to find ducks swarming around us. Bahhaa. Watch for videos and photos posted on Facebook soon. 🙂


    • Lisaaaaaaaa I have no clue how this happened!!! I know I had so much fun… I’mso glad one of my friends from home came and visited me… I wish more would but I think you will be the only one. I cant wait to see the photos you upload… Im sure plenty good ones… and of course the videos are going to be a mess…lol!!!

      Love ya & see you soon… i hope!!!

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