One week in… the highs & lows.

It’s close to midnight as I am writing this from the balcony of a hostel in Bocas del Torro. I am watching a group of about 15 kids just goofing around below being kids. I am also watching people as they walk to and from the main carnival that is going on in the city center. I keep thinking to myself I can’t believe I am one week in on my trip already.

Jessica, Dani from Globe Trotter Girls & Me

Jessica, Dani from Globe Trotter Girls & Me having shots & drinks at a bar in Puerto Viejo.

I have been lucky enough to meet up with Jessica & Dani from Globe Trotter Girls. They have been traveling for 10 months already and have a few more days in Central America before heading off to Europe. Things worked out prefect and I have been able to tag along with them these last few days and the days ahead. They are giving me the inside scoop on how to do things and I am loving it.

The first 48 hours of my trip were relatively easy and amazing. Now a few more days on the road and things haven’t been all rainbows and butterflies. I won’t lie I am having a hell of a time, but at the same time just trying to adjust to all the change.

Punta Uva - best beach I have been too so far!!!

From San Jose I took my first bus ride to Puerto Viejo. That is where I met up with Jessica & Dani. We spent the afternoon getting to know each other and hit it off very well right off the back. That same night we hit the town and got pretty wasted. The next morning we rented a bike for the day and road it all over the place going to a few beaches. We finally made it to Punta Uva and loved it. It was a beautiful beach with calm waters. That was exactly what we needed to cure our hangovers. While we were there I realized a few red dots on my leg and didn’t think any thing of them.

Since then we have travelled on to Bocas del Torro, Panama. Obviously along the way I did my first border crossing and that was something else. I am trying to think back and see how it was I managed to cross it and have no clue. Everything happened so fast. I got  there and people just start telling me what to do so I followed along and before I knew it I was set and ready to go.

It was yesterday morning that I noticed the red dots on my legs had not gone away and seemed to multiply. They do not itch or hurt, but are fucking with my mind. I know I am probably over reacting, but I have never had problems with my skin. I understand I am traveling in a whole new region of the world and it can be some type of bugs or just an allergic reaction to something. I am trying to not think about them, but I can’t help it I just do. I am going to just let them be for now and if they don’t go away in a few days see a Dr.

Thanks to the red dots on my legs and a few other things that were not going my way on Sunday I had a mini melt down. I thought a million things, but realized I am living my dream. Also today my camera decided to stop working. I had never had a problem with it and now it wont even turn on. I am going to let it rest and hope it works in the morning or at some point.

A devil roaming the streets of Bocas during Carnival.

A devil roaming the streets of Bocas during Carnival.

I don’t want it to sound like I am complaining, because I am not. In a few hours I should be swimming with dolphins and snorkeling; that definitely beats what I would normally be doing on a Tuesday at home. I am just letting you know what is going on in my “new” world right now. I know its going to take time for me to adjust to everything and that I can do it. I also know that things will happen and I just have to deal with them.

I love the fact that in this last week I have done and seen more new things then I probably have this past year. I also love that I am having highs and lows and am being kept on my toes 24/7. For now I am going to try and ignore the red dots on my legs and forget that my camera is not working and continue to enjoy it all.

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  1. It’s fun to follow along with you! The dots – it may have been something you ate. Or have you washed your clothes yet? Perhaps it was the laundry detergent. Or it could be stress. I have no medical background whatsoever. But these all sound like likely causes to me. I wouldn’t waste your money on a doctor.

    • Hey Sabina thanks for following. I havent washed clothes yet (and I really need too) so its not that. Hopefully they go away and I wont need to waste money on a Dr. For now I will try to stop worrying.

  2. Those dots don’t sound too serious since they don’t itch or hurt – you can look them up on webMD if you’re really concerned. It’s amazing to watch as you follow your dream. If your camera doesn’t work, you can always get another one – are prices cheaper there?
    Patricia GW recently posted..Five Hour Friends in Los Angeles

  3. I know how annoying it can be if your camera stops working, I had that when I was about to climb Mt Doom in New Zealand. I got so angry, but then you realize where you actually are and when you put things in perspective its not that bad. That Punta Uva beach does look like a nice place to relax for a few days 🙂 Have fun with the dolphins!
    Tijmen recently posted..A Guide to Eating in West Africa

    • Tijmen exactly it is very annoying but in the end you must put things in perspective and realize that its out of your control for now. I should be in Panama City in a few days and am hoping to find one there for cheap.

  4. Great that you’re being totally honest about your experiences so far. We see too many posts that put a glossy sheen on things when we all know that even having fun sucks slightly sometimes! Haha. It’s bound to be a culture shock, after all you’re travelling solo in a new part of the world, but just stick at it, I’m sure you’ll find your rhythm soon. Also, my camera totally zonked out in Vietnam due to all the rain and I couldn’t even see what I was taking pictures of, which freaked me out because those memories were so important to me. It’s funny how even something relatively small can seem so huge when you are out of your comfort zone.
    Julia recently posted..Eat- Play- Love- A Confused Girls Guide to Travel

  5. Love following your adventures but watch The Cove before you even think of swimming with dolphins!
    ayngelina recently posted..Today I hate the Irish

    • Ayngelina well you are in luck because no dolphins came out to play today. I have heard of that movie but have not seen it yet. I want to see it though… so hopefully soon.

  6. Rubi Sky says:

    Do you have any hydrocortizone to put on it? Neosporin or something like that may help to make them go away. As for the camera, if it doesn’t work today, then just go get a new one. It will be worth spending the money for a new one than to be having a hard time with the current one.

    On another note, I absolutely love reading your blogs. They are so true to who you really are. I really enjoy it! I’m so glad you’re having fun! 😀

    • Thank you Rubi for enjoying my blog. I do not have hydrocortizone but do have Neosporin so i will put some of that on it. I spoke to the captain of the catamaran I was on today and he said they should just be sand flies and that they will go away. As for the camera yeah I am going to get one when I am in Panama City in a few days!

  7. I think it´s perfectly normal to feel the way you feel. Don´t try to control it, just notice how you´re feeling and move on. You´re making a huge adjustment…just be proud of yourself and try to savour it (I´m sure you are). As for the red marks, could they be bug bites? We are in Chile right now and John got bit by mosquitoes and they left red welts…these are some super mosquitoes, so much bigger than even the ones we have in Australia.

    Hope you enjoy dolphin swimming! We totally missed out on that when we were in New Zealand =)
    Andrea recently posted..Taking the Long Way to Pucón

    • Andrea thanks for the encouraging words. I am going to do just that. About the red marks it looks liek they just may be sand flies bites and they should go away. So for now I am going to stop worrying about them. Thank god they are not big welps cus then I would really think I was dying…lol!

      On a sad note we didn’t get to swim with dolphins today. They didn’t come out and play at all, but still had a damn good time.

  8. I knew I could count on you for “real talk”!

    Travel isn’t all peaches and rainbows, it really really sucks sometimes. It’s terrifying to be in a foreign place and feel like you might be ill, or without an important item. Sometimes I dislike travel blogs that gloss over gritter elements of a trip. Travel is lots of new friends, amazing food, and stellar sights, but don’t forget the crazy touts, food poisoning, and panic attacks. At the end of the day we all know the good will far outweigh the bad, but that doesn’t mean you can’t acknowledge “the suck” in the mean time. You’re doing fine! =D

    The first time I had a meltdown traveling was in Athens, Greece. We went from the airport to the city by train and I realized when we got off at our stop that the directions I had to our lodgings weren’t correct. There were cars and mopeds speeding all over, hazes of cigarette smoke, and for some reason we couldn’t find a friendly person to help anywhere. I didn’t now what to do and my two travel companions were counting on me to get them where they needed to go (why wouldn’t they, they think I’m the expert traveler!). It was all I could do to not hyperventilate and cry.

    Think of this as losing your travel virginity. It’s a good thing.

    Much love!


    • Oh yeah David you know I will keep it honest 100%. I don’t see any need to lie or hide anything from anyone. I am slowly learning that it really isn’t all peaches and rainbows. The good thing is that I understand this stuff is going to happen and will just deal with it. I can’t get all crazy and dramatic like I would at home…lol!!!

      Wow I think I would have wanted to react the same way to the encounter you had in Athens. I love what you said about losing my travel virginity I am going to write that down and maybe right a post with that title… You know me Ill come up with something to fit it.

  9. thanks for your honesty! i really like to hear about the real deal, both the highs and the lows – the *whole* journey. i hope one day to do the same thing. 🙂 k.

  10. I hope the red dots turn out to be minor and go away soon. I’m glad you’re telling us the good and the bad, makes things more realistic. I think we all have little meltdowns on the road because we’re out of our comfort zone. But that’s one of the things I love most about travel, once you get through those rough patches, you realize you’re stronger than you thought you were. That always gives me such a confidence rush. Good luck with the camera too!
    Ali recently posted..Evolution of Luggage

    • Hey Ali, yeah I hope they just go away and I think they will in a few days. I am hoping the same once I get through the rough patches things will get easier. This is just the beginning of a long adventure.

  11. Hello Jaime- just a quick message letting you know that your blog journey is very interimg, it’s like reading a good book and wonder what will happen next.

    Isnt very interesting the Spanish dialect from different regions of central america. They all have their Uniates ways.

    Is Europe in your plans to visit, specifically Spain?

    Anyways take care!


    • Thanks Mario for reading my blog I really appreciate it. Yes the different dialects of spanish are very interesting. I love that its different yet the same in a way. As for Europe yes it is on my plans. I am going to spend about 3.5 in Central America come home for a wedding then head off to Europe. Spend about 2 months there before heading off to the Middle East, then India and then South East Asia.

  12. I was going to tell you to look it up on webMD and then I remembered the time they had me thinking I had cancer. So I opted out! So my advice is to just keep an eye on them and if all else fails use that insurance 😉

    • Oh no Erika webMD scares the shit out of me. I would do the same misdiagnose myself and then really think I am dying. Thats true about the insurance didn’t think of that.

  13. I, too, love that you’re not all sunshine and rainbows—keeping it realz.

  14. It sounds like you have had quite the emotional rollercoaster week there!

    On the positive side, the trip will help you with stress management and problem solving? *cough*

    I can’t wait to join you on your trip! <3 Besos!
    Erica recently posted..Travel and the Wonderful World of Tattoos

    • Oh yeah Erica it really has been an emotional roller coaster but a very good one!!! This trip will def help me with stress management and will aslo making me become less dramatic…lol because things will really be out of my control. Oh & yes I can’t wait to bump into you all!!!

  15. It gets easier Jaime. The first few weeks are a big adjustment. I also woke one morning with red dots on my legs and under my arm. Turned out to be bedbugs… just sayin’. I wouldn’t worry about it too much though… enjoy!

    • Thanks Darren, I really hope so, its a big adjustment and something so new to me. I have never done anything like this so i am sure with time I will get the swing of it. Seee why I was kinda freaking out about the red dots… I would be going crazy if I knew they were bedbugs. I will try to worry too much about things.
      Jaime recently posted..Photo Round Up – Week 1

  16. Jennifer from @twoyearsoff says:

    Hi Jaime,

    Glad to hear you’re having fun. FYI – I read recently that Panama offers free healthcare to travelers. Here’s the article I read from @BrilliantTips:
    You should look into it since you’re in Panama. Take care!

  17. what are the red dots? allergies? good to know you’re enjoying your trip… i guess the low lights are pretty normal everywhere…

    so… have you met your soulmate??? hehehe just kiddin bud
    flip recently posted..Istanbul on a Budget

    • Flip looks like they were just sand fies and are now going away. I am so glad they are cus they had me worried. About my soulmate nope not yet… I think I will meet him in Manuel Antonio…lol!!!

  18. Traveling is always going to be filled with ups and downs. But you have to suffer through the downs to appreciate the ups. Trust me, there will be MANY more ups than downs. Hang in there dear!!! And whenever you’re feeling down just read through these awesome comments of support 🙂
    Andi of My Beautiful Adventures recently posted..FAQ’s About My Upcoming Wedding Part 3

  19. Monica Cantu says:

    I love this one…. your mini meltdown is just because you are being a typical gay man he heeeee! Ahh what a bummer about your camera! Hopefully it works once you let it rest. And as far as those red dots it has to be the insects don’t worry about it that much! You pictures are awesome and your NEW friends seem so nice! Glad they get to show you around and enjoy the scenery! Ahh Jaime I love you and miss you tons! Keep up with the blogs and try hard that nothing brings you down from that high you are on! Enjoy and relax!!! XOXOXO

  20. QueenBrain12 says:

    I love the opening paragraph. You help me invision myself there w/you. I miss you like crazy!!!
    The next time I see you you will be less dramatic ( can sense that already). lol it’s a good thing. I guess that’s the life of breaking away you don’t have to be stressed out and dramatic anymore.

    I will be off on a week adventure in Florida with the family. You know we love our road trips!!!!

    Now that you are getting your sexy legs back, hopefully you will find a boo or boi toy! lmao jk
    Have fun and be safe.


    • Ahhh how I miss you~ Yes I think I will be way less dramatic for real… I am learning the hard way that things happen and well I can’t change everything. I know how much you love road trips so have fun and be safe too.


  21. Ur Lobster says:

    I always read but never comment! So I am commenting today! I’m so proud of u as I have told u many times. This was so interesting and I love ur pics! I’m glad ur legs are better, keep taking care of urself. I miss u, and I told Jess I wanna come to Europe and visit u with her! Sssh, I don’t think she wants me to come, she wants u all to herself!! I hope to skype u soon! LoL, that sounded dirty! Hugs and Kisses!!

    • Hey Lobster… I miss you!!! Thanks for being proud of me… you know it took a lot of hard work to get here and I am so glad its all paying off. I hope the both of you visit me in EUROPE or ANYWHERE in the world… that would be so damn awesome. Love ya boo~

  22. Hey Jaime….during my travels (not so many as I would like) I learned to consider everything an adventure…skin and camera problems – part of it…just think what it would be like if everything went smoothly? the posts would be pretty innocent…but add a few spices and comments will flow 😉
    I love it that you stay positive most of the time – having a mini or even maxi meltdown is perfectly normal (take it from someone who has them as well, and I’m at home – my reason for the meltdowns being the lack of money for traveling)…keep up the good work, and I’m eagerly waiting for your next posts!

    • Hey Joseph you are right about considering an adventure because in the end it is ALL PART OF IT. Its going to be a long adventure and I am going to roll with the punches. I try to stay positive because I know I am doing something amazing and that its all part of the fun.
      Jaime recently posted..Photo Round Up – Week 2

  23. Love the honesty in the posts. A lot of the readers want to know that life isnt all sunshine and rainbows, but real life does exist when you are on a permanent vacation 🙂

    Keep ya head up, have fun, and like you are doing, realize, you are living the dream. Keep it up kiddo.

  24. So did you swim with the dolphins? I wanna do it in Mexico in May 🙂
    crazy sexy fun traveler recently posted..WHAT TO PACK FOR 3 MONTHS IN MEXICO

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Nope did not. We went out there and none were to be seen… but we still had a great time snorkeling.

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