Toto, I’ve a feeling I’m not in Kansas any more.

These last 48 hours have been short of amazing; they have been a roller coaster of emotion. It started with my friends picking me and driving me to the airport. After saying good-bye to them and actually being alone in the airport, it hit me “wow this is it”. Then it was the countless hours I spent in transit, my thoughts just running wild. As the plane descended to San Jose, I still couldn’t believe it I was shaking, nervous and excited.


When I finally landed in San Jose, Costa Rica and got out of the airport smelled the fresh air and saw a whole new world I thought to myself “wow this is how Dorothy must have felt when she landed in Oz”. I have seen “The Wizard of Oz” a million times and still think it’s one of the best travel movies ever (think about it… it really is). If I had a Toto with me I am 100% sure I would have looked at him and said “Toto, I’ve a feeling I’m not in Kansas any more.”

I was outside and a million people started calling me left and right that they will take me to my hostel (guess my backpack gave it away). Before I had left I told myself I would take the public bus and pay $2 to get into town (I even wrote down the directions). Well ummm yeah that didn’t happen. It was night and it being the 1st day away I got pretty scared so opted to cab it instead. I spent $16 and got to know my cab driver Juan a bit. He dropped me off right at my hostel Galileo Hostel.

For my friends & family who may not know where I will be sleeping. This is it, not AMAZING, but cheap.

I checked in and got situated, but the whole time I wanted to laugh out loud. I had seen movies, read books and websites on hostels, but I was finally actually using one. I went downstairs to mingle and met a few people and kept thinking “wow this is how it’s going to be for a long while, just meeting new interesting people” (in case you are wondering… when I think to myself I often time say wow to myself). I called it a night early and tried to catch up on my sleep, but instead I tossed and turned.

I had made plans to meet up with a friend of my friends, Tracy the next morning! Tracy was awesome enough to pick me at the Hostel at 9am on my 1st full day in San Jose! I let her know since I arrived late last night I didn’t have dinner and that I was starving. I asked her if she can take me somewhere to get some authentic Costa Rican breakfast. She took me to her aunt’s restaurant. Oh man breakfast was soooo good!!!

Typical Costa Rican breakfast: “gallo pinto con huevos, nutilla y plantains”.

I had told Tracy that I was down to do anything she wanted to do because this was my first day in San Jose and of my trip and really appreciated that she was taking the time to show me around. Instead of showing me around San Jose she took me too Parque Nacional Volcan Poas.

The ride to Volcan Poas was long, but amazing as we drove up the mountain I could feel the temperature drop. Once we were finally up there, we had quite a hike to the top of the Volcano. What is sad though is less than 48 hours into my trip I know I am so damn out of shape. I was huffing and puffing all the way up. I guess this trip is really going to kick my ass into shape. It was all worth it once we made it to the top.


Lake Botos is an inactive crater also located within the Poás Volcano National Park.

Lake Botos is an inactive crater also located within the Poás Volcano National Park.

After an entire afternoon of hiking and on the road, we called it a day. Tracy dropped me off at my hostel; I took a nap and later went out for some dinner. I then came back and spent the rest of the night hanging out with people at the hostel.

Dinner: Burrito de chorizo con frijoles y lechuga!

Dinner: Burrito de chorizo con frijoles y lechuga!

All in all the 1st 48 hours of my trip have been very mellow, but amazing! Today I am going to spend it exploring San Jose by foot on my own before venturing onto Puerto Viejo to be a beach bum for a few days on Friday. For some reason I still can’t believe I am finally living my dream and am traveling the world. All I know is I am no longer in Houston, TX and this is going to be one hell of a ride!

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  1. Oh, how I miss that food in Costa Rica. Enjoy the day checking stuff out around the city.
    The NVR Guys recently posted..Snap Travelogue – San Francisco

  2. Wow, sounds like you’re having a great time! Glad everything went well for you and you are all settled in!! 🙂
    Lauren recently posted..Everything You Need To Know About Vaccinations And Long-Term Travel

  3. I’ve found by chance your web page a few months ago and since then I’ve followed step by step your last weeks before the departure… I’ve been so excited for your adventure and your braveness all along and now I participate in the enthusiasm for beeing finally in Costa Rica! The adventure has begun!!! I’ll keep on reading your posts!!! have fun and good luck!
    Maddie, Italy

    • Oh wow thank Maddie. I am glad you are enjoying the site and are following along. Let me know if at any time you have any questions or need help with anything, Ill do what I can. Yes I am FINALLY in Costa Rica and the adventure has begun.

  4. Eep! This is so exciting! It’s finally begun! Looks like you’re already diving into an amazing adventure! And that food looks so delicious (seriously I have a one track mind towards food). Eat it up and live your dream out there!
    Val recently posted..I quit my job to travel the world!

    • I know its crazy right Val, man seem like yesterday I start planning this and then changed my plans! Oh girl the food is amazing, I am really loving it.

  5. How exciting! I was planning a trip to Costa Rica last year but actually ended up in Vietnam instead. Having seen some of the food in these pics it needs to be back on my list! Yum.
    Julia recently posted..If Not Now- When

    • Oh Julia, I think you should def give CR a chance. I know I have only been here 2 days, but I am loving it so far. Hopefully I will be hitting up Vietnam a year from now.

  6. YAY! Sounds like you are getting off to a great start! I’m super jealous about the food.

  7. Ok, so the food alone is going to make me book this ticket. I’m so happy and excited for you Jaime! Have the time of your life 🙂
    Sheryll recently posted..Finding Your Passion During a Quarterlife Crisis

  8. Ahhh the pictures are awesome!!! I am so happy that you are living your dream and loving it! It puts me at ease knowing that you are ok! You do have balls of steel because I think that when I landed I would of told Toto, I wanna go home :(! The food looks delish 🙂 and the hike must of been something else! I hope that by this time next year when we meet in Vietnam you will be supper buff and we have babie ha ha ha ha! I kid! I love you Jaime keep up with the blogs makes me feel like I am traveling right along with ya! Love you and miss you! Skype date soon :)!

    • HEY MONICA!!!! Thanks so much for being awesome, amazing and so supportive. LOL you would not have told Toto you wanna go home. You would have told him we are here and bitch you better protect me…lol!!! Oh & hello yeah I hope a year from now I will be way more fit & hot…lol!!! I love you too & miss you and we will set up a date soon. PROMISE!!!

  9. Loving your first post travel post and I’m glad you’ve already found some good grub 🙂

  10. I can feel your excitement pouring out of this post 🙂 I’m so happy for you that you’re finally out there!
    Ali recently posted..Evolution of Luggage

  11. Wow, first day and you already climbed a volcano? Let’s see who rocks harder here 🙂
    Giulia recently posted..The sweetest spam comment I ever got! Awww

  12. QueenBrain12 says:

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ Pinky made to Costa Rica!!!!!
    You are definately not in Kansas anymore. I think you are spoiling me because you have updated a lot more than what I expected. It’s going to be strange when you go for days without cyber contact. I love the pictures, you are really documenting this trip well that I feel like I’m right next to you on this journey.

    When I read your plans of taking the bus, I started to laugh and thought I bet he has written directions (sure enough!) but I’m glad you got the cab. lol

    Looking forward to seeing more of your journey.



      Yeah I think I am spoiling everyone with updating often on twitter and facebook & my blog. I hope I can continue to do so. I am lucky most hostels offer free wifi so during my down time I plan on keeping everyone updated. Girl I thought to myself… what would BRAIN do… um sure enough I know you would have taken a cab too, so I went with the cab.

      • QueenBrain12 says:

        LMAO I would totally have taken the cab but that was probably the safer option considering the time you arrived in San Jose.

        Thanks for bringing me along on your journey.

        Will you be updating how much you have spent daily or so far?

        You’re the traveling guru in my life! lmao


        • For real, he’s the traveling guru in my life as well! Everything Brain siad for me too! Ditto! Hahahaha! Ok well I gotta go do laundry cause I’m still in Kansas! Hahahaha!

  13. Welcome to Oz 😉

  14. I hope you ended up getting that wind breaker hehe

    Very happy for you! I know what you mean about being out of shape. Last weekend in Helsinki I thought I’d skip the public transportation and walk around the city. Was doing fine but started “huffing and puffing” after a few hours. I thought “Great I’m going to freeze to death after I collapse. Will they put ‘fat American’ as my cause of death…?”.

    Looking forward to more!


  15. Awesome man, cheers to one hell of a ride…
    Nick Laborde recently posted..The undeniable power of travel and why size doesn’t matter

  16. Congrats Jaime, you made it! Couple more of those hikes and you’ll be back in shape for sure. Enjoy your time and don’t sweat the small stuff.

  17. I see you’re still eating plantain CHIPS!

  18. Wahoo! So excited for you… and that food looks AMAZING!

  19. Rubi Sky says:

    Oh wow Jaime! I’m loving this! I feel like I’m there with you! I can’t wait to travel myself! I’m waiting for my little one to be at least 3 years old so she can have some kind of memory of it. LOVE YOU!!!

    • Hey Rubi, thanks for reading my blog! So do you plan pon doing long term travel when your son is 3? Will be interesting to hear about that.

  20. So happy to hear the first 48 hours are going well, I found my first ten days to be overwhelming and emotion but then it was a piece of cake.
    Ayngelina recently posted..I don’t know what kind of meat it is but I want to eat it

  21. YAY Jaime! Glad to see that you’re still in one piece. I know those first days of emotion can be mindblowing. I’m dying to get to Costa Rica!

    And no fair. You have a head start on your tan! <3

    See you at some point!
    Erica recently posted..Travel Photography – Burning Man by Moonlight

    • Thanks Erica, yay I most def got a head start on my tan… i am not burnt!!! Oh I am loving Costa Rica but its time for Panama will make my way back up in a few weeks.

      Yes we will see each other at some point!

  22. I love, love, love your enthusiasm and fresh perspective!! I’ll be following along with you 🙂


    I chuckled a few times, I can hear and see you saying these things! I love my friend, I love it!

  24. So fuckin happy for you Jaime. You have no idea.
    Justin Hamlin recently posted..Epic Road Trip 2011

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