My 7 Links: A !ook back @ a!! my scanda!s.

So this really isn’t a post where I am going to look back at all my scandals… that would just be crazy. I only wrote about 3 and well  I think a lot of them will never make onto the blog. This however is a post I am doing because I was nominated (I love the word nominated makes it seems like it’s for an Oscar or Tony) by not one, but two other bloggers to participate in. Thanks Heather from There’s No Place Like Oz and Norbert from Globotreks for nominating me. The “My 7 Links” is a project started by Tripbase to highlight past post that may have been lost in the shuffle of newer ones. I am glad this came along because I was planning on doing something similar to this for my 1 year blogging anniversary (its around the corner) and am glad I don’t have to do this now. I know what I will be writing about for that and it’s amazing. For now let me focus on these 7 questions that are asked and I will answer them with a link along with a small paragraph.

    1. Your Most Beautiful Post

      Photo Round Up – Week 7 – Every Friday I post 5 pictures of what I saw or did that week. I think week 7 is by far my most beautiful week. It is 5 pictures taken in Nicaragua a country I grew to love and ended up being my favorite country in Central America. I love the magic and colors I captured that week.

    2. Your Most Popular Post

      Hand Job… on a Chicken Bus!!! – That saying “sex sells” is 100% true. Some of my most popular post are the ones where I talk about my scandals on the road, but this one is by far the most popular of them all. Anyone who I have met that reads my blog always wants me to tell this story. I also found it funny that when I came home one of the few post all my friends knew about was this one. I still can’t believe I wrote it, but at the same time I don’t regret it. It is something that happened during my travels and makes me laugh every time I think about it.

    3. Your Most Controversial Post

      What I’m packing for my trip around the world. – I tend to stay away from controversy so it was hard for me to find a post that was actually controversial. I think the nearest thing to that would be my packing list. I received a lot of comments telling me I should pack this or that or not this or that and take this instead. In the end I kept everything as I had planned and it turned out perfect. Now that I am home though I am getting a wardrobe change because I am tired of the clothes I had.

    4. Your Most Helpful Post

      How much does it cost to prepare for a trip around the world? – One of the goals of my blog is to show everyone how affordable travel really is. I wrote this post to show people a ball park figure of how little it cost to prepare for a trip around the world.

    5. Post Whose Success Surprised You

      Held at gunpoint in Monteverde. –  Okay with a title like that I knew it was going to be a success, what I did not expect was the amount of support I got from everyone. I had only been on the road for a month when this happened and it scared the shit our of me. Thanks to all the support and encouraging words from everyone it kept me going and helped me move on.

    6. Post You Feel Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved

      The “Traca Traca” in Granada!!! – It’s one of my favorite post because it captures what I think travel is really all about. About capturing small moments with the locals and the people around you while you are on the road.

    7. Post You Are Most Proud Of

      THE NEW ME – One of the most life changing events in my life was when I was arrested for drinking and driving. It was something I dealt with for 19 months and felt the need to write about after it was all over. I had written about “THE MISTAKE”, 17.5HRS IN JAIL and “THE CONSEQUENCES”, but I had the most trouble writing about who I had become after it all. I am most proud of this post because it shows that people can learn from their mistakes and move on to bigger and better things. 

So there they are my 7 links. I hope among them you find a post or two that you have not read yet and well if you have read them all thanks for being an all star reader of mine. I would though love to hear what you think of my 7 post below.

Now it is my turn to nominate 5 other travel bloggers to keep the project going.

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  1. I love that I’ve read all of them :-)!!
    Heather recently posted..My 7 Links: Blast from the Past Posts

  2. Pretty cool list Jaime. I’ve read all your posts on the list, so it was cool to give a quick refresh, even the XXX one… when I read it for the first time my reaction was; OMG! O_O lol

    I agree the traca traca could have gotten more love… I used to play with it when young… though I never called it that way… don’t even remember how I called it… lol

    Thanks for the mention! 🙂
    Norbert recently posted..My 7 Links: A Quick Look at Some of GloboTreks’ Posts

  3. So fun to relive these 🙂 Thanks for the nom. too.
    The NVR Guys recently posted..The Seven Links Project Meets NVR

  4. i just spent the last 20 minutes reading your posts about your DWI. They are really moving and I hope they are read by more people so that people can learn the lesson without going through what you went through. Your honesty is admirable and refreshing.

    Looking forward to your next adventure!
    Erik recently posted..Photo of the Day- Sunset, Fort Myers Beach, Florida

    • Thanks Erik so much for reading that series. It is one of the most treasured post I have up on my blog. I too hope more people read them to learn from my mistake. It was a huge part of my life and I know it sounds cliche but it put me on the path I am today.

      My next adventure starts Sunday the 17th…. Europe see you soon!!!

  5. QueenBrain12 says:

    Thanks for the recap. I have read each of the posts (your #1 fan)!!!! You really help me connect with you through this blog even though you are miles and countries away. Thank you for always being honest and hilarious in all your posts.

    July 17th will be here soon and with that comes new adventures. I look forward to discovering Europe with you! eeeee


    • I know you are my #1 fan and I love it! Thank you for reading my blog & actually commenting on it. You don’t know how special it makes me feel when someone from home comments on my blog.

      I know I think I am ready for Sunday… & yes you & all my readers will be discovering EUROPE with me!!!

  6. I’m really glad you posted this…because this is how I discovered your hand job post 🙂 Just read it with my jaw on the floor. Scandalous and hilarious!
    Emily recently posted..My 7 Links: My Best Travel Posts from the Past

  7. Jaime, you are scandalous indeed! After all those SMALL and BIG Leos!! Jajaja….

    Thanks for nominating us! We are planning to post our 7 links sometimes this week.
    Sorry it’s very low going at VagabondQuest now, we’ve been having a lot of social events and meet ups for our Indonesian travel blog (DuaRansel.com) while we are in Indonesia. In a few days we are flying to America though. How have you been?
    Dina recently posted..Deodorizing on the road, or how not to be a stinky traveler

    • HEY DINA…. its all good no rush. Cant wait to check out your 7 links.

      Oh where in the US are you going? Or by America do you mean somewhere in LATIN America… I have been great went home for a few weeks and am now in EUROPE BABY…. In Paris right now and heading to Belgium tomorrow. Will be in Europe 2 months before heading on to Turkey!

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