How I Feel…

It was Wednesday night when I made the spontaneous purchase of a one-way ticket to Costa Rica for March 1st. The only thing that I made sure of before making the purchase was that I would be able to budget enough for leaving 5 months earlier to do Central America and still have enough for my original plans. In the end it was a HUGE CHANGE OF PLANS. Now that I have had time to analyze my decision even though I have no clue what to do in Central America and have yet to do any research I know I did the right thing.

I am so excited that I took the plunge moved my date forward and am on my way to live my dream and see the world. I however for some reason have a million emotions running through my mind. Yes I have been talking about doing this for quite some time but now its time to walk that talk. This after all is something I want to do, but to be honest I’m fucking scared.

I know what everyone is going to tell me “Jaime there is no need to be scared” and yes I know I shouldn’t but I am. This will be my first time for so many things. I have never flown internationally, I have never gone backpacking, I have never stayed in a hostel, I have never been away from home more than maybe 2 weeks. I can really go on and on about how this is going to be my first for a lot of things and those aren’t the things that scare me.

  • I am scared of being lonely.
  • I am scared of it not working out.
  • I am scared of what can go wrong.
  • I am scared of the unknown.

I know anything that could happen to me abroad could happen to me in at home. I’m also scared that I’m going to be arriving in new cities that I know nothing of and have to make my way through them all. I also scared at the thought of crossing borders, I’m not sure why but I am. I have even thought of buying a guidebook, not that it is going to protect me but for some reason I think it will put my mind at ease. I know I will not be the first backpacker to backpack through Central America or the last so I know it is possible. I just have to stop thinking of the negative and look at the positive.

I don't think I will need it but I may end up getting it for a sense of ease & protection.

When I look at the positive my heart races and my emotions run high. I get so excited it’s crazy. I imagine myself making my way through unknown streets and markets talking to the locals and meeting new people. I also think of the many beaches and small towns I will be visiting where I will be spending countless hours lounging around. I also picture myself exploring the jungles and ruins all over Central America. So many things can go right that the positive outweighs the negative by a long run.

I guess I wouldn’t be human if I wasn’t scared. I have gone through so many other things in my life that have been harder then what this may be. I have gotten rid of so many things already and am about to sell my car and quit my job to actually travel the world. It’s something so many people dream of doing but don’t actually do it. I’m so scared & excited its crazy. I don’t know exactly how to describe those feelings. It may just be me being paranoid but it’s how I feel at the moment.

What I do know is that if I don’t take a risk, take a chance, make a change & breakaway I will regret it forever. So I am going to give fear the finger and do it, but I have to get through the next 58 days first.

How did you feel before leaving on your big trip or if you are planning one how do you feel right now about it?

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  1. As NIKE would say: JUST DO IT

    Deja de pensar en eso… no te preocupes por eso ahorita. Es una pérdida de tiempo, porque para empezar NO sabes que es lo que te espera. Si te espera pasártela poca madre a donde quiera que vayas, que así sea. Si tuvieras que preocuparte por algo en algún punto de tu viaje, lo resuelves sobre la marcha… Al fin de cuentas es parte de la aventura. THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

    Ahora por lo único que tienes que preocuparte es por juntar dinero, comprar lo que vayas a llevar contigo, dejar todo listo en Houston (vender el carro, ponerte las vacunas, dejar el trabajo en su debido tiempo, etc).

    Enfócate en lo positivo. Lo peor que podría pasar es que te decepciones del mundo y quieras regresar a casa. PUES TE REGRESAS Y YA!!! 😀
    R recently posted..RamiroGordz- Watching QAF for the 3rd time

    • Mira no sabia que eras tan enteliginte!!! Muchas gracias R, por las palabras que me dejaste. Todo lo que dijiste es sierto… so tengo que dejar de precuparme y asegurar que haga todo lo que pueda orita parra poder ir me sin ningun problema en Marzo 1. Ayy que emociones me da todo esto… Deverias de acompaniarme tan si queira al principio hasta que se me quite el miedo jajaja!!!

      • LMFAO! Not funny!!! Claro que soy inteligente… que a vece sme haga pendejo, es diferente!!! 😛 Jajajajaja

        Pues si, esa es mi opinión… y que bueno que te hico click un poquito! Emociónate, asústate, muérete de nervios… pero no pierdas tu objetivo de tu mente 🙂 eso va a poder más que todo lo que sientes.

        I wish! Believe me… Tú sabes que si por mi fuera me iría por todo el mundo contigo… pero pues sin dinero no se puede. (A parte, la verdad no creo que pudiera llevar todo lo que quisiera en una mochila! Necesitaría un camión!!! Jajajajaja J/k)

        Por lo pronto ya verás que a Cancún si nos vamos 😀 woohoooooo
        R recently posted..RamiroGordz- Watching QAF for the 3rd time

        • Gracias por todo enserio R! Pues ira para a pasierte por asia con migo unos meses no mas ocupas unos cuantes milles de dollar. So trabaja todo lo que puedas y ahorra unos $4,000. Perro bueno si no se puede entonces en Cancun los vemos.

  2. Jaime, I was a hot mess for 3 months before I left. I was nothing but super excited at first and had to keep it a secret for MONTHS…actually a full year between the time I decided I was doing it for sure and when I told everyone except my colleagues. And once I had the visa in hand and I had 3 months til my flight, I was (pretty much) nothing but scared. And I wrote about how scared I was in several posts O:-) Definitely helped me make meaning of it all.

    You’re already embracing the experience even though you’re scared (which of course as you said is completely normal and to be expected) and people are going to embrace you along the way. I promise. You’ve said shame on me a couple of times for making you teary eyed — well now it’s my turn! Wish I could give you a BIG hug right now!!

    Buy a guide book if you want! I’ve had one for every trip before this one. Get on Couchsurfing.com and Hospitalityclub.org and meet a few folks. In Istanbul I stayed at a hostel but met up with a couple of Turks from Hospitalityclub.org for dinner and seeing the city 🙂

    I am so silly excited for you — let me know if you ever watch to chat on Skype about how you’re feeling!!
    Heather recently posted..Heather’s Holiday Hiatus

    • Heather, I love that you start off with “I was a HOT MESS” jaja thats something I would say. Okay back to your comment… I am so glad I am not alone…its the purchase of the damn ticket that changes it all. It makes it real well at least like 95% real cus now all you have to do is show up and take it. I think I am going to end up buying a guidebook. I will wait till pay day to see if I can afford it…lol!!!

      Thanks for reminding me I need to set up my couchsurfing account & i have never heard of the other website so I will look into that too. I hope we can chat on Skype soon.

      Thanks for being excited for me…don’t cry cus if you do I will too.

  3. I felt similar fears and anxieties before I left in November for my solo trip.

    I cried before I left because I was going to be away from home for Christmas and New Years for the first time. I was scared of being lonely. I was worried that I’d lose or break my MacBook (which I was taking with me). Even 30 minutes right before my flight, I was still freaking out while I was talking to a friend on the phone.

    Fast forward to more than a month later:
    – I haven’t felt lonely or homesick a single time
    – Haven’t had anything pickpocketed or stolen, nor experienced any other real dangers
    – Met lots of travellers and had way more fun than I initially imagined

    I’m so glad I did it! I think the anticipation of suffering/loneliness while travelling was much more painful than the actual event of travelling alone itself.

    You’ll have a great time, just take lots of deep breaths! Plus we’re all a click away on FB and Twitter if you want to chat 🙂

    – Lily

    “This will hurt like hell, don’t be scared.” ~Bikram Chouwdry

    • Lily, I also worry about my belongings too but didn’t wanna write that down, cus I didnt want to look foolish jajaja. I am really laughing cus its crazy what I mind does to us. Its like we know its going to be okay but we still freak out and get scared. I guess help it until we go out there on our own and live it for ourselves.

      I am so glad things are going so well for you, I can’t believe you have been on the road over a month. Seems like just yesterday we were chatting about you still have a few months to go.

      You are right about everyone being a click away, didn’t think of that!!!

  4. I was PETRIFIED to go alone and worried about all those things but once I passed through airport security I knew I was doing the right thing.

    You will meet lots of people in Central America, most of them are traveling alone, it’s a really interesting aspect of it.

    But the truth is you will be lonely sometimes. But the amazing thing is that you learn that it’s okay to be lonely. You kind of embrace it because you know it will pass.
    ayngelina recently posted..2010- The year bacon got a little crazy

    • Ayngelina, thanks for reassuring me that it will be okay. I am so excited to meet so many other amazing people on the road, the thought it gets me so excited. I just need to take some breathes and stop over analyzing things. It is something I am good at and well look what it does to me… makes me go all crazy!!!

  5. Jamie – heard you on the radio this morning… Good luck bro! Embrace your fears and it will only make you stronger. I did the something very simalar in the 80’s. Sailed from Long Beach, Ca, all through the Sea of Cortez, then south to Costa Rica into Panama and all through the Carribean. My travels ended about 5 years later in Florida. My only advise is bring lots of Vitamin B-12 (Mesquitos won’t bite you as much because your blood taste terrible to them) and this trip I would encourage you not to venture to far into South America. f and when you get to Panama, you can earn some extra cash helping sailboats and small privately owned motor vessels take thier boats through the canal as a line-handler. They will feed you lunch and thier are trains that can take you from the Atlantic to the Pacific fairly cheaply. Just go to the Marina’s at either end of the canal.

    God Speed – Sean

    • Wow, I didn’t think anyone listening to the radio would come to my blog. Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment Sean. So you travelled for 5 years during the 80s? How was that like??? I bet it was so different then than what it is like for travelers today. We are so connected now and have so many means to gather information from. Thanks for the info on the Vitamin B-12 & about the jobs I can get in Panama. I do plan on working every now and then when I get a chance. It will be nice to earn some extra income along the way.

  6. Embrace fear. It’s part of life… you know what they say about courage right? ‘Some people have been thought to be brave when they’re simply too afraid to run away’ — or something like that, I know I’ve butchered it.

    But you get the gist.
    I, myself, usually can’t sleep the night before a big trip. Out of excitement than fear, really. I always know I can always chicken out and back out if it turns out to be horrible — but it never did.
    Jill – Jack and Jill Travel The World recently posted..7 Endearing Quirks of Indonesia

    • Jill, thanks I am EMBRACING my fear even though it is freaking me the hell out. I think you did butcher the quote…jk I don’t know how the quote goes, so I am going to say you said it right.

      About not being able to sleep… The other night, I couldn’t. I was tossing and turning for like 2 hours NO JOKE. I kept thinking of all the good and all the bad. I get so excited and kick my feet but then get scared and would put my head under the pillow…thinking OMG, I’m so crazy!!!

  7. I ALWAYS feel scared and overwhelmed, but I take it one thing at a time. Just getting on a plane. Just going to get my bag. Just going to my hostel. My mom has this saying about eating an elephant one bite at a time.
    Caroline in the City recently posted..Closing Time

    • Caroline what you said has saved me… I didn’t think about it like that. I will think of just this when I get on the plane. I will eat a huge elephant (cus this is a huge) one bite at a time.

  8. Hello Jaime, I’m doing the same and leaving at the end of the year for the 1st time ever. I was in Edinburgh on New Years Eve and AS SOON as it hit midnight everything became more real and BOOM from nowhere…I felt a nauseating sense of fear.

    So yeah, I feel what you’re saying and I’ll be staying tuned considering you’re further ahead than me 🙂 Thanks for your honesty, very refreshing.

    • Hi Anthony, it so refreshing to know I am not alone. Its so many emotions that we can’t describe. Its like only we will know how it really feels. I am glad I am able to share my story with my readers. I will continue to be 100% honest about everything. I think thats how it should be.

  9. Hi Jamie, like the others said, embrace your fear. I have a feeling that most of those fears won’t come to pass, and it will be amazing to read about your experiences a few months from now, when you’ll link back to this blog post and explain how the adventure is so much more amazing than you ever dreamed. I have a notion that the feeling of fear is the sibling of the feeling of being ALIVE. You know the old advice to ‘do something each day that scares you’? That’s to ensure that you live your life every day. Cheers to a memorable 2011.
    Kim recently posted..RTWsomanyplaces- RT @gotsaga GotSagaportland-s-top-five-best-things-to-do-and-see http-bitly-i5N8Sr

    • Kim, I had never heard of “fear is the sibling of the feeling of being ALIVE”. I knew the old advice but not that… It make so much sense. When you do have fear it means you are doing something to make you feel alive… even it is crossing the street for the 1st time.

  10. I think you’re SUPPOSED to feel scared! If it was easy, then everyone would be doing it. Feel the fear and let it work for you…it’s really excitement in another form. And, really, aren’t you more scared of what would happen if you DIDN’T do it? That’s usually my motivation! See you on the other side! Cheers!

    • Gillian thanks for letting me know I am supposed to feel scared. I always feel better when someone reassures me that what I am feeling is okay.

      HOLY SHIT… i didn’t think of that… I think I would be more scared of that cus it would mean I would be stuck in a rut that I don’t wanna be stuck in.

  11. You think a guidebook will “protect” you? 😀 I’m sure it’ll comfort you no doubt cuz you’ll be so oblivious to everything else! 😛 (just kidding!)

    This is one of the reasons why I would rather travel the US first, I have a different reason and mindset yet I am equally freaked out as you; although I’d probably be MORE freaked out than you if I were going to Costa Rica from the get go and to be honest I probably will be a bit nervous about going when I do go.

    Central America has been given a good and bad name, so its hard to not think about the bad along with the good or just the good only. I’m not saying C.R. or C.A. is dangerous, but at the same time it can be in some places.

    I prefer to gain some experience and work out the kinks in my safety zone, the US I know how to get help here in the US I know what options are available to me what laws are protecting me (heh… if that’s an overstatement) and then when I am ready to travel internationally I’ll pick some place that is modern so I can be ready for anything I might jump into (that isn’t to say C.R. isn’t modern, it probably is in its own way).

    Good luck and have fun
    Shannon recently posted..A New Year- It is new- not old and has room for improvements

    • Shannon, I have done some travelling in the US even though not alone, it is so much easier because like you said we know it here & in a way are comfortable here. I want to see more than the US, I wanna see all corners of the world. I do believe for some reason that a guide book will protect me… i guess just the sense of security.

      Thanks for the luck I will need it.

  12. First off…. Only you can work a Clarkson lyric into ANY and every post. Now I’ll be singing Breakaway for the rest of the day 🙂

    Yes, it would be NUTSO if you didn’t have fear. Up until (and on) the day we left for our biggest trip, I felt like I was going to have a panic attack.

    Take the next 58 days 1 day at a time and breathe. You’ll be OK. Better than OK, actually.
    The NVR Guys recently posted..What’s Up in 2011

    • Ummm not EVERY POST, but I do try to work one in when I can. I saw the opportunity here and took it. I really wanted to start the post with the 1st verse of her song named “How I Feel”, but didn’t follow through I chickened out…lol!!!

      Ja I haven’t seen the word NUTSO in ages…lol love it!!! Glad its okay to have fear… and even though I havent felt like having a panic attack yet… I am sure I will as the date comes closer.

  13. Heck yeah, now that’s the way to start 2011!!! What a gutsy move, I love it! Being scared is totally normal, you just can’t let the fear stop you and it looks like you haven’t. Buen viaje!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Andi recently posted..Happy New Year!!!

    • Thank Andi, yes a very gutsy move that now has be all kinds of freaking out and worried even though I know I shouldn’t. I will NOT let the fear stop me. Gracias por el deseo de buen viaje~

  14. I love your honesty. I think I felt all those things before I moved abroad. I was afraid all my friends back home would forget about me and that I’d fail somehow. You will be just fine. Can’t wait to read about your adventures.

    • Thanks Lauren, I plan to continue being 100% honest. I also fear that my friends will forget about me and will move on. Where did you move abroad too and for how long?

  15. I think its great you’re starting in a country that you’ll be able to communicate with people in. That’ll really help “ease” you into traveling. That’s why I picked Japan for my big travel debut; I already knew I would be familiar with the food/language/culture. It was still scared out of my mind for parts of it, but you feel a lot better when you know you can ask someone for directions or negotiate a cab ride.

    I’m all emotional because I just watched “A Map for Saturday” and I’m super inspired to consider long-term backpacking as opposed to the 1/2 week treks I’ve been making every month the last two years. I’m really excited for you and can’t wait till you’re on the road!

    • David, you have a point. I will be able to speak the language and it will be a great way to ease into traveling and everything that is going to change in my life.

      I have watch “A Map for Saturday” over 10 times and every time I watch it i still get all emotional too. Its like wow i’m going to be doing that. I hope you get everything together and one can take an extend trip like this.

  16. After your drunk driving incident and probation you are going to be on the biggest high ever when you get to central america. Freedom. Freedom to do as you please. Freedom to have the time of your life. Your very lucky to have your finances worked out to make such a drastic change. But you know what… you worked really damn hard for that and you deserve every second of your trip. I’m so stoked for you and even though it’s scary… you’re more excited that scared otherwise you’d be running away from your fears. You’re facing them head on! You’re going to have the time of your life. Everyone reacts differently, but for me personally, I was sooo excited that I didn’t have any room for fear… it lived up to my every expectation. I know that it was what I was meant to do and experience.
    Jenny recently posted..The Secret to Happiness

    • Thanks Jenny, yup after my whole DWI debacle this shouldn’t be that hard. I am so ready to enjoy my freedom & yes I have worked dman hard to get to where I am now. I am way more excited than I am scared & can not wait to board the plane.

  17. Enjoy the scared feeling – its all part of the fun, it’s easy for me to say that now though, I was scared too, going to places I knew nothing about.

    I’m going to be really annoying and say – Dont worry it’ll be fine haha
    Poi recently posted..New to Riding a Moped Why not go on the 100km Samoeng Loop

  18. Exhilaration, Anticipation, Terror. Yup that is the triumvirate.

    I like the metaphor of a hangglider going on the first jump. He thinks about it for a while, but at some point just starts running. He trusts that the glider is right and will hold him. Thousands of others have done it and had fun. You are in that running stage right now, it is terrifying to see the cliff coming nearer, but remember this is what you want to do. At some point you will jump and float free. Then the terror that something might go wrong gets overwhelmed with the exhilaration of things.
    Andrew recently posted..Fun with Translation

    • Wow Andrew that is a good analogy. I would have never thought about it like that. It really is like jumping of a cliff too. I have done that a few times and it is exactly how you just described it. I let all those thoughts run through our mind and then in the end I always jump.

  19. Wow! So excited for you!! Yeah!!! I remember when we bought our tickets to Iceland – I wish I could relive that moment. The beginning of the big trip. I can’t wait to follow along and I am so happy you get to leave early – good for you!

    2. tips – yes, buy the guidebook. It will make your life easier with all the little details so def. do it.

    3. if you feel the stress from $$ throw in a little wwoofing. We had a blast doing it and I know want to do it all around the world. Great local experience and best of all – free!
    Bethany recently posted..Half-Naked Gear Review ExOfficio Boxers

  20. am really excited for you, the butterflies are common, i cant wait for posts from costa rica and your gap year trip

  21. I’m so excited for you, Jaime! You’ve worked so hard and persevered, now it’s time for you to enjoy your ultimate freedom. Crunching down all the preparations to 60 days, you’ll have to rearrange the plans for the 8 months you thought you had, but you’re doing to do great because YOU are the one who has control of your destiny.

    Right now, I feel fed up with my life too. It’s constant rushing around for school, work, and family and none of it holds meaning for me. I want to break away so bad – but I feel obligated to finish my degree. To keep from going crazy, I’m going to try and take a sabbatical to travel over the summer… but I know I won’t want to come back!! 🙂
    Patricia GW recently posted..Digital vs Real World

    • Thanks you very much Pat, I have worked hard for this and am so excited yet scared to breakaway. I know in the end I am doing the right thing. In-regards to where you are in life I know the feeling all to well. I can only recommend to be sure to do what makes you happy. If you wanna breakaway then make a plan and go for it. Wether it is a year from now or 3 it is up to you to make the change. We are only here a short period of time so why not go fo it.

      • You’re going to do great, and everyone gets scared when they’re about to make a huge leap. But we know it’s worth it! Thanks for your advice, I want very much to just do what makes me happy, but I know it’s still 2 years ahead of me until I completely free myself. I don’t want to waste a moment of my life here, we do have such a short time, so the sooner we breakaway the better. Your blog title is so apropos to this idea.
        Patricia GW recently posted..Digital vs Real World

  22. Christopher says:

    Jamie…heard you on the radio a couple of mornings ago. I cant help but feel excited for you. I backpacked around the world from 1981-1983 beginning in Europe and ending on the west coast of the US. Unbelievable experience hitchhiking all thru Europe and then spending a year in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Experiences that I now tell my kids about and will encourage them to have the same curiosity and share some of the same experiences I had in a few years.
    Advice…..remember, you CAN drink wine at 9am in the morning (France), you CAN eat squid cooked on an hibachie on the street(Spain), you CAN sleep on the deck of the ferries and visit with people from all over the world(Greece), you CAN accept an invitation to stay at a strangers house(everywhere countless times!), you CAN pull a rickshaw thru the streets of Calcutta. On and on…point is, get out of your box!
    Try to avoid Americans…plenty of time for that when your journey is over…AND, cheaper is better! Also, keep a Journal and vow to write in it everyday! I have 700 pages to read and re-experience things from my youth! Enjoy! Christopher

    • I am shocked to get comments from radio listeners. I called in on a whim and am glad I did. It looks like a lot of people out there have done something similar to this. Thank you very much Christopher for the advice. I am going to keep it all in mind and make sure I experience it all to the fullest. I do also plan to keep a private journal along with maintaining this blog.

  23. Hi Jaime!
    In a way I’m very glad you wrote this because that assures me that I’m not the only one. This comment is going to come from one particular perspective out there. It is such a rare thing to meet gay backpackers (not that sexual orientation is THE defining factor) on the road. I think the smelly socks and dirty shirt makes everyone seem the same, lol. Since this is against the very stereotype about gay folks that’s out there, I’m delighted that you are getting down and dirty and travelling like any random person.
    Priyank recently posted..Moscow at Night

    • Thanks Priyank, yeah I dont believe sexual orientation has anything to do with how anyone travels’ but as see your point. I guess I will notice the difference once I am on the road. I do plan on getting down & dirty and seeing the world.

  24. So many unknown things to come – of course you are scared, who wouldn’t be! But once you hit the road, you will get used to traveling quicker than you can imagine, and a couple of weeks in, it will feel totally normal and you’ll feel as if you’ve been traveling for ages! With regards to hostels – you’ll love it! You’ll meet so many people there, make new friends – you will probably long for some alone-time rather than feeling lonely 😉 But since you are a first time backpacker, we would definitely recommend bringing a guidebook. The LonelyPlanet has so many useful tips – which bus goes where, where does it leave, which hostels are good, border crossing info, things to do, etc. It makes things much easier. We are in Nicaragua right now and will probably still be in Costa Rica when you get there, so feel free to get in touch – we’d be happy to meet up somewhere and give you some tips for your trip up to Mexico!

    Dani & Jess
    Globetrottergirls recently posted..Goodbye 2010- Our year of travel in pictures

  25. Oh wow, thank you so much for this comment. I am going to go ahead and order the guidebook its not like they cost a lot anyway & I am sure it will help me. I guess I need to think of it as a vacation, I am never scared before a vacation. This will be a long long LONG vacation and it will be fun & I will get used to it quick. Oh yes it would be awesome if we could meet up in Costa Rica at some point. We will need to keep in touch and see where & when we can make it happen. So I guess y’all are making y’alls way south from Mexico?

  26. I just have to say this as well even though everyone seems to agree anyway: It is bloody terrifying to go travelling for a longer period of time by yourself.

    It is scary when you decide to do it, it is scary when you plan it and omg, it is freaking scary when you are about to do it. So as a consolation: it does not get any better, only worse all the way up until the moment you are in the plane 😉 Or through security check at least.

    Nobody told me how terrifying it would be before I did my first trip and I was actually surprised to be that scared. Next time was not any easier but at least I knew to be expecting the fear.

    But once you are in the plane, you cannot stop smiling. Because there you are, doing what you wanted to do. No matter how freaking scary it felt. 🙂 And it is soooooo worth it!

  27. We need to Skype this weekend…

    I completely understand your fears since my trip was bumped up 3+ months also…

    We can do it Jaime! 🙂

  28. Jaime,
    The thing to remember is that you have internet which means you are never alone! And you are going with enough money that you can always come back if you want to. The rest is cake. It’s natural to be afraid but go with your intuition. You are about to grow enormously.

  29. Jaime!! I am so proud of you! I know its been years but, you have come a long ways! Its like your all grown up lol…you were like 16 when we met. At 16 no one knows whats going on, all we know is we want approval to be who we are but, we then learn that the only person that needs to approve is yourself. I think this adventure is something everyone would love to do but never get the balls to do it. You are truly amazing!!!! Wish you the best on this spectacular journey!!! hugs and kisses!!!


    • Wow Jamie, you actually made me get tears. Thank you so much for this comment. I know it has been years. I am so glad we have been able to reconnect. Thanks for the best wishes and hugs and kisses.

  30. How I admire your brave and positive attitude. Of course you are in some way afraid, but you’ve been planning for so long. This is what you’ve wanted, and it’s what you feel in your heart. And because you feel it in your heart and you have that deep, passionate desire to go, it just means it is your destiny to make this trip. So go. Don’t stress about being scared or about thinking of the bad things that could go wrong. Things always happen because they’re meant. Things go wrong in every person’s lives every day and there’s not much we can do about it. But there are also so many great things that go on in our lives. So don’t worry.

    The one thing I will advice is to say a prayer at all times, every day, every moment. God is with you and will take care of you. Never forget Him. Carry him with you and you’ll see that everything will work out just great. It will be one of your best memories ever. So if you’re very scared at any point, just pray. God will protect you.

    I love you and I hope you have an amazing journey!

  31. Thanks Rubi, for your comment and all your kind words. I am going to take all your advice and yes I am going to bring him with me every where I go.

  32. Hey Jamie,
    I know a lady who has traveled extensively through most of Central America. She loves Costa Rica, Guatemala and Belize and I think she could really help you out a ton.

    She travels alone and sometimes with her family and is just full of knowledge about Central America. She really helped me plan an extended trip through Belize and I know I would have either been lost or the trip would have cost me a fortune if is had not been for her.

    You can see her photo blog at http://www.flickr.com/photos/staceyholeman/collections. Her name is Stacey Holeman and she post regulary on Thorn Tree, Trip Advisor and on http://www.belizeforum.com/. She goes by the name of hopefulist.

    Another good source of knowledge for Central America is http://www.raisingmiro.com/. Lainie has been traveling all over Central America with her young son and knows most of the great hostels, cheap rooms and couch surfers to stay with. Her pod casts are amazing.

    Good luck on your trip and I want you to know that my goal is to spend several months traveling through Central America as well.

  33. youve been talking talk like it nothing for a long time im mean some time it even got annoying lmao so walk the walk the same way.

  34. Wow!!! I am so glad to hear that the “fear” thing is natural. I’m turning 54 this year and have never travelled solo! But, I’m bound and determined to have my “gap year”, even if it is a few years late in life! I know if I don’t do this soon, age will continue to be a strike against me! 🙁 After nearly 30 years of marriage, a few years of separation, MANY years of working (doesn’t the word “cubicle” just make you want to scream???), and naysayers in my life, I’m just so thrilled to see that there are encouraging folks in the world!

    Kudos to all of you for encouraging the trip…go for it buddy and have an awesome time!! I for one am enjoying reading about your adventures while I’m working at getting mine together! 🙂

  35. ok, im really late on this post i know! 🙂
    but it makes me think about how i feel now…Im still not in the “scary” phase, but im sure i’ll get there as soon as i buy the ticket (which will be in 15 days more less!!) one way ticket from Italy to Bangkok!
    In my case i wont be alone in my adventure, i will have one of my best friends as a travel companion which makes me sooo happy! and im sure that at some point im going to cry like a baby for how excited/happy/scared i will be!!
    I cant wait for you to come back “here” and continue writing and giving me more inspiration! Seriously this is one of the most authentic, sincere, honest travel blog i’ve ever read!
    I even told my travel buddy today, he needs to read this! im sooo emotional lately :))
    globetrotter girl recently posted..Sardinia beaches

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Oh yes as soon as you buy the ticket… the fear sets in even more. It does so because then you know the last step is you arriving at the airport and getting on the plane. It’s so cool you will be traveling with one of your best friends. Oh & even with your BF there you will at some point cry like crazy… feel excited like crazy & well I’m sure every emotion possible. Thank you so much for the amazing comment. Glad you are enjoying my blog & thanks for sharing it. Let me know if you need anything.

  36. ahhaha today im a pain in the ermmm 🙂 i come here to get some more consolation and understanding about my feeling of being scared and all. (and u did a great job by email today! THANK U!!)…and puff, last comment here was mine too! lol
    at that time i didnt understand about blogs at all, so i kept changing my name on comments…but i’ve always be Kle 🙂 anyway….im reading (again and again) the pre trip thought…since im now in the panic attack phase 🙂 my countdown says 38 days and 14 hours to my trip….its freaking me out big time!!!so i read your posts and i totally emphatise and cry and smile…i look like a crazy person! 🙂
    Im also so excited that can not sleep….too many emotions leave me restless! and i still need to buy the shoes!! 🙂 ah well…i’ll keep on reading then….there will be a point in which i will be able to quote every part of your blog! xxx

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Wow… I just reread this post and OMG… it’s so crazy. I had not read this since like I left jaja. OMG it’s crazy how I felt then and how I feel now. I think you gave me a great idea… for my 700th day post coming up soon.

      I replied toyour email so you know I told you its all normal so enjoy it…lol!!! Thanks again for reading my blog, commenting and contacting me. If you need anything let me know!

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