Ibiza street art in photos!

You would think I would remember my 10 days in Ibiza as 10 of my craziest days on the road, but that is not the case. I happened to be in Ibiza in November which is when it’s cold, raining and very lonely. That is exactly how I spent my days there… no seriously, I would even get drunk and just write away in my journal. I even shared one of my drunk journal entires: It’s 4:38pm… on a Wednesday in Ibiza. I must admit though on my last night things did get crazy because I spent it with a local. She was a friend of mine that I met in Guatemala. It’s what I miss about being on the road. You realize how small the world really is and meeting people from all over the world may help you down the road. Anyway I hung out with all her friends and had a nice dinner then went to a bar and had lots of drinks and then decided to steal a table set that was outside because her friends needed it for their new apartment and then went off to keep drinking at the famous PACHA where we danced until literally sunrise where I then had to catch a cab and go to the airport to catch my flight back to Barcelona. I’m cracking up as I write this because I literally have photos of that entire night, but promised to never share them.

So anyway the purpose of this post is about the amazing Street Art I found in Ibiza, during my time there. It’s been sitting in my drafts like many of my other In Photos post and thought it was time to share, because oh how I wish I could be on a tropical island right now. What I find interesting looking back at these photos is with the exception of a few (Zombies anyone?) they are so vibrant and filled with color and have a lot of life to them. That is so different from some of the Street Art I have shared from other cities like Cairo or Athens going through political unrest.  The last photo is actually one of my favorite pieces of Street Art I have found and would love to frame it one day.

Street Art in Ibiza!—1—

Street Art in Ibiza!—2—

Street Art in Ibiza!—3—

Street Art in Ibiza!—4—

Street Art in Ibiza!—5—

Street Art in Ibiza!—6—

Street Art in Ibiza!—7—

Street Art in Ibiza!—Is this KING TUT? Why do I see Egypt in everything???—

Street Art in Ibiza!—9—

Street Art in Ibiza!—Fight for what you desire…—

Street Art in Ibiza!—11—

Street Art in Ibiza!—I fall & am unable to pick myself up, there’s not a person in this world that doesn’t betray me.—

Street Art in Ibiza!—13—

Street Art in Ibiza!—14—

Street Art in Ibiza!—15—

Street Art in Ibiza!—16—

Street Art in Ibiza!—17—

Hope you enjoyed the photos & I hope you share your thoughts below.


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  1. I had no idea Ibiza had such an interesting street art scene. Cool! I really like #15 and #17.
    Sam recently posted..From on High: Top 3 Quito Views

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Sam I had no clue either and I wish I had a car to drive around and find even more. Oh & #15 & #17 are my favorite too. I love the color and how real they look.

  2. I really like #2.. I didn’t know Ibiza had street art – G didn’t take any photos of it when he was there. Guess he was having too much fun to notice. LOL
    Kieu ~ GQ trippin recently posted..Hue Eats – Our Favorite Regional Food in Vietnam

    • Jaime Davila says:

      I’m sure I wouldn’t have noticed either Kieu if I was having a blast. Sadly it was boring while I was there. #2 is a good one… very Ibiza!!!

  3. Hey Jaime
    There are amazing Images and wonderful art, I first photo is one of my favorite pieces, Thanks for this Colorful article.

  4. I love street art. I did a free street art tour in Berlin earlier this year, which was fascinating. My favourite one in your list is the first photo. The detail and the colours look amazing!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      I wish I had done a street art tour in Berlin, while I was there, but was too busy being stupid lol. Glad I’m not the only one who loves street art this much.

  5. It’s indeed cool! Far better than just vandalizing the wall. Will check that out when I visit Ibiza. Thanks
    Kara Brandt recently posted..Welcome to Aruba Villa Vacation Rentals!

  6. Great pictures, I love street art! Noted to search for some when I will be visiting Ibiza!

  7. There’s a lot of street art to see in Spain. I’d love to explore Ibiza. Some of this street art are disgusting horror-kitsch. But I like the “nicer” ones, usually the ones with a more “positive” attitude.

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