Yes, I am home and no nothing bad happened.

I don’t even know where to begin, because this was so not in my plans at all and a part of me still can’t believe what I have done. I’m currently laying in my bedroom floor as I write this. It’s a place I did not think I would be writing from for a few years. So ummm yes, I am home and no nothing bad happened.

There I was in my hostel in Playa del Carmen getting ready to head out to the beach when I receive a text from my sister, “Check your email.” I panic and hope everything is okay. Thankfully everything was okay, but what I received would change my plans completely.

I received an email from my ex-bosses if I could please come back and help them for 2-3 months for several reasons and in return was offered a good deal. I text my sister furiously “How can you let them send that to me? You know I’m living my dream and had no plans to return for a long while?” She said, “Jaime just think about it and reply in a few days after you have done so.”. So I did… and well the first two days I was furious and had a firm “NO” in my head, but after giving it time and talking to a few of my good friends and other bloggers and people I had met up with in Playa del Carmen I realized it was actually a great opportunity. I mean honestly how often would an ex-employer you left to travel the world be willing to fly you back home and back to where you are (so you could pick up on your travels where you left off) and also offer you a good deal? Not very often.

Window seat view over Texas!

I spent countless hours thinking of all the possibilities and the one that made the most sense was to go home. I figured I was at a good stopping point on my trip. My plan was to spend 3 months in Mexico before leaving to South America. By the time I left I had already spent two and a half months in Mexico and I hadn’t booked my ticket to South America yet. I thought if I go home for 3 months I would also be home for the holidays and many of my friends and family birthdays. Also I would be able see one my best friends become a mother to a baby boy. The crazy thing is that it’s the best friend I went home for on my last trip around the world, because I couldn’t miss my best friends wedding. As if all those things weren’t incentive enough I did the math and figured I could easily recuperate the money I spent in Mexico and save even more. Obviously the more I save the longer I can stay on the road and I like that. So in the end I decided the best thing for me at the moment was to go home. It’s something I would have never imagined I would do when I left, but it just felt right.

My New Years resolution was to keep living life on my terms and even with coming home for 3 months I’m still doing so. Honestly though I don’t know what I’m doing with my life and think most people don’t either, but I know I’m happy and to me that is what matters most. I’ve been living life on my terms for the last 4 years and things have always seemed to fall into place when I don’t worry so much about the future. Yes it’s scary not knowing what may happen tomorrow, but for now I’m making the most out of my life and coming home for 3 months will help me do so even more. I saw this not only as an opportunity, but as a sign that I’m living my life right (keyword MY LIFE).

Breakaway Backpacker

Above all though the best part of coming home was surprising everyone. Only a handful of people knew I was coming home and I wanted it to stay that way. The best surprise was my mother though. I had a friend pick me up from the airport and drop me off at my parents house. When we pulled in my mom was outside with my nephew and I thought damn-it she’s gonna see me, but nope we pulled in and she didn’t get up. I thought, “WTF” so then I got out and slammed the door and still nothing (he thought it was my sister the whole time). So I finally started walking up to her very slowly and she looked and closed her eyes and looked again and her face was priceless. She yelled, “JAIME? JAIME WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” I said, “I’m home for a bit.” Then she went on yelling in shock “NO JAIME WHAT HAPPENED? ARE YOU OKAY? TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED? JAIME SOMETHING HAPPENED WHAT HAPPENED?” all while hugging me and not letting me go. I had to let her know everything that was going on in like a few seconds to calm her down. After I told her she hugged me again and said she was so happy I was home. She couldn’t believe it, but was so happy and I was too. I know the reason she was worried was because the last two times I almost went home were because something bad had happened. The first time I was held at gunpoint in Costa Rica and the second time I almost went to jail in the Philippines. I love my mother so much and felt like since I returned from my last trip we have bonded even more and even more so during the two weeks we spent cleaning my grandparents house, but oh lord lets not talk about that… lol. Later that day I posted it on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and everywhere and well everyone was shocked and surprised, but the first thing everyone wanted to know was if something bad happened.

As for my time in Mexico it was beyond amazing and I am sorry I did not blog at all while I was there… okay I blogged about being in a travel funk and then getting out of it and getting my travel mojo back, but those don’t really count because they’re not really about Mexico and more about what is going on in my crazy head and heart…lol. I did though Instagram the shit out of my travels and even now am still posting pictures of my time in Mexico so be sure you are following me there. Anyway I’m so happy I decided to spend time in Mexico for many reasons that I will hopefully share in an upcoming post. Yes I am going to try to blog a bit about my crazy adventures and thoughts in Mexico while I am home. Trust me I have many things to share… just have to stop being lazy and start blogging again on a regular basis.

As for South America and the rest of my trip… don’t worry I am still going to do South America, but now just have to rearrange all my plans. I need figure out how I am going to tackle the massive continent with out doing a lot of back tracking. Now that I am going to arrive 3 months later than expected I can’t start in Colombia and make a big loop. Well I could but I want to see Patagonia before it’s freezing down there anyway more on that later too. So yes everything is going to change, but I’m okay with it. My plans are to leave Houston on January 1, 2015. I am going to ring in the new year with friends and family at home and then start 2015 with a bang… a flight to start my next adventure and this time with no return date in sight.

So yes everyone I am home and no nothing bad happened.

Now y’all all know what happened & why I am home!!! EEEEEeeeee I’m so happy it’s insane. Now I just hope time flies like I told myself it would and I could also keep the weight off I lost on the road off while I am home. Oh & remember life is what you make of it so make the most out of it & be sure you’re happy!!!

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  1. Its your life and you have to do what makes sense to you. What a great ex boss you have and opportunity to make some more money to stay on the road longer! Enjoy your time at home it will fly be fast 🙂
    Hannah @getting stamped recently posted..Cruising the Dalmatian Islands: Korcula to Omis

    • Jaime Davila says:

      You’re so right Hannah & omg yes I love my bosses. Both of them are amazing and that is part of the reason why I wanted to go back. They have helped me so much to achieve what I wanted to achieve and felt like I owed it to go back for 3 months to help them out. I will enjoy my time at home because I know this means I will be away from home a bit longer next time I leave.

  2. Sometimes opportunities come in the most unexpected way. Just think if it as a way to have an even better experience in the near future. Plus, you get to spend christmas with friends and family!!

    By the way, now that your plans have changed, when the hell are you going to Rio?! Go for carnival! We’ll be there!!
    Norbert recently posted..33 Quirky and Unique Facts About New Zealand

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Oh you are so right Norbert they do come in the most unexpected ways & I love this opportunity and am happy I took it. As for Rio for CARNIVAL… I think I am going to make that happen. Remember when I messaged you a while back about when you are going to be in Brazil for Carnival…lol its because this was happening and now I think I will be there. I think I am going to go fly into Santiago and work my way down to Patagonia and then up through Argentina and Uruguay and then to Brazil to make it in time for Carnival in Rio!!! Not 100% sure but think it will be the best thing. Then from there figure out how to do the rest of S.A. with out backtracking and ending up in Colombia to fly out of there. This changed everything but so worth it.

  3. I am really happy for you. I can’t believe they offered to fly you home and back! That’s an amazing opportunity. Please blog about Mexico, Instagram isn’t the sameee!
    Isabel recently posted..Mexico City: You’re Going WHERE?!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thank you so much Isabel & I will blog soon about Mexico. I know IG is not the same, but lord it’s just so much easier…lol. I just edit and post a quote note and post. Love it.

  4. What a turn of events! But sometimes things work itself out in strangest way. So happy that you will get to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays with your friends and family. Love how you surprise your mom. I bet she’s very very happy to have you around for a couple months. Your stories are such an inspiration to so many. Looking forward to your future posts. Enjoy your time at home.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thank you so much Tabs. Yes I am so excited and glad to be home for the holidays. Oh & surprising my mom was one of the most amazing things I have ever done. Seriously… something I will never forget.

  5. You know what, I’m so so happy for you. When you live life for yourself, as opposed to what others say is best for you, things have a funny way of working out just as they should. I have no doubt that this was meant to happen and that it’s only setting you up to continue to live life on your own terms. Can’t wait to continue to follow your south american journey but also happy you’ll get to be home for all of the significant occasions you want to be a part of 🙂

    • Jaime Davila says:

      You’re so right Kisha… that is how it is when you do start living life for yourself, things really do just work out. For now enjoying being home so much.

  6. Good advice from your sister to give it a few days! I know sometimes I have a strong gut reaction to things, but after a few hours (or days), it’s easier to list out the pros and cons and evaluate the options.

    Either choice would have been just fine, but there definitely seem to be many positives to coming home! Most employers wouldn’t do what yours have done, so I’m glad you took them up on that offer 🙂

    Enjoy home knowing that you’re still being true to you and your plans!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Yes Heather, sometimes some things need time before we can react to them. Especially when it’s something you know is going to change everything. Any choice would have been fine, but yeah this was the smarter one. So for now just enjoying it and making the most of it. Hope all is well with you.

  7. We just made a surprise visit home to Wisconsin after 7 months and shocked everyone! Same for us though, everyone kept asking us what was wrong and why did we come home!! We were like, geez guys, can’t we just come home for a visit!? 🙂 What a great opportunity for you though,congrats!
    Lina @ Divergent Travelers recently posted..Top 5 Adventure Videos from Australia

    • Jaime Davila says:

      It’s so funny Lina, how they honestly think something horrible happened for you to come back home. It’s like damn…lol.

  8. Either way – staying on the road or coming home for 3 months to save up some more – wasn’t a bad decision. Your employer reaching out to you like that is amazing because most would not. It shows appreciation, which is sadly lacking in most bosses.

    I think it’s a great idea to be home for the holidays to be with friends and family before hitting the road again in January.

    You are continuing to make your own decisions and living the life you want, which is most important of all. I’ve been doing the same thing since 2009. It feels great to have control over your life rather than letting life (and others) control you, huh?

    And yes, when I saw the headline for this post in my RSS reader, I did wonder if something bad happened. Glad it didn’t 🙂

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Summar it is such an amazing feeling to have my ex-employer reach out to me. Like for real. I know not many would do so after you have left them to travel the world. I am happy I can continue to make my own decisions and living life on my terms. Thanks for following along on my crazy adventure!

  9. Life works in such a mysterious way, doesn’t it? I’m glad you gave yourself enough time to think of your decision so at the end you felt wholehearted in accepting the offer, not because you had to. Good to know that!
    Bama recently posted..Komodo: A Magnificent Conclusion

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Bama that is life… just working in mysterious ways every day. It’s an amazing feeling to know I accepted something because I wanted it not needed it. Oh things are great when you just let things flow.

  10. I would have done the same thing if I were in your shoes. It is so wonderful that your bosses wanted you back! It must be a good feeling!
    I wish something like that would happen to me. Currently, I am kind of down on being the expat. There is nothing more that would please me than if I could go back to the USA with my partner and just LIVE there. I am grateful that Brazil granted me a permanent visa to live with my partner, don’t get me wrong. And I have a good job here. But we both dream about living in the States and we are saving our money and doing everything possible to make that happen in the near future. I know the USA has many problems and the direction in which it seems to be going these days makes me sad (Culture of fear, a nanny state mentality). But the thing about the USA–it’s possible for me partner to BECOME an American. There is no way I will ever be a Brazilian. I’m a gringo first, foremost, and always. (By the way, did you know that in Portuguese, “gringo” means anyone who is a foreigner….there was a news story about some Mexican tourists who came for the World Cup and were deeply offended to be called a gringo….but here, anybody not Brazilian is a gringo). Also, the USA is the land of second, third, fourth chances. There is no place like the USA to re-invent yourself, to start over, to seek new beginnings. And I truly believe gay marriage will be the law of the land soon. Not to bring up a subject that is none of my business, but this might help you bring him to the USA.
    Sorry to babble on like this. Your entry really made me think about my life. I hope you can visit Brazil for the Carnival. i was also thinking of going to Rio to experience it.
    I hope you enjoy your time in the States!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Ahh I love hearing from you David. I can only imagine how you feel being in Brazil and being tired of being the expat. I know it must be hard, but for now it’s the only thing you can do and know you are making the most out of the situation. Are you sure you can’t bring him back now to the USA and marry here? I don’t know anyone who has done it, but I know the US is now allowing us to marry foreigners (i did a bit of research). It’s a long process from what I see, but I think it’s possible now. I also had no clue about every one who is not from Brazil is a gringo. You’re right about the USA though it is a land where he can become American and a place you can reinvent yourself as many times as you’d like. I am still not sure if I will make it to Rio for Carnival. I wanna go so bad, but don’t want to rush through 3 countries to get to Brazil for a festival. So for now I have no clue, but do know when I make it to Brazil I am visiting you and 99% sure I will be staying with you jaja!!! Anyway when it’s closer I will email you for sure to see what’s up!

  11. It sounds like you made the right decision! You can save more money, spend the holidays with your family then head back out there into the world refreshed 🙂
    Katie @ The World on my Necklace recently posted..Five destinations that I will definitely return to

  12. When you told me you were going home for a few months to work, I didn’t realize your boss actually paid for a round trip flight too! That’s awesome! Sometimes it completely makes sense to do something that might seem strange in the short run if it helps you with your long term goals, and this sounds like one of those situations. I’m happy for you, and I’m really looking forward to reading about Mexico, and eventually South America!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Yup exactly Ali… this will help me in the long run! Hopefully I update my blog soon with stories about Mexico.

  13. hahaha cool!! It cant be that bad be back home for a while 😀 things happen for a reason, you never know where these few months will lead you!! I still hope you go to South America though, and visit my country, Brazil 😀
    Funny thing is that I have been following you on Instagram for a while, and only today I came to visit your blog and loved your story. I wish you all the best and lots of adventures around the world!


    • Jaime Davila says:

      Nope it wasn’t that bad at all. It already went by and I’m on the road!!! I can’t wait to visit Brazil… i will be there soon. I just now followed you back on IG…lol. Excited to follow you along on your adventure too.

  14. Sounds like you definitely made the right decision. Now you’re back on the road again! Good for you. Did time fly? I’m somewhat in the same frame of mind as you were when you wrote this. I’ve got exactly 3 months until I leave for Cambodia and I’m counting the days on my calendar. Time was going by so fast up until just a few days ago when I decided that I’d be leaving about 5 months earlier than I expected to. Now all of a sudden the days are extremely long. Anyways, I’m very glad that I found your blog. Good travel bloggers keep me sane in times like this. I’m always hungry for inspiration, entertainment, and wisdom. Hopefully one day I’ll have a blog of my own where I’ll be able to inspire people and accumulate funds for perpetual travel. No doubt I’ll spending a lot of time reading through your articles in the next three months. Good luck and thanks.

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