Photo Round Up – Week 11

5 photo round up of what I saw/did this week.

Hope you all enjoy them.

I know this is not amazing but my camera spent 4 days here & thought I should include it. I was proud of my self for finding this by using public transportation. I was told I would have to pay about $6 and get here by Taxi. I was not about to spend that much so did some searching and got here by public transportation for about $0.50. Its a cool feeling when you use another cities public transportation.

This is a shot of the Central Park of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. I loved this city a lot, because it reminded me of Monterrey, Mexico. The Central Park is surrounded by amazing buildings. It was nice to sit here and just people watch.

I used to hate graffiti are. I always thought it made a city look dirty and trashy, but the more I travel the more I have come to love it. I think it gives any city a certain vibe that can only be found there. I am posting this one because I love the message it is spreading. It says "Don't contaminate better lift your self esteem & if you see someone throwing trash on the floor pick it up. Show your culture. "

This is a shot of the main Cathedral of San Cristobal de las Casas. So many amazing churches here I was not sure which one to pick. I love this one because the cross in front of it.

This is a shot of San Cristobal de las Casas from the steps of the Church of Guadalupe.







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  1. I ♥ the graffitti photo
    R recently posted..RamiroGordz- @MaggyDavalos ATM! Daaarlin c u 2morrow

  2. What a cool cathedral! It looks so vibrant and nontraditional. I’m far from religious, but churches and cathedrals are always one of my favorite types of buildings to see when traveling. They are often the most ornate and beautiful!
    Emily recently posted..How to Treat Motion Sickness While Traveling

    • Hey Emily it was a very cool cathedral and different from many I have seen. I loved walking around the plaza it was so full of people everyday not matter what time of the day it was. I am loving to see MEXICO ALIVE. Its not as bad as the news paints it out to be!

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