Photo Round Up – Week 91 – 93

15  photo round up of what I saw/did these last 3 weeks.

3 weeks 3 countries… Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam!!!

Hope you all enjoy them.


Forks, Spoons & random things on the street.

I have no clue what this is. I mean I know it’s silverware, scissors, keys, nail clippers, rings & many other metal objects. What I don’t understand is what this was doing in the middle of a road in downtown Kuala Lumpur. It was a busy intersection and tons of people just kept waling by like nothing. For some reason it captivated me. I looked at it… looked around and looked back at it trying to figure out how in the hell would any of these things end up on the street of a busy intersection of the business area of downtown KL. I then walked on, and looked at it from the other side of the street. No one thought it was strange, I then thought okay I need to get a photo of this and it wasn’t until I went up to it that people even noticed it was there. For some reason I just love this photo because it’s so random.

Malaysian Body Builder

“The most famous person Melaka has produced: Datuk Wira Dr. Gan Boon Leong. Born in 1937, he is Malaysia’s the most successful bodybuilder – having won countless bodybuilding prizes, including Mr. Asia and even Mr. Universe. Also known as the ‘Father of Bodybuilding in Malaysia’,85 year old Datuk Wira is now, decades after finishing his career as a bodybuilder, a local politician, runs a gym in Melaka, and is President of the Malaysian Bodybuilding Federation. To honor everything the prominent athlete did for Melaka, the city erected several golden statues of him, which are now just as much photographed as Melaka’s more traditional tourist sights.” – Globetrotter Girls (Yes I copied and pasted…lol, cus I remember seeing this cute lil man on their blog months ago) For some reason I see this photo & giggle I think his facial expression is priceless & so cute.

Malaka, Malaysia

The river walk of Malacca, Malaysia. Malacca is is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a small town in southern Malaysia and well to be honest, didn’t think much of it. It’s cute, but it’s kind of boring with not much to see. It has a nice night market, but it’s a lot of crap that is being sold.

Malaka, Malaysia

The iconic clock tower and Christ Church of Melaka, Malaysia. It is from the 18th century and it is the oldest functioning Protestant church in Malaysia.

Malaka, Malaysia

The decorated rickshaws of Malacca. They are cheesy as hell, but you can’t avoid them. During the day you see them covered in tacky plastic flowers and as the day turns into night they light up the night wizzing around the city form every direction carrying tourist from one side of town to the other. They also have loud speakers and play all types of music that you get to pick from the drivers cell phone.



Little India, SIngapore

One of the streets in the neighborhood of Little India in Singapore. Majority of the street was lined up like this and I thought it was cute and colorful.

Arab St. Singapore

Arab St. in Singapore. I’ve visit many cities around the world and had never come across an Arab St. This street is at the center of the Arab/Muslim community of Singapore. Y’all know I love Arab & Muslim cultures so wondering around this neighborhood was my favorite. So many restaurants with food from all over the Middle East and you can find shops selling things from so many Arab Countries around the world. As you can see they even had an Egyptian Restaurant and I wanted to eat there, but sadly it was closed both times I visited.

Arab Neighborhood, Singapore

At the end of the street is Masjid Sultan (Sultan Mosque). The mosque was first built in the 1820s. However the original structure was demolished about a century later to make way for the current building, which was completed in 1932. The mosque holds great significance for the Muslim community, and is considered the national mosque of Singapore. It was designated a national monument in 1975.

Yellow Building, Singapore

Singapore is filled with skyscrapers and many high-rise living complexes and of all I saw for some reason I loved this on the most. It’s in the middle of Chinatown and I don’t know I find it very unique. I think it’s cus I love the colors along with the red letters on the side. For some reason I think this will look great framed. I know it’s random too, but cute in it’s own way.

View from the Highest Infinity Pool in the World.

THE VIEW FROM THE WORLD’S HIGHEST INFINITY POOL (it’s on the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands).Yup I spent a day swimming here & I couldn’t believe a minute of it, but I sure did love every minute of it. I only got to spend the day swimming here because my best friend is staying here at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore (the world’s most expensive hotel). I have a post about this experience coming out about this soon. 


Millionaire in Vietnam

In Vietnam I am a MILLIONAIRE!!! I have never been one until now. Yup… I have withdrawn about 3 MILLION DONG. That is only about $140 so not much, but had to share it with the world. This however makes it hard for me to figure the price of things out. $1 = 20,800 Dong. You try doing the math for every purchase.

Bun Bo Nam Bo, Vietnam

Bun Bo Nam Bo – This dish is a vermicelli noodle dish served with grilled marinated beef, fresh vegetables, some pickled carrot  and the Vietnamese ‘nuoc cham’. This is one of the main street food dishes of Hanoi. A bowl cost about $1.50 and is finger licking amazing. I had this on my 1st day here and loved it.

Temple of Literature, Hanoi.

Inside of the Temple of Literature. The Temple was Vietnam’s first national university and was built in 1070 then reconstructed during the Trần dynasty (1225–1400) and in subsequent dynasties. For nearly two centuries, despite wars and disasters, the temple has preserved ancient architectural styles of many dynasties as well as precious relics.

Bikes in Vietnam

I’ve been in Vietnam 3 days and I have seen so many things carried on bikes already. Yes this lady is riding around town selling fresh flowers. I couldn’t believe it and loved it. I have also seen a man driving with a Christmas Tree fully decorated on his bike, also a man with 3 huge bags filled with inflated balloons and a million other things. I’m trying to get photographs of everything I see, but sometimes they go by so fast & my camera sucks so can’t capture it.

Cell Phone Covers in Vietnam.

This shot is not impressive or amazing, but ja I couldn’t help it. While walking the night market of Hanoi on on block it’s filled with like a million vendors selling cell phone covers. This huge wall was covered in them and well had to get this shot. When I see these I wonder what the hell people sold before we had cell phones, because seriously I see these things being sold all over the damn world and it’s a ton.



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  1. Nice photos, Jaime. You have piqued my interest in Malyasia, and we’re headed to Vietnam in a few months. Enjoy the last leg of your journey!

  2. That infinity pool is crazy cool!
    Kent @ No Vacation Required recently posted..Best of Maui + Holiday Gift Ideas

  3. First of all – I love that you saw the knives, forks, etc and went back to get a picture! I would have probably just walked by without even noticing them, just like everyone else 🙂 Second, seeing that bodybuilder sculpture again made me smile – but like you said, we didn’t think much of Melaka. I can’t wait to read your post about the Marina Bay Sands infinity pool experience – so awesome!
    Dani recently posted..Polaroid of the week: Carved in stone in Buenos Aires

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Dani, the forks in knives still puzzle me. I mean how in the world did NO ONE notice all this was right there? Anyway I love that shot, it’s strange and interesting. The bodybuilder makes me smile every time too. It’s just so damn cute & well as for Melaka, y’all were right it was kinda boring. I will be posting the post on Marina Bay Sands very soon. Still can’t believe it.

  4. I especially loved this round up, maybe because it includes Singapore so I can relate on something, but also because while going through the photos I couldn’t stop thinking “wow Jaime you are seeing so much of this world!!!” 🙂 Imagine how these photos will make great memories in a couple of years. Keep shooting! 🙂

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks Giulia, yeah it’s crazy how much I have seen of the world. I always think about the stories I will forever have the rest of my life to share along with all the photos I have taken. Ah the memories. I will keep on shooting and very soon with a DSLR… I’m ready for the next level.

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