The Winner of Travel Photo Roulette Round #61 is …

Thank you so much for everyone who participated in Travel Photo Roulette – Round 61 – Colorful.

So many amazing photos were submitted, but of course only 1 can be the winner. I honestly had a very hard time picking the winner because they were all great. I looked through all of them and was left in awe by many of them.

Before I get to the winner of the contest, let’s go through some of my other favorites (in no specific order):

#28 submitted by Lina @ Divergent Travelers!

This photo by Lina was one of my favorites because it’s so damn BRIGHT… look at how bright all the colors are! Aside from that just look at everything going on in the photo. It’s like OMG plates on sticks spinning a girl is on another girls head. It’s a great photo.


#23 submitted by Bianca @ Nomad Biba!

This photo by Bianca was one of my favorite because every inch of the frame was filled with color. It’s so colorful and I love the expression on the face of both these people. It’s like I don’t know if they are happy or not in the middle of so much color and a festival!!!

Batalla de Flores, Carnival in Barranquilla 2013

#9 submitted by Kathryn @ Boutique Travel Blog!

Kathryn no lie if you had submitted this one for the last time I was hosting and my theme was FACES… you would have won!!! I love portraits and this one is a great one. Not only is she wearing so much color her smile is more colorful than anything else in that photo.

The Gambia

#5 submitted by Kle @ Keep Calm & Travel!

This photo by Kle is one of the most beautiful sunset photos I have ever seen in my life. How this is not published is beyond me. If you know me you know I love sunsets… and just looking at this photo makes me long to be back on the road to see so many more sunsets in my life.

Sunset in Indonesia


#34 submitted by Erik @ Around This World!

Of all the photos submitted though this one by Erik stole my heart the moment it was submitted. This photo transported me right back to India a country I spent 3 months in that I hated so much yet loved it at the same time. I choose this photo as the winner because of all the color that is in it EVERYWHERE. Look at the flowers, look at the walls, look at what the people are wearing. It’s so chaotic and colorful and that is exactly what India is.

Beautiful India


Congratulations Erik!

I look forward to seeing what theme you come up with for Photo Roulette #62!

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  1. Epic photo. Very good choice on the winner! They’ve got some big shoes to fill for the next round though 🙂
    Jeremy recently posted..Devouring Rome with Walks of Italy

  2. Great Choice Jaime! 🙂 Honestly there were so many amazing pictures that, if it were me, i would have been still trying to pick my top 10 favorites, let alone just 1! Eriks picture makes me want to go to India straight away! Oh and thanks for including mine in your favorites, i felt honored! One of my favorites was the lady’s portrait #9. I also love portraits and this was was particularly intense!
    kle recently posted..Top 17 Italian Gestures explained.Including the Rude ones!

    • Jaime Davila says:

      That is part of the reason I took so long to pick the winner… it was so damn hard. Your photo was a close winner… up until Erik submitted his I was going to pick yours. I don’t think I should say that, but I did. Oh & India is a mess… that I think you will appreciate.

  3. Your theme brought out some wonderful, colorful photos. The one you picked is deserving for the reason you stated—color everywhere—in every day life. I’ve not been to India, partly because it seems such an overwhelming place, but this photo demonstrates that some of its overwhelming-ness is beautiful.
    Suzanne Fluhr (Just One Boomer) recently posted..Active, Adventurous and Able

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Suzanne, I know I was so surprised it really did. As for India oh it’s OVERWHELMING IN YOUR FACE in every sense of the world & yes some of it is it’s beauty!

  4. Lovely to hear you liked my photo but I have to agree with your choice of winner. That really is a tremendous shot. Congratulations Erik, looking forward to next round.

  5. Woohoo! Thanks, Jaime! Wow, what an honor with so many fantastic submissions!!
    Erik recently posted..Meeting Delhi’s Street Kids – The Salaam Baalak City Walk Tour

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Your welcome Erik, it was an amazing photo. I stared at it a lot, it’s just so colorful and full of life.

  6. all great pics!
    Hogga recently posted..My Friend Made a Travel Book

  7. Hi Jaime! Thanks for including our shot as one of your favorites! LOVE the photo you chose as the winner! 🙂
    Lina recently posted..Traveler Timeout: Traveling Ted

  8. #28and #5 are great photos but cant say that they are better than the winner. Nice photos from them all. If only my photos came out half a well as these did.
    Thomas recently posted..10 Most Expensive Restaurants in South Beach

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thomas, thank you for being honest!!! I love it when people are honest. I’m sorry my fav wasn’t your fav though.

  9. Thanks for including my photo in your favourite shots 🙂 I’m glad you liked it. Congratulations to Erick for a well deserved win and looking forward to his theme for the next round!

  10. And round #62 is now live! The theme this time around is: Mountains
    Erik recently posted..Travel Photo Roulette Round #62: Mountains

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