Photo Round UP – Week 42

5 photo round up of what I saw/did this week.

Hope you all enjoy them.

CONFESION: This week I literally did nothing… like for real I spent just about all of it in bed watching tv shows and movies on my laptop.I couldn’t be bothered… that’s what I came to Athens for anyway. I’ll be writing about what’s going on with me currently in post coming out next week. I also spent most of the nights hanging out with my friend Adriana who I’m sharing the apartment with watching the ladies of the night work the streets. If you’re not following me on Facebook you are missing out! During the week I did leave the apartment for a few things & well here are some photos of what I saw…

Girl snorting coke on the street!

One of the days I tried to be productive I left the apartment and walked around a part of the city I had not walked around and well it turned out to be pretty much what I have already seen all over Athens. Very poor, dirty and sad. I was walking by when I saw her snorting coke from the floor. I could only get a shot from behind so she wouldn't see me. I know some of you may think why did I photograph this, but the truth is I did because this is what I have been seeing all over Athens the 2 weeks I have been here. I will be writing about it and give more of my thoughts than just this.

Life in the streets of Athens, Greece!

Also while exploring I found a street with a lot of cool street art and I managed to snatch this photo. I love it, because I think it is balance with the subjects on the right & left & nothing in the center.

Greek Gyro!

Oh yeah the YUMMY GYRO... in 2 weeks I have managed to 16 of them... jaja for 2 euros each I can't seem to get enough!!! THEY ARE SO GOOD!

Sunset in Athens., Greece!

Thursday I actually left my apartment to visit the coast of Athens. I must say it is very beautiful... and well I did what I love to do most watch the sunset!!!


I love playing around with sunsets and doing different things with them if I can. This time I wasn't alone and these are the hands of my apartment mate, Adriana! I asked her to lift them up in the shape of a heart for me too capture it & well I got this. I love it, cus I LOVE SUNSETS!!!



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  1. Love the 1first 2 shots. love the texture.
    Sarah Wu recently posted..Explore Miami with the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour From Gray Line

  2. I LOVE love love the first sunset photo!! Absolutely beautiful m’dear!
    Heather recently posted..Traveling through the Alphabet

  3. Beautiful photos! Greece is nearing the top of our must-visit list.
    Bret @ Green Global Travel recently posted..INTERVIEW: Jeff Corwin On His New Show & Challenges Facing Wildlife Conservation

    • Thanks Bret, so far I have only seen Athens and I do like it… It did grow on me. Next week I should be going to Santorini… so Im sure it will be great!!!

  4. Damn it . I wasn’t hungry until I saw the gyro.
    Erica recently posted..Photo Friday: The Road to Bogota

  5. You should have entered that last photo to the travel photo roulette!! I LOVE it 🙂

    • I know but I didnt take it until after I had already submitted the lock. I also had another one in mind that think would have been better. Oh well… so many great photos submitted I know I wont win!

  6. So sad about the first picture. I love the one of you watching the sunset. Glad you got a gyro with the fries in it, I love those! As always, great pictures, Jaime!

    Also, it just hit me, this is week 42 you just posted. That means just 10 more weeks until your 1 year! Crazy!!
    Ali recently posted..Cooking Class for One in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    • I know right Ali, it is sad… but yes Im loving the gyros with fries and everything!!!


  7. The photo of the gyro is KILLING me. For some reason the one international food that I can never find in Asia is Greek food. And having grown up in Buffalo where there are tons of Greek immigrants and it’s practically mandatory that you go to a Greek diner for Sunday brunch, it kills me. KILLS me.
    Sally recently posted..Stuff I Really Kind of Like About My Life in China: Old Timey Villages

    • OMG SALLY… THEY ARE SO GOOD!!! How could you not find any over there? Wow… that has got to be hard. Kinda like me and trying to find Mexican for some reason it’s not that big in Europe… and have only been able to find it like 2-3times and only one of those was good. When we meet up we’ll cook up some gyros…lol!!

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