Photo Round Up – Week 27

5 photo round up of what I saw/did this week.
Hope you all enjoy them.


The Theatine Church of St. Cajetan is a Catholic church in Munich built from 1663 to 1690. I loved this church a lot because it reminded me of some of the churches I saw during my travels in Central America. I love the yellow and love the detail.

New Town Hall in Munich built between 1867 and 1908. This is a shot of it & the city of Munich from above on the St. Peters tower.

This is a shot of random houses in Valencia. As we walk from our apartment to our beach we have to pass a part of the city that is not the nicest, but some of the houses there are just amazing. I love the washed off colors of the houses along with some of the cracks on the walls. I love everything about these houses. They also remind me of houses I have seen in Mexico.

A shot of all the action during the La Tomatina festival. Yes I took my camera too the festival. I put it in 2 zip-lock bags just to make sure it would survivie and it did. I can not wait to write all about it. This is a preview of what it was like... fucking insane but so much damn fun!!!

Val & I after the fight... she looks clean because she was rinsed off by one of the locals. Were I had not been yet because I wanted photos of me covered in tomatoes.



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  1. Yay! I didn’t mean to get hosed off but I couldn’t avoid it when I was trying to leave!
    Val recently posted..i don’t condone any of the activity in this post.*

  2. Wow, that La Tomatina looks insane, but fun! Need to do that once I get back to Europe
    Jarmo recently posted..Sneak Preview of Angkor Temples

  3. Jaime Craven says:

    That looks like a ton of fun. Do they throw the tomatoes at you ar do you throw them at everybody?

    • OMG JAIME>>>> THANKS FOR COMMENTING!!! You made my day!!!

      Oh man it was so much fun… they throw them at you HARD but also dump them in the middle for everyone to throw at each other!!! It’s afuckingmazing. I so wanna do it again.

  4. Looks like you guys had a smashing good time… bummed that I missed out.
    Nick Laborde recently posted..Giving Up vs. Acceptance

  5. Eee! Love the tomatina pics! I want to see MORE!
    Erica recently posted..Coffee, Coffee, Everywhere, Not a Drop to Drink – Until…

  6. QueenBrain12 says:

    AWESOME pics! Thanks for sharing them with us. I can’t wait to read about La Tomatina.


  7. Nice shots, as always!! I also love that apart from Paris, Prague and La Tomatina, I’ve pretty much been to every single place that you’ve visited on your trip so far, including Central America. It’s always nice seeing familiar places but from a different perspective!!

    Also love the guy in Lederhosen & a pink shirt in the first Munich photo, on the very left… Did you get yourself a typical Bavarian outfit as well? I’m sure you could pull it off =)

    • Awww CAROLIN I MISS YOU!!!

      Thanks for the comment… & lol I love that so far we have gone to the same places. Hopefully that change soon as I am not in Morocco and soon will be visiitng out side of Europe. As for the man in the Pink shirt… wow I did not even see that. You have a good eye… thanks for pointing that out to me.

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