Photo Round Up – Week 43

5 photo round up of what I saw/did this week.

Hope you all enjoy them.

ANOTHER CONFESION: Getting 5 decent photos when you doing NOTHING all week is so hard. So go ahead and please tell me how horrible most of these photos are. Seriously… be honest!!! I have one more week of doing nothing and then I am heading to Istanbul and will be back in full force with amazing photos from around the world!

Parthenon at Night!

I posted this on my FB fanpage and hate to use it again but I am for 2 reasons. 1) I love it... its actually a very good photo of the Parthenon at night & 2) umm again this week I didn't do much and needed a photo.


This week I finally applied for my VISA to INDIA!!! It cost me $152 and should be ready on Wednesday they day before I leave to Istanbul. Looks like I put it in right on time!!! Again I am using this horrible photo because well I didn't do much this week.


Chocolate in Athens

I have become addicted to eating chocolate here in Athens. I guess cus I have so much time on my hands and because it's so good. I have tried all the flavors and kind you see in this photo... they are all so good!!!

Christmas in Athens!

This is Syntagma Square at night all let up... and it even rained so it made everything look so glossy and pretty!!! Do you see the benches? Well they all used to be made of MARBLE but now are made of WOOD because during each RIOT they are broken into a million pieces and used as weapons. Crazy huh & sad!

Wet ornaments!

A close up of a huge Christmas tree that in the square near my apartment. I love it cus the ornaments are a let wet so it makes them glossier.



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  1. well let’s see they aren’t horrible nor terrible but the one of your VISA application isn’t glamorous by any means though you may want to blur out your last name IMHO

    as for the other photos, got some questions:

    for the night time photos are you using the night time/twilight/handheld night modes?

    I’m a little confused to why you need an Indian Visa to go to Turkey?

    • Shannon ja thank you for being honest… It is really hard to get 5 decent photos when I do nothing all week. Yeah the VISA application is just a shame…lol oh well. Im enjoying the down time and have one more week of it.

      As for the night shots I take them in MANUEL. It takes me for ever to get them just right. I never know what I am doing and just play with all the settings till it comes out right. Oh and he INDIAN VISA is for INDIA but needed to get it now because I wont have time to get it while Im on the road before getting to India!

  2. The picture of Parthenon looks very beautiful so you shouldn’t hate to use it again.
    Vi recently posted..Christchurch struck by earthquake again

  3. Yay for the visa app <3 Have I mentioned how jealous of (and happy for) you I am?! Once two or three times, right? O:-)
    Heather recently posted..Traveling through the Alphabet

  4. Oh nice! Heading off to India … I’m assuming you’ll be flying directly there, after your stop in Istanbul?
    Harrison recently posted..Unemployment, Your Friend in Disguise

  5. The first picture is great! You should redact/remove your last name.

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