Photo Round Up – Week 75 – 81

I know it has been a while since I posted anything on my blog. I did mention I was taking a break from blogging and well I have, but I know it has been even longer since I posted a Photo Round Up. My last Photo Round Up was July 27 (Week 73 & 74). So for now I hope you enjoy the last 7 weeks of photos (4 of which I have none for since I didn’t do much & explain why). I’m slowly coming back. Gotta get back in the groove of things.

WEEK 75 – 78

These 4 weeks I did pretty much nothing… it was Ramadan and as you all know I participated in it. It was the hottest Ramadan in 30 years with long summer days and it was tough, but I did it. It was an amazing experience that I will be writing about soon, so won’t say anything else here. So lets jump to the last 3 weeks of my trip & wow… they were pretty jam packed with adventure & new sites. I will be writing about all them as well. Thanks for being patient, but here you go 15 photos that I hope you enjoy. Oh & for those wondering how I am doing since I left Egypt… it’s been tough, but I’m hanging in there.


Colored Canyon, Egypt

During our time in Dahab, Egypt we managed to do a few tours that I didn’t do the last time I was there. This is a photo of the Colored Canyon in the Sinai peninsula. I had never really walked through a canyon before and it was amazing. It’s a maze of colored walls in many shades of color with many natural patterns on them. It’s crazy to imagine that millions of years ago this used to reside beneath the Red Sea.

Men of Sinai

This was taken on the way back from the tour of the Canyon. I kept looking at him in the mirror and just loved his face. So intriguing… & well I grabbed my camera & after like 10 shots I got this one. I like the focus on the face and the blur of his head.

Couch on the beach in Dahab

Ahh we were obsessed with this bench. It was just sitting there on a deck… facing the sea and Saudi Arabia on the other side. It had been there for months because I remember seeing it last time I was there, but the day after taking this photo it was gone and a new shop was built on the platform. That’s a reminder that when you see something awesome you should photograph it right then and there. Who knows what tomorrow holds.

Sunrise on Mt. Sinai, Egypt

When you are on the road for so long you do many hikes and you normally hate yourself the entire way up and some are not that great. Well I must admit hiking Mt. Sinai is hands down one of the most amazing hikes I have ever done. We hiked up during the night, freezing cold and saw nothing. It wasn’t until the sun comes out that you see the beauty that is Mt Sinai. Watching the sunrise was breathtaking.

Dahab, Egypt

One of the beaches of Dahab, Egypt. The beaches/bay of Dahab is one of my favorite in the world. The water is so clear… and calm that you can just enjoy it. It’s also amazing how many fishes you can see swimming around you the entire time you are in the water. Plus you get to watch the kite/wind surfers.


Worlds most dangerous dive site.

Not an amazing shot, but I loved this sign at the entrance of the blue hole. The Blue Hole is a natural sink hole about 130meters deep & is known as the MOST DANGEROUS DIVE SITE in the WORLD. I didn’t that until after I visited. This was my 2nd time visiting and this time around I wasn’t impressed. I felt like it was way to many tourist around and the water was so murky and not as clear as it is at the bay. More on everything we did in Dahab soon.

khan al khalili cairo

One of my favorite areas of Cairo is Khan al Khalili in the Islamic District that dates back to the 1300’s. It’s one of the most visited neighborhoods and very touristic, but I still love it. Sadly these days you don’t find many tourist. This is just one of the alley ways that can be found exploring the many corners of this area. Wish people would come back and visit.

Bar in Cairo

One of the last days in Cairo my friends and I all spent it drinking at our favorite bar El-Horeyia. I love that it’s a mix of locals and tourist, since not many drinking bars can be found in Downtown Cairo it’s always filled. What’s interesting though is that the windows are covered with ply-wood so no one can see in while we are drinking. Since drinking is HARAM (a sin). That night this lil kid kept peeking in and see what we were doing. I couldn’t help but get this shot.

Tahrir Sq. Revolution, Cairo

During my last day in Cairo… we walked around Tahrir Sq. one last time. It’s my favorite Sq. in the world that I have visited so many times for so many reasons. Here I am with some of my favorite revolution art pieces drawn at the Sq. Gosh just thinking of the things I’ve witnessed there, makes me miss it so much more.

Sunset in Cairo over the Nile.

My last sunset in Cairo… it was hard to leave, but I did it & now I’m dealing with the heartache. I will never forget my time in Egypt… but my last two weeks as you can see here were some of the most amazing in my life. The last moments I spent with him before saying good-bye were well words can’t even describe it.


Cairo International Airport during Egypt Air Strike.

Thought thought the sunset above would be the last I saw in Cairo. Well instead I saw one last sunset from Cairo International Airport. This is what it looks like when Egypt Air goes on STRIKE. I arrived at 8am to take off 9:45am and well longstory short I didn’t take off until 11pm. It was CHAOS with screaming and fighting all over the place. It really made it harder for me to leave Egypt with “maybe this is a sign” crossing my mind the entire time.

The Blue Mosque

As you know I am back in Istanbul and I really haven’t done much, but I did visit The world famous Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque) again. It’s one of my favorite mosque in the world. I’m always intrigued, by them no matter how simple. This one though is just breath taking.

Suburbs of Istanbul

I spent 3 days on the Asian side of Istanbul and stayed with one of my readers (now good friend). This is a photo of the apt. complex she lives at. I know it’s just an apt complex, but it was so beautiful and I loved spending a day in the gazebo in the middle of that pond reading a book & thinking about life.

Istanbul from Camlica Hill at night.

This is the view from Çamlıca Hill (on the Asian side of Istanbul) at night. It is one of the oldest places in the city & is where the Ottoman Sultans used to vacation. They loved it & the people of Istanbul love it today for it’s breath taking views of the entire city. When you are up there you can truly appreciate the beauty of Istanbul and get an idea of the sheer size of the city. We had tried to arrive for sunset, but arrived late.

Istanbul from Camlica Hill at day.

The next day we went back during the day so I can get a better view of what it was I was looking at the night before and was just wow-ed. The view is amazing and just left me in awe. If you visit Istanbul you should make sure you visit here. You can spend an afternoon or evening here. Many benches, tea houses, restaurants are located atop of the hill for your enjoyment.



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  1. I love these photos, Jaime. Khan el-Khali is one of my favorite spots in Cairo too (Tahrir is my very favorite). And the photo of the little boy peeking through the boarded-up bar window – before I read your description I was looking at and looking at the photo and thought it was a painting of a boy’s head rather than an actual boy. I think it’s quite the amazing shot.
    Sabina recently posted..A Lighthouse at the End of the Earth – Cape Poge, Chappaquiddick

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks Sabina… yes Tahrir is simply the most amazing thing in Cairo. I love love love it so much. I love that sometimes NOTHING is going on & it’s empty but traffic, but then I love that sometimes so much is going on & it’s crazy. Yes the photo of the kid peeking his head in… is so intriguing, because it shows the curiosity of children.

  2. Welcome back to blogging 🙂 Great photos, as usual – love the photo of the Blue Mosque – my favorite mosque as well 🙂
    Dani recently posted..Polaroid of the week: Beetle taxi in Mexico City

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks Dani, glad I’m back… but will be honest I have mixed feelings. I’ll take it slow. Glad to see the blue mosque is your favorite. It’s just so beautiful.

  3. Faves? The main in the rearview/child mirror and you on your last day in Cairo <3
    Heather recently posted..K1 Fiance Visa: Do you need an immigration lawyer or attorney?

  4. Great photos Jaime! So sorry you got stuck at the airport for so long waiting to get to Istanbul! I hope you’re doing ok, big hugs as always!
    Ali recently posted..Travel Resources I Like

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks Ali, yeah being stuck in the airport made it even harder for me to process things. Im here now and in 2 days heading to the crazy BKK!!!

  5. Beautiful pictures! I especially like the one with the bench in front of the sea… Those particular spots that have a personal meaning…

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