Photo Round Up – Week 94 & 95

10  photo round up of what I saw/did these last 2 weeks.

Hope you all enjoy them.


Faces of Vietnam

Y’all know I love taking head shots and well this one I think came out pretty well. This was taken in the food market in Sapa, Vietnam. This women was just sitting there wondering why 5 foreigners were having dinner where she was having dinner. She tried talking to us, but with no English we couldn’t communicate. I did though ask her for a photo. She agreed and then smiled when I showed it to her. I loved how differently she was dressed as one of the minority peoples of Vietnam.

Rice Terraces in Sapa

The sole purpose of my visit to the mountains of Sapa, Vietnam was to see endless mountains of Rice Terrace’s. Sadly the 3 days I spent there the weather was crap and I could only see this. Yup what you see above. I mean it was nice, but I wanted to see it in it’s full glory. Sadly I will be leaving SEA with out seeing Rice Terraces which I guess just means I must come back one day.

Old men goofing around.

One night in Sapa a group of us stayed up drinking Rice Wine and having a blast chatting away. The entire time though we could here these two men talking, laughing and being silly. I loved it. I kept thinking that’s how I wanna be when I get old, just laughing at life. I then got the nerve to take a photo of them and they did this pose for me. They were just so damn funny & I seriously wonder what is their story.

A kid in a window.

I walked by this window at a bus stop in the middle of no where. I didn’t have my camera on me and just wanted to take a photo of the hanging clothes so went back to get my camera (y’all know I have an obsession with hanging clothes). When I came back this little boy was standing there and made it perfect.


We were in Hue visiting the Citadel and what we found most amazing of all was a group of baby ducks wandering around the patio. We spend about 30 mins photographing them. It was so much fun and of all the pictures I took this one is my favorite. I love the wet floor the yellow ducks and yellow wall.


Travel Bloggers Meet Up

Upon arriving to Ho Chi Minh City it was an unexpected meet up of many travel bloggers. I was able to meet Jodi from Legal Nomads, James from Nomadic Notes, Leah & Leeane from Start Somwhere and Will Peach from Will Peach. It was nice to meet all of them hang out with them the following few days I was in HCMC.

Soup in Veitnam

I’ve always loved Vietnamese food, but now that I have had it in Vietnam I must say it is one of my favorite cuisines around the world (after Mexican & Indian). This is Bun Bo Hue, a spicy beef vermicelli soup. I’ve never been much of a soup person, but damn Vietnam has some amazing ones.

Street Art in Saigon

Random Street Art found near where I am staying. Thought it was cute, plus y’all know I love street art.

Vietnam War Facts

During my stay in HCMC I visited the “War Remnants Museum”. Talk about feeling horrible for being an American, fuck. It was very intense to see another point of view of one of the worst wars in American History. It was heart breaking and made me realize The atrocities the US Govt. has done & is still doing around the world is sick and that travel is the best education one can get. You learn so many truths and burst so many bubbles. Instead of taking a photo of some of the horrible things that were done to the people of Vietnam I thought this message was powerful enough.

Roof top bar in Saigon.

Not the best night shot I have taken, but one that I think captures the chaos of HCMC. This is the view of a portion of the city from atop of the Rec roof top bar. It’s crazy walking through the streets and feeling all the chaos of the city life and million motor bikes driving by, but then you see it from above and they all look like tiny ants getting around the city. It was also strange, because from atop of the roof top I felt like I could have been anywhere in the world.  



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  1. I love the two drunk guys photo!! it’s so funny :)))
    Jo (The Blond) recently posted..How to get a visa to Burma (without unecessary stress)?

  2. What great pics! I love the one of the 2 men drinking and being silly.
    Andi of My Beautiful Adventures recently posted..San Francisco & Napa Valley: Day 2 (Part 1)

  3. Love the one with the little boy and the clothes!
    Heather recently posted..What I wanted to be when I grew up (and other stories)

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks Heather… it was so unexpected, I just wanted the clothes. I am obsessed with taking photos of hanging clothes and will share my collection later in a post. This one is so damn cute. The boy was so serious.

  4. I love the shot of those two hikers! They look like a blast! And that’s so great that so many bloggers ended up being in HCMC by chance. 😀

    • Jaime Davila says:

      I know right Audrey… I mean I so wanted to hang out with them. What a hoot. At least though I did get to hang out with so many amazing bloggers in HCMC.

  5. Great photos! And thanks for including one of the War Remnants Museum. I’ve always wondered how an American would feel walking through there. I’m Canadian and felt odd about walking through. Honestly, my first thoughts were “Wow, this is really quite biased against the US Army. It’s like the Viet Cong did no wrong.” and then I stopped and wondered “How biased are our war museums back home but, because we are the ‘winners’, we don’t recognize that bias”.

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Thanks Corey… oh man as for how I felt visiting the WRM it was hard, but you what I am so happy I went because this is a side of the war we don’t learn about at home. I mean the whole world knows the horrible things we did there and yet it’s as if nothing happened in a way. You know how I feel about the US and the atrocities it has committed around the world and still committing today. I can talk about my thoughts on this, but would need a long time. I will write about this at some point for sure.

  6. Those two men look like they’d be a good time

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