A review of eBook – Packing Made Simple: a simple guide to packing light.

Love it or loathe it packing is something that has to be done before every trip. It’s also something that most people normally agonize about and in the end over pack. When I’m asked for travel advice and tips one of the first things I always mention is to pack light. I tell people nothing…
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The Jeans vs Travel Pants debate may finally have an answer.

One of the greatest packing debates for just about every traveler is the “Jeans” vs “Travel Pants” debate and for me the answer has always been jeans, until now that I actually found great travel pants and want both.  If you have read any of my backpacking packing list you know I loathe travel pants and…
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My new day pack & hiking shoes.

I was recently contacted by Blacks and Millets both outdoor adventure/travel stores in the UK to see if I’d like to receive any of their products in exchange for a review on my blog. I thought well why not since I was in need of some travel gear for my next trip around the world. I…
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Finally, my answers to all your questions about my RTW trip & random things!!!

Last week I asked you to ask me any question you wanted and I actually got quite a few questions. Thank you everyone who submitted a question. I have listed the questions below along with the answers. I guess I have nothing else to say since it’s basically self explanatory so here we go all…
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Ask me anything. Yes… anything!!!

Now that I am home and my RTW trip has ended I get a lot of questions. I have received all types of questions from family and friends at home to emails/comments from you (my readers). I have been hinting at it for a while now and well it’s finally here the post where you…
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3 tours you should take when you visit Dahab, Egypt!

Last time I was in Dahab, I did a whole lot of NOTHING. Yup… I got trapped in the relaxing allure that is Dahab and lost track of time. It is a little beach town situated on the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt with crystal clear beaches. It has come a long way from it’s dirt road hippie days…
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