The following story is something very personal that has changed my life completely (in a positive way) & I’d like to share with everyone. I want to show people that we all make mistakes but it’s what we do after that proves who we are. This will be broken up into four parts: THE MISTAKE, 17.5HRS IN JAIL, THE CONSEQUENCES & THE NEW ME.


So I made “THE MISTAKE”. I’d been arrested and was now walking through the door and going to jail. I didn’t have a chance to look around because an officer was already yelling at me “HANDS AGAINST THE WALL, SPREAD YOUR LEGS” I obeyed and he patted me down. He asked me if I had any illegal possessions on me or in me, I told him I didn’t, he then asked me to go sit on a bench on the other side of the room.

I was in line to speak to the city jail counselor. It was finally my turn she asked me a few questions. One of them was: “Are you Gay, Bisexual or Trans-gender?” I thought WTF why do they need to know that? I guess my face expressed that because she then told me they needed to know so they can keep me separate from the general population for security purposes if needed. I answered “YES” she than gave me a pink wrist band (how discreet).

I was then told to wait in line to take my MUG SHOT. I thought okay let me try to look cute, because I know I look like shit (it had been a long night already). It was my turn the lady said take off the glasses, I wanted to ask her to give me a minute but nope to late SNAP.

I was then escorted by an officer to a bright blue room. He let me know we were being recorded. He read me my Miranda rights & then asked me to do the same 3 field sobriety test that I was asked to do when I was arrested. I asked him if I had to do them & he said no, so I didn’t do them. He then asked me to blow in a breathalyzer to get my BAC; I asked him if I had to, he said no, so I didn’t. This time however he told me if I refuse to blow my driver’s license would be suspended. I didn’t care I wasn’t going to incriminate myself because I knew even a few hours after my arrest I would blow WAY over the legal limit.

So then the officer escorted back to the main floor he checked my rest band and said one second. As I waited I saw him take all the guys from one of the cells and place them into the other two cells that were already full. He then put me in to the empty cell. I had the entire cell to myself, so I of course made myself at home. I laid across the bench and kicked my legs up until I was allowed to make my phone call.

A few hours later I was finally allowed to make my phone call. I kept thinking I don’t want to call my parents I want to call my sister Cecy (the one I live with) but thanks to cell phones the only phone # I know by memory is parents home phone #. So I had to call my parents collect. I called and I was hung up on, of course I would my dad always told my mom to NEVER take collect calls. I tried a few more times and finally my mom answered. This was our conversation:

Me – “Mom it’s me Jaime, I need you to call Cecy &…”

Mom – “Jaime why does keep saying you are calling me from jail”

Me – “Mom its because I am in jail”


Me  – “OMG MOTHER NO but mom listen I need you to call Cecy and tell her to bail me out. I need to get out of here”

Mom – “Jaime are you okay… What happened?”

Me – “Mom yes I am okay I’m just in jail, I didn’t hurt anyone but I don’t have time to explain. Please call Cecy to get her to bail me out.”

Mom – “Jaime what happened?”

Me – “Okay mom the officer is making me get off the phone, I have to go.”


So I was sent back to my cell. Shortly after they started lining us all up; we were being transferred to the actual city jail. Thanks to my pretty pink wrist band I got my very own jail cell. I had no clue what floor we were on, I do remember though that across from my jail cell there was an open window and I can see the traffic pass by & a clock (the one above). The clock was big in on some building. I looked at it and it was only 9am; that clock would haunt me the rest of my time in there.

As I waited alone in the jail cell I would sit down for what seemed to be an hour. I would get up to look at the clock and not even 5 minutes had gone by. Time was at a standstill, I hated that damn clock. I would get up and pace back and forth. I was exhausted but couldn’t go to sleep I couldn’t believe I was in jail. This place was disgusting, dirty and filthy. I had a MILLION thoughts running through my head. These are just a few:

“Wow Jaime you really fucked up this time.”

“God please get me out of here tonight I don’t want to spend the night here.”

“God if you get me out tonight I’ll never drink again. Ok wait no, I’ll never drink & drive again.”

“I would have never thought I’d be the 1st one in my family to go to Jail.”

“So this is what it feels like to be caged up like an animal.”

“God I don’t belong here look at these people, I am so sorry.”

“Okay I am getting my life back together. I am going back to school to finish it and I am going to start saving money to buy my 1st home at 25 like I had always planned.”

“I don’t care about the Britney concert just get me out of here.”

“Jaime what have you become?”

“Jaime you have to change…”

Those are just a few thoughts, I started turning against myself. I felt so helpless and just couldn’t believe that I was in there. I just kept pacing back and forth looking at the damn clock. Finally noon rolled around they brought us lunch. Lunch consisted of beans, a bologna sandwich and a small orange juice. It looked disgusting; I wasn’t even hungry I just let it sit there.

I felt like I had been locked away for days when it had only been hours. I kept thinking why would anyone commit a crime this is fucking horrible. Finally around 3pm my gate opened and my name was called; I couldn’t believe it I thought I was free. The guard came and let me know I had a visitor. I thought to myself I hope it is not my mom, I would not be able to look at her from behind the bars. Thankfully it was Cecy; I hadn’t cried at all but when I saw her I got tears. She looked at me and said “Jaime STOP IT you are in jail” I laughed. She let me know that she posted bond for me and I should be out in a few hours. I thanked her so much for taking the day to deal with this. She asked how I was doing and we chatted a little bit. Our time was over I was being sent back to my cell.

I made it back to my cell and was a bit more optimistic. I still had a MILLION thoughts running through my head. I just kept pacing back and forth all I could think of now was getting home taking a shower and going to sleep.

Finally about 17.5 hours later my gate was opened and my name was called. An officer came to my cell and let me know that my bond had been posted.  I now just needed to go through the exit requirements before being set free. I thanked God and made my way through all the paper work. As I left I was handed papers with details of the incident and instructions on what to do next.

As I walked out I found my sister waiting for me. I gave her a huge hug and thanked her for everything again. It had never felt so great to be outside and free or so I thought. Yes, I was out of jail but it was now that the nightmare began. I still had to pay the consequences for the mistake I made. I will write about the consequences on my next post “The Consequences”.


The feelings I had while locked up in jail had to have been some of the worst I have ever felt in my life. I didn’t go to much into detail on some of the other things that I thought because some I would just like to keep to myself. What I find funny is one never imagines spending time in jail but when it actually happens its nothing like we see in movie or on TV.

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  1. Wow.. I can imagine that you see things from a new perspective and appreciate the smaller things in life after an experience like this.

  2. I could almost imagine what you were thinking & feeling in that jail cell you described it so well. I can definitely see how something like this made you start reevaluating your life. I’m glad you have a great sister to come get you out!
    Ali recently posted..Eating Cuy – The Night My Dinner Waved At Me

    • Yes I really did start just evaluating every single detail of my life, it was a horrible experience. I am also so glad my sister took care of everything and got me out.

  3. OK, I gotta say… Being in jail – even for a day – sounds horrible. This is a great series, Jaime. We are eager to read the final 2 segments. Can’t wait to see what you get into in “The Results” post.
    Tandem World recently posted..Q&A With K&C – Live NOW!

  4. That is some scary stuff… definitely not something that I’d want to have to go through! Thanks for sharing, looking forward to the rest of this series.
    Kieron recently posted..5 reasons why all travelers should be using Foursquare

  5. Wow, that is a mesmerizing story. Thank you for sharing such a personal story, you “mistake” will hopefully help others avoid theirs.

  6. I just read the mistake and this post and wow. I don’t even know how to express how admirable it is to not only share the story and go through what you went through, but to share personal details and not feel deterred about it. I think it offers inspiration and true-ness to your blog and I look forward to reaeding more! I am so sorry about your experience in a jail cell though!! Talk about a story to share during travels! That is one heck of a life experience and I’m so glad you emerged from the situation with a positive attitude. Good stuff!
    Teresa recently posted..Why are you a backpacker

  7. Oh Jaime… we all have those moments where we reevaluate things. It’s for the better though. You’re going to have an awesome life now! Better that it happened the way it did, than the way it didn’t. My moment of change was when my ex told me the truth about what he was doing. My whole life fell apart, but now I’m building it to be bigger, radder, and way more awesome than before…and so are you!
    Jenny recently posted..Walking Blind Down the Road Less Traveled

  8. Jaime, I think your honesty in sharing this experience is great — I’m sure it helps you process it anew, it helps us get to know you, and you’re being open in a way not everyone would!

    Curious to read the rest of the series!
    Heather recently posted..Go overseas and travel with a mate!

  9. when you called your mom and told her you were in jail the first thing she asked if you had killed someone. Lol. its great you reevaluated things am sure you are a better person

    • Trust me I am not someone who would kill or hurt anyone. After I got out I asked her why she said that & she said she just heard jail and then me say jail and she thought the worse thing. She was a bit dramatic and well thats where I get my dramaticness from…lol!!!

  10. Well done for sharing Jaime, told very well.

    Does your mum have a reason to think you would kill someone haha?? and who the hell thought a pink wristband was a good idea?

    • Read above about my mom & I have NO IDEA. I seriously was like WTF PINK…lets not make it obvious. Oh well thanks to that I had my own cell and I am glad because some of those people looked crazy and scary.

  11. Jaime, thank you for sharing this. I’m glad you’ve learned your lesson but more-so that you didn’t hurt anyone in the process. I myself have never done anything like this but this helps to enforce why. I was just reflecting with my cousin here in Germany last night why America doesn’t instate a 0-0 law: That means, 0 drinking, 0 driving. That’s what they have here. This way you can plan ahead. If you drink that night, you simply don’t take your vehicle. An officer here catches even the slightest hint of beer on your breath you lose your license to drive for six months.
    However in America you have to guess how much you can drink and drive. Why even have guesswork involved? So many people think they can handle more than they actually can. Anyway this isn’t really to berate you but in a way this is good. I hope it was an eye opener in more ways than one. And I’m REALLY sorry about the pink wristband.
    The Poor Travel Blogger recently posted..Where is Bamberg

    • Yes I am so glad I didnt hurt anyone in the process. I actually don’t know anything about any other country law against drinking & driving. That is very interesting to learn about Germany. That actually make so much sense. It would be so much safer on the roads that way too.

  12. Wey, que horrible todo lo que pasaste… pero que risa jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja

    Yo tambien ya estuve en la cárcel (ya te he contado eso?), por “escandalizar en la vía pública” y tomar en la vía pública jajajajajajaja (que no era asi) lo mío sí fue injusticia porque iba saliendo de una fiesta en casa de una amiga en Mty y como ya habia quejas por el desmadre de la fiesta y no le bajaban, la policía estaba esperando a que saliera gente para “hacer algo” y pues yo fui uno de los desafortunados (junto con 2 amigos)… pasé como 4 o 5 horas encerrado en una celda no tan grande con 8 o 10 personas más y no tenía a quien llamar, porque obvio no iba a hablarle a mis papás a Terán ni de pedo, ni iban a ir a sacarme ni me iba a hacer sentir mejor, asi que no hice mi llamada. La mamá de mi amigo pago mi fianza y asi salí. Jajajaja recuerdo que hacía frío y los demás presos nos querían compartir colcha jajajajajaja y yo veía las colchas y decía en mi mente PREFIERO MORIRME DE FRÍO jajajajajajajjajajajaja ahhh porque cuando me esposaron y me subieron a la camioneta (en la parte de atrás) me hice pipi jajajajajjajajaaja (se me olvidaba el pequeño detalle lol) porque había tomado chingos de cerveza y no me dejaban bajarme a miar y no me aguanté! Asi que ya te imaginarás el frío que tenía!!! jajajajajajjajajajajajajajaja

    Pero lo bueno de todo esto, esque ahora puedes mirar atrás y reirte de todo eso, por eso me río de tu “aventura” también 😛
    R recently posted..RamiroGordz- Well show me the way to the next whiskey halloween-costume-party! oh dont ask why! @maggydavalos

    • AY DIOS MIO, ESOY RIENDOME DEA MADRE. QUE PINCHE RIZA ja ja ja ja ja!!! Nombre que pinche wueva pasar tiempo en la carcel. Gracias a dios que no fue en MTy, callete no durarre ni un minuto! Oye y que riza que no les hablaste a tus papas!!! Ay dios mio el mugrero en que los metemos.

  13. despite the very unfortunate incident, i salude you for having gone through such an experience. may it be a lesson. 🙂 – and a wake up call for me.
    thank you for sharing!
    Brenna recently posted..Kalui Restaurant- Puerto Princesa City

  14. QueenBrain12 says:

    OMG I didn’t know about the pink wristband! I love how you made yourself
    at home in your own cell. I am laughing my ass off with your script
    of your conversation w/your Mom!!! Your Mom wanted to gossip while you
    were in jail.. I love it. I know we can laugh about this now (thanks for
    sharing your story), but the last 19 months have been no joke.

    OK we really work at jail b/c I feel the same way when I look at the
    clock there. lol

    I have to give it up to you for dealing w/this situation so couragously. I am so proud and grateful to have you in my life because everything you have gone through has helped me plan ahead before drinking. I’m glad I didn’t wait for a fatality to wake me up about the dangers of drinking and driving.


    • I really wanted to keep the pink wrist band but they took it up when I walked out. That script was the REAL conversation I had with my mom. She just wouldnt understand me. We laugh about it now & yes you can laugh cus it is done & over with.

      I love how you compare jail with work, TRUST ME it is NOT the same. It may feel that way but its not. At least there we can walk out if we wanted to in jail I couldnt.

      I am also glad that this was a wake up call to you and a lot of my friends. It really could have been worse and I am glad it wasn’t.

  15. Man, it really sounds horrible. Lucky you got to be in a cell of your own… I think it would be so terrifying to have to spend 17.5 hours with a bunch of hardened criminals. Ugh.

    I did have to laugh a little about your Mum’s response when you called her. I can’t imagine what my mum would say. In fact I don’t want to. That is a conversation you must really not have wanted to have.

    I’m looking forward to next installments. It is an interesting perspective… I have never really heard from someone what it is like to get arrested for something serious (some of my friends have been arrested before, but only for being naked and drunk in public so they didn’t get charged, just kept overnight).
    Verity recently posted..The sky is falling

  16. I can really relate to your situation and at some point I will write about. It has to be very liberating to tell this story.

    Interesting that the first thing your mom said was “did you kill someone?”. It’s so awesome that you’ve grown from this experience. I’ve seen too many people go the opposite direction many of my now ex friends.
    Nick Laborde recently posted..Don’t Be A Hooker Unless You’re Into That Sort Of Thing

    • Yes I still cant believe my mom answered with that… I am glad I have grown from this too cus if i didnt things would not be looking the way they do for me today!

  17. Wow, I actually love this post (I mean, not that u got into jail), but how u went bout recounting the situation. I’m glad u got out okay!

    Also, I think the pink wristband is bit ridiculous for them to give u? I mean, why did it have to be “pink” and not some other color. Kind of shows the homophobic environment of a jail.
    Harrison recently posted..Exploring the Island of Bermuda

  18. Thanks Harrison for reading my post. Its something I felt I needed to share since it has made me who I am today. Oh & I agree about the PINK wrist band.
    Jaime recently posted..HUGE CHANGE OF PLANS!!!

  19. It’s as excellent as the previous article. Thanks for sharing..
    Dina recently posted..How well traveled are you in your home country

  20. Jaime, feel your pain and understand. I learned the same lesson with a brief visit to jail when I was 22 for reckless driving. The one thing it did do was give me one hell of an appreciation for my freedom. Wonder why jail doesn’t have that effect on everyone?

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