The Winner of Travel Photo Roulette Round #52 is…

First of all I need to apologize for taking so long to pick a winner. I hosted Round #52 over 3 weeks ago and am just now making the announcement. The reason I took so long was because I was enjoying the last two weeks of my time in Southeast Asia and was very busy moving around and then now a week back in Cairo (yes I am back) settling in. Things on my blog have a been a bit off schedule, but expect everything to resume as normal this week. I will be writing about my time in Vietnam and Cambodia before finally getting to things I wanna write about Egypt. So anyway sorry for the delay… and lets get down to it.

Thank you so much for everyone who participated in Travel Photo Roulette – Round 52 – Face.

So many amazing photos were submitted, but of course there can only be 1 winner.

Before I get to the winner of the contest, let’s go through some of my other favorites…

I love this photo from Travis because this little girl is just so adorable. I love that her rosy pink cheeks match her outfit. I spent a month in Thailand, and never saw a girl as adorable as this.


Suzanne is also not keen on taking pics of peoples’ faces but on this occasion she made herself. I am so glad she did because she got a shot that I wanted to get during my time in Vietnam. I kept seeing so many old women with beautiful wrinkled faces like this one, but never got the courage to take a photo. I love this one because it screams Vietnam and I’d love to know more about her story.

Vietnam Face

This was taken on a beach in Rio das Ostras, Brazil and was very close to being the winner. This boys FACE is priceless… it’s filled with wonder and joy like every kids FACE on Earth should be filled with.

Travel Photo Roulette

And the winner of Travel Photo Roulette Round #52 is …

James from Fly, Icarus, Fly

Himba boy

With so many amazing photos submitted it was hard to pick a winner, but in the end this one is my favorite. This is a portrait of a Himba boy in northern Namibia. This photo captures my attention in every accept of why I love photos of peoples FACE. I can stare at it for such a long time and just loose my self in his eyes. It makes me wonder who is he? Why does he look full of sorrow? What has he witnessed to give him that glare of matureness that children his age shouldn’t have yet? I can go on and on with the things I wonder. This image is just beautiful.

Congratulations James! I look forward to seeing what theme you come up with for the next Photo Roulette!

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  1. Love this one too – tough round to decide. Great choice!
    The GypsyNesters recently posted..Food for Thought: How Food Enhances Travel

  2. Some lovely shots in this round – love James’ pic. Looking forward to seeing what his theme is for the next round.
    Suzanne (Travelbunny) recently posted..My 2012 in Pictures

  3. Oh wow! James picture is amazing! Love It!
    Norbert recently posted..A Look Back At My Travels And Lessons Of 2012

  4. Whoa. Cool! Thanks for picking my photo, Jaime!

    Doh! Now the pressure is on me to keep the competition thriving with a great theme. Check my blog by Friday to see what I pick… Something naughty? Something nice? Something to do with rice? #nopressure
    James @ Fly, Icarus, Fly recently posted..The Repro Men — Saigon’s Anonymous Artists

  5. I am glad it wasn’t be choosing. They truly were all wonderful. Congratulations James – can’t wait to see what you choose as a theme.
    budget jan recently posted..Fastastic Friday – Tuscan Pizza Oven

  6. As soon as I saw that, I thought “here’s the winner!!!” 🙂 great one and deserved victory.
    Giulia recently posted..Travel and panic attacks

  7. I love portrait pictures and this kid has something in his eyes that is just magnetic and melancholic.
    I found that a lot of kids in Africa have (as you pointed out) the “grown up” look in their eyes, which is kind of sad of course, but really intense. It reminds me of my family old pictures. All the young kids looked like they were grown ups… and i could stare at them for hours.. good choice!
    kle recently posted..GIRL ON FIRE:Pre trip Travel Burnout

    • Jaime Davila says:

      Yes Kle… yes “this kid has something in his eyes that is just magnetic and melancholic.” that is so damn true. I don’t know what it is but it’s so good. Portrait photos are always amazing… and always so interesting. Never thought about looking at all my family pics. I will when I go home.

  8. All really great pics!

  9. Baby girl looks very beautifully, no doubt she is chosen as WINNER.

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