The reality of coming home after you have traveled the world.

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  1. Thank you so much for this great post. Although it might seem to you as if you just ‘cleared your thought’ please know that is was a great help to me, being back from my worldtrip and experiencing the same. By sharing this, you at least helped a person in understanding that she’s not the only one passing through this. You made my day with this! 🙂 Thumbs up! Thanks

  2. James Alverson says:

    After 20 yeas in army sometimes(?) hard to relate. Definitely a different view of the world.
    Most people have no idea what they have here in US

  3. Kimmy Nguyen says:

    Hi Jaime,

    I was searching for ‘feeling lost in reality in Europe’, and your post came up first. And I cried during reading your post. Our experiences are different and I cannot not 100% relate to what you felt, but I feel the loneliness and being an outsider as you have felt. I lived 26 years in Vietnam, traveled to many Southeast Asian countries, then I moved to Washington, USA for almost a year, traveled around the West Coast. And now I am in Italy. I dont know how long I’ll be here, one year or three, what’s next for me, Vietnam or America. But I’m not wasting time sitting around, I try to travel around Europe as much as I can. Meanwhile, I feel lonely and disconnected with most of the people in the surrounding community. I dont feel belong to any places. Dont get me wrong, I love to talk to locals where I travel, be open minded and friendly. Just not the community I have to live in when I dont travel. I think something is not right, and whatever that is, I have to keep traveling. I am fascinated by new places, new lifestyles, languages, cultures, history and architecture. That keeps me sane and keep on living. And I start to think that’s what I am living for.

    I have read that you are on your second journey. Good luck with your trip. Check out Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines (my favorite beaches & snorkelling spots), and much more of Asia if you can.

    Thanks again for your posts and sharing. It is nice to know there are somebody feel quite the same, and you can share your feelings knowing that they will read/listen and relate.


  4. Im so gad people like you write these feelings on the web. I have been back for just over a week and I feel the same as you. The thing I am struggling most with is my parents just accepting that travel is now a part of me. At the moment they have no idea that my main goal is to now save up again and travel, and I dont know how to break it to them? How did you get over the feeling of being lost in your own home? And minimalise the sense of sadness?

  5. You literally hit the nail on the head for me! I was searching for ‘feeling lost after travelling’ and your blog post came up. I came home 4 months ago from a 1 year trip to South America. I was only meant to travel for 3 months and ended up going for 12 as I met an amazing guy out there and we ended up travelling together – bikepacking, volunteering in hostels and renting a place too. We stayed together for 3 months after I returned home but in the end we both wanted different things. And our lives were too different. Coming home from travelling whilst also having a broken heart feel so hard and sad and lonely and confusing. No-one understands as you said, though you and the other comment-ees on here clearly do!! Which makes me feel less alone 🙂 thanks for sharing your post and your feelings about this.

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