How I Feel…

It was Wednesday night when I made the spontaneous purchase of a one-way ticket to Costa Rica for March 1st. The only thing that I made sure of before making the purchase was that I would be able to budget enough for leaving 5 months earlier to do Central America and still have enough for…
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Decisions Decisions Decisions

As humans we realize that life is made of the decisions we make on a daily bases. It is a roll of the dice; something we decide today can turn out to be amazing or come back and haunt us later. I had been putting off writing this post because I feel that once its…
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Minor set back… or not?

If I had back 2 school blues earlier now I have them even more. Today was just one of those days… Long story short, I woke up late for my first class (Economics) in which I had a test in. Then in my weight training class after getting ready in the locker room locked the…
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7 most FAQs about my RTW trip.

When I first made the decision to backpack around the world I did not tell that many people.  I had done my research knew it was possible but the thought of telling someone else who wouldn’t understand scared me. I only told my family and a few friends most of them did not like the…
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What am I going to do with Tyler?

As you all know I am planning to backpack around the world and part of planning a RTW trip is figuring out what you are going to do with your belongings. I have already become a minimalist. The only big things I own are my bedroom furniture and my car. Thankfully since I live with…
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Back 2 School Blues

Summer has come to an end and now I have the back to school blues. I hate school and have a horrible habit of dropping classes throughout the semester, however this time I cannot drop any. I am taking Biology, Microeconomics, Intro to Business and Weight Training.  It’s going to be a tough semester both…
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