4 for 4 – 4 cities 4 naughty encounters!

Oh lord I don’t even know where to start, but I got to be honest. I have been very bad recently and I have no clue how it’s happening… Okay I lie I do know how some happened, but others I have no clue. Just thinking about what I am about to write is cracking…
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Bad boy in Berlin.

So I don’t even know where to start… my time in Berlin was pretty crazy. I had an amazing time in Hamburg partying and camping with some of my readers, but sadly all good times come to an end. I made my way to Berlin and… okay I wont lie… I was sad to leave…
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Hand Job… on a Chicken Bus!!!

It started out like any other transportation day my alarm going off early (5:45am to be exact) and me dreading to get out of bed. After spending about 2 weeks in Guatemala, I was ready to make my way to Mexico. If you’ve read my Diary of Transportation Day you know why I hate transportation…
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Kissing, skinny-dipping & being scandalous in Isla de Ometepe.

After having a few scandalous days in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica I thought that was going to be it (at least until I got to Europe). I really thought okay this happened because I am in a very gay friendly town and one that actually has gay bars/clubs and hotels. Well I thought wrong… WAY…
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Kissing, skinny-dipping & being scandalous in Manuel Antonio!!!

WARNING: FROM THE MOMENT I CREATED THIS BLOG I TOLD MYSELF I WOULD BE 100% HONEST & HAVE A COMPLETE DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT WITH MY READERS. PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION! From the beginning of my trip I was looking forward to visiting Manuel Antonio the most. The reason behind that is because I knew…
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